Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1, the first release of the Discovery Update is a major update that was released on June 1st 2017.

MCPE 1.1 Servers

6 servers
Rank Server Players Status Tags
0 / 50 Adventure Auth Creative Economy Factions Murder Parkour Survival
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MCPE 1.1 Additions And Changes



  • Added a setting to toggle smooth lighting
  • Version exclusive: Marketplace
  • Added a setting to change the screen safe area.
  • Added 13 new languages.


  • Off-hand slot
    • Off-hand slot only works with arrows and totems of undying.
  • Frost Walker
  • Mending
  • Adventure

World generation

  • Woodland mansions
    • Version exclusives: Mansion floors uses Oak Planks instead of Birch Planks, and banners do not generate


  • Concrete
  • Concrete powder
  • Glazed terracotta
  • Shulker box
  • Frosted ice


  • Explorer maps
  • Totem of undying
  • Iron nugget
  • Spawn eggs
    • Llama
    • Vindicator
    • Evoker
    • Vex


  • Llamas
  • Illagers
  • Vexes
  • Cartographer villagers



  • Health and Hunger bar are now located in the hotbar.


Entity and block entity IDs
  • Use underscores to separate words, rather than using single words in mixed case.
  • The following names have changed:
  Old name New name Change
  arrow.skeleton arrow Rename
  cavespider cave_spider Underscores
  minecartchest chest_minecart Rename
  minecartcommandblock command_block_minecart Rename
  thrownegg egg Rename
  dragon ender_dragon Rename
  fallingblock falling_block Underscores
  fishinghook fishing_hook Underscores
  minecarthopper hopper_minecart Rename
  largefireball large_fireball Underscores
  leashknot leash_knot Underscores
  lightningbolt lightning_bolt Underscores
  lavaslime magma_cube Rename
  mushroomcow mooshroom Rename
  polarbear polar_bear Underscores
  skeletonhorse skeleton_horse Underscores
  smallfireball small_fireball Underscores
  snowgolem snow_golem Underscores
  thrownpotion splash_potion Rename
  primedtnt tnt Rename
  minecarttnt tnt_minecart Rename
  irongolem iron_golem Underscores
  wither.boss wither Rename
  skeleton.wither wither_skeleton Rename
  potion.experience xp_bottle Rename
  xporb xp_orb Underscores
  zombiehorse zombie_horse Underscores
  pigzombie zombie_pigman Rename

World generation

  • Changes in world generation. Seeds which contain pre-generated structures such as ocean monuments & igloos may generate those structures in different places.
  • Version exclusive:Igloo beds are white in ice spikes and brown in cold taiga.


  • Can now be dyed in all 16 colors. Also gives a short bounce when jumped on.
  • Texture is changed.
  • Version exclusive: A cobweb can be converted to 9 strings on a crafting table.
Hardened clay
  • The uncolored block is now called "Terracotta"
  • The colored blocks are now called, for instance, "Red Terracotta"
Melon block
  • Version exclusive: Breaking a melon with shears will produce the full 9 slices of melon.
  • Texture and color palette is changed.


  • Maps are now numbered so you can tell which map is which
  • Version exclusive: Empty maps with compasses have been renamed to locator maps to distinguish between empty maps without compasses
Golden apple
  • Version exclusive: Enchanted golden apples are now called Enchanted Apples

Mobs & Entities

Cave spider
  • Now attacks with poison time based on difficulty.
  • Improved lead rope physics.
Zombie villager
  • Now have the unique sounds that they do in the Computer Edition.
  • Changed color palette
  • Changed color palette


  • CanPlaceOn & CanDestroy are now supported in the /replaceitem command
  • /gamerule
    • New game rules: dodaylightcycle, doentitydrops, dofiretick, domobspawning, domobloot, dotiledrops, doweathercycle, keepinventory and mobgriefing
  • /locate command will now find more structures such as Villages


  • Iron and gold tools can now be smelted into iron nuggets and gold nuggets
  • Dampened the vertical look speed when using a controller
  • Improved navigation of the settings screen when using a controller
  • The X button can now be used to clear the hotbar on the Creative inventory screen when using a controller
  • Improved controller input when selecting items on the Creative inventory screen
  • Version exclusive: New sleeping animation slowly lowers you into serene slumber
  • Worlds will now show a screenshot in the main menu
  • Eating animation can now be seen in third-person camera
  • Added a warning if a resource pack cannot find the textures list file


  • Fixed a crash when importing certain resource packs
  • Fixed a crash when trying to join a server with plug-ins
  • Players can now see particles after other players fall from over three blocks high
  • MCPE-19414 Leads no longer float above rabbits' heads
  • Fixed special characters on signs being visible through walls
  • Horses now make sounds when they jump
  • Fixed pressure plates and other Redstone items staying pressed when the player leaves the chunks
  • Fixed Redstone that is placed below and beside a piston appear to connect to the piston
  • Fixed Hoppers not pulling items from above if all slots were occupied
  • The host and other players no longer get disconnected from the game session when the host minimizes the game (iOS only)
  • MCPE-8332 Finally fixed the bug with MCPE not starting on some Android devices
  • MCPE-14019 Items shot from droppers and dispensers can now be picked up quickly
  • Players can no longer place top slabs under them while standing on a bottom slab, preventing falling
  • Fixed lava flowing too far in the Nether
  • Shulkers will teleport away when placed on top of a piston
  • Shulkers will no longer drop experience orbs after being killed using the /kill command
  • Fixed Shulkers that are spawned with a dispenser under a top slab
  • Mobs can now see players through non-solid blocks
  • Fixed some shading/shadow issues with some Android devices
  • Fixed mob spawning so it is now modified by the number of players in the game and where they are located in proximity to other players
  • Fixed some issues with hit detections against entities
  • You can now use whisper-like commands (/tell, /w, /message) on dead players)
  • Maps can again be zoomed out in the crafting table
  • Green arrows no longer appear on all framed maps
  • Green arrows are no longer left on the map after it is removed from an item frame
  • MCPE-19993 Splash/lingering potions can now go into brewing stands from a hopper
  • Creepers no longer sometimes get stuck inflating when a player hits it & then moves back
  • The End Rod will now be greyed out in the Pocket UI crafting table if the player is lacking the necessary ingredients
  • /stopsound & /playsound now name all players affected by those commands
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to activate "Wheel Turning" in VR options (VR only)
  • Pressing the tab key now finishes the typed command properly (Rift only)
  • MCPE-12281 Renamed blocks/containers now have their names changed in menus/inventory
  • Fixed some crashes when importing Add-ons
  • Smite enchantment now affects all undead mobs
  • Mobs that are lifted up by Shulker projectiles will now be shown lifting up properly
  • Breaking a Shulker projectile will now show the effect
  • Starting a sign message with §§ will no longer make the text invisible
  • MCPE-19299 Elytra will now lose durability in Survival multiplayer games
  • MCPE-18872 Mooshrooms will now respawn on mushroom islands
  • Experience orbs no longer splash when they fall in water
  • Having one spawn egg in Peaceful Creative mode will no longer consume the egg
  • Crops will no longer yield a fixed amount after harvesting
  • Click MMB on a flower pot containing a flower will now select the flower
  • Adjusted the color of several blocks on maps
  • Maps created in the Nether will now show red and gray patterns, not just gray
  • Shulkers will no longer immediately attack when a player leaves cover
  • Trees and giant mushrooms will no longer be missing blocks when spawned on the edge of a chunk
  • The Wither will now play sound during its spawning animation
  • MCPE-20357 /clear command now removes equipped armor
  • No more "crazy mouse" - sensitivity should be correct now
  • MCPE-19004 Ender Dragon's ender charge attack now has correct sound
  • Cracking animation & particles now display correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed a start-up crash on some Android devices
  • Player markers on a map no longer turn black and are left on the map after another player disconnects
  • You no longer lose all your text to the right if you move your text cursor to the middle of the text box and press enter
  • MCPE-14022 Covering a roof of a spawn chamber with half-slabs no longer severely reduces the mob spawn rate
  • Items can again be pushed under an upper half-slab
  • Virtual keyboard is now available in single player (Gear VR only)
  • Fixed a crash when feeding adult animals to breed them with only one food item in a stack
  • Feeding a tamed wolf will now restore the correct amount of health, depending on the type of meat used
  • Dates of save games are now the proper format of "day/month/year" for Dutch language settings
  • Polar bears no longer deal damage on Peaceful
  • Donkeys and mules can no longer be tempted with food until they are tamed
  • Lava buckets that are in a furnace's fuel slot will no longer turn into a water bucket when a wet sponge has finished drying
  • Players no longer suffocate when the drowingdamage gamerule is disabled
  • Various mobs inside monster spawners will no longer be huge
  • Fixed texture issues on anvils
  • Fixed a graphical glitch when sand is falling
  • FoV will now increase while sprinting and flying when FoV is set to max setting
  • Fixed large oak trees spawning with birch wood
  • Iron Golems will no longer attack a player after they are killed by the Iron Golem
  • Particles now appear behind arrows when seeing another player shoot arrows
  • Shearing a Mooshroom that is attached to a lead will no longer remove the lead
  • Chicken jockeys will now walk with the speed of a baby zombie
  • Mobs spinning in a monster spawner will no longer stutter
  • Blazes will now stop burning after they stop targeting a player
  • Blazes now perform melee attacks with the right damage
  • Skeleton horses and zombie horses now drop the proper amount of bones or rotten flesh
  • The panoramic image view for mash-up packs in the store can now be scrolled using a controller
  • Farmland and crops are now destroyed when players jump on them
  • Fixed the vignette at the edges of the screen in The End
  • Items thrown by players no longer carry the player's momentum
  • Conditional/Unconditional setting for Command Blocks will now copy when using Ctrl+MMB
  • Fixed textures on the bottom of lead knots
  • MCPE-19849 Fixed the height view distance when Beautiful Skies is enabled
  • High-jumping horses will no longer take damage when they jump and land from the same height
  • Mobs can no longer spawn on top of slabs
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with skulls
  • Mobs from the overworld will no longer spawn in The End
  • MCPE-19633 Fixed falling blocks breaking and duplicating when falling onto pistons
  • Armor Items are now equipped to mobs when dispensed
  • Several Redstone components like buttons and levers can be now placed on top of fences and walls
  • Color gradients of grass blocks no longer appear as large-square patterns
  • MCPE-19575 Rails can no longer be duplicated using sticky pistons
  • MCPE-20315 Fixed resource packs failing to import if there are colors in the name of the pack
  • MCPE-11279 MCPE-10077 MCPE-10079 MCPE-11555 MCPE-16940 Fixed sounds with a variety of items
  • Rain will no longer fill cauldrons with the last potion it was filled with
  • MCPE-17582 Boats can now be broken when occupied by a horse
  • Skulls will no longer be invisible when spawned with the /fill command
  • Using the /time query command now returns more descriptive messages
  • Fixed the consistency of death messages for all players when falling into the void
  • The progress of brewing stands will now copy when using Ctrl+MMB
  • Enchanted golden apples are now called "Enchanted Apples"
  • Executing an unfinished command now updates the chat with 'invalid command syntax' message
  • Items can now be enchanted with the Unbreaking effect using the /enchant command
  • An error message now appears when using the /replaceitem command with non-existent slot number or exceeds an item stack's boundaries
  • Only the appropriate armor can be placed in each armor slot using the /replaceitem command
  • Horses can no longer be equipped with any item in the saddle slot by using the /replaceitem command
  • The correct error message is now shown for import failures of a non-ZIP Add-On files
  • Sugar cane can once again be planted on podzol blocks
  • The elder guardian's special attack to inflict mining fatigue will now play sound
  • Baby Zombies, Baby Zombie Villagers, Baby Zombie Pigmen and Endermites will now attack players standing in fence corners
  • Fixed Zombie villager transformation rate depending on difficulty
  • Saplings that grow into trees will no longer replace other blocks with leaves
  • The Wither's shield will now block all projectiles
  • Fixed recipes containing charcoal that could not be selected in the Pocket UI when using a controller and coal was also in the player's inventory
  • When using the /replaceitem command, all chat messages after the command is executed will display the proper item name
  • Ice and packed ice are now properly destroyed in Creative mode
  • MCPE-18471 Beacon beams now appear through clouds
  • Mobs will no longer get stuck and spin around on top of chests
  • MCPE-20460 Using the /give command with a damage value will now give the item the right durability
  • The error message for too much power used in the /effect command now shows the amount of power, not time
  • Fixed items received from the /replaceitem command, when executed after /clear, not being visible until the inventory was opened
  • The jump button will no longer disappear from the touch pad when pressing Fly Up and Fly Down buttons
  • Fixed the throwing rate of snowballs to be consistent with the host of a game session
  • Command blocks will now show all lines in the Previous Output field
  • Fixed players having no sound when joining an Xbox Live game
  • Villagers really no longer walk away while trading and also fixed the trading screen closing.
  • MCPE-11727 Mobs can again walk on beds & brewing stands without spinning around or getting stuck.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when loading older worlds.
  • MCPE-20490 Villagers can now pick up more than a single stack of an item.
  • MCPE-21028 Players can mine/destroy paintings again.
  • MCPE-18027 The Wither is now one of the paintings you can get.
  • Mooshroom files in the vanilla behavior pack are now named consistently & uses the correct loot table file when not sheared.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a player tried to rejoin a Realm or world after previously cancelling joining the Realm/world.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a mob effect that doesn't exist is applied to a melee attack.
  • The owner of a Realm can now join their own Realm even if it is already full and there are other players trying to join it.
  • Double trapped chests are again being highlighted when aimed at with the cursor regardless of which half the cursor rests.
  • Bottles in brewing stands no longer become invisible after opening & closing the stand UI.
  • Players no longer spawn on the bedrock roof of the Nether.
  • If you're flying and disconnect from a world/Realm, when you rejoin you will still be flying now.
  • All multi-colored blocks are now placed in the order of the color palette in the Creative inventory.
  • Players are no longer asked to download a behavior pack when joining a game with one enabled.
  • MCPE-20369 Health & hunger bar textures fixed - no longer bugged when using a texture/resource pack.
  • Fixed a crash when returning from the Nether for the first time.
  • Fixed damage from multiple sources (so players no longer get contradictory screens)
  • You can again move the scroll bar properly when an item in the Storage manager is expanded.
  • Add-ons are now flagged both at a child & parent level when a dependency chain is broken.
  • The game again saves your language settings if you close the title.
  • Fixed signs so text again appears on the UI as it does on the sign.
  • Closing the inventory menu with the three dot button no longer causes the inventory bar to disappear.
  • Horses no longer shake their heads back and forth as they walk.
  • MCPE-20875 Magma cubes are no longer missing their jumping animations.
  • MCPE-20239 Witches are no longer immune to poison damage.
  • If a player still has the Invisibility status effect, they no longer become visible if they leave and then re-enter a game/Realm.
  • MCPE-20777 Default Creative mode items no longer reappear in your inventory if it's empty after you re-enter a world.
  • The game/camera no longer shakes violently when applying the nausea effect to a player.
  • MCPE-20554 The Nether portal overlay no longer appears briefly when using the /clear effect command after the Nausea effect.
  • MCPE-19168 Mobs again drop cooked food if killed by an arrow from a bow with the Flame enchantment.
  • MCPE-19631 Arrows of Healing deal additional damage to undead mobs and no longer bounce.
  • Achievement description text now appears in one color.
  • MCPE-20907 Villages are fully generating again.
  • Fixed assorted crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when taking a screenshot when leaving the world on older Android devices.
  • Storage manager confirmation pop-up now scrolls when localized text is longer than the box.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue when loading into a world with Add-ons. (iOS only)
  • Players no longer receive fall damage when jumping on slime blocks attached to pistons that are extending & retracting.
  • No more flickering item counts on the hotbar.
  • Items on the hotbar no longer change content by themselves!
  • The hotbar no longer appears incorrectly after filling/emptying a bucket/bottle from a cauldron.
  • The difficulty in the in-game settings screen works correctly again.
  • The hideparticles argument in the /effect command now hides/shows particles correctly.
  • Switching a player's gamemode now informs the player that they have had their gamemode switched.
  • Loading an End City and then reducing the render distance setting no longer causes Shulkers to despawn.
  • Smoke particles that appear after a player's death are now the correct animation length.
  • Slash command autocomplete feature again works in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed several skins on the Festive Mash-up pack that appeared corrupted.
  • After a world with a resource pack is uploaded to a Realm, the resource pack is again displayed.
  • Pressing the play button in the Edit World screen after applying Resource or Behavior packs to a previously vanilla world no longer closes the Edit World screen & returns to World Select instead of loading the game.
  • Fixed the screen getting cut-off on smaller screens for the Redstone Mansion store description
  • Exiting the crafting grid will not drop items on the ground unless the inventory is full.
  • MCPE-19876 Mobs no longer get stuck in corners of fences.
  • Slimes & Magma Cubes again have the correct movement.
  • MCPE-20461 The /say command in command blocks no longer gives an incorrect message.
  • Ender dragon movement is no longer really jittery when in flight.
  • All mobs should now be affected by the speed effect.
  • Name auto-complete in commands works again.
  • "Diamonds to You!" achievement again unlocks in multiplayer.
  • Resource Pack purchase screen download progress bars now appear after purchasing DLC.
  • MCPE-19019 Anvils no longer drop as items when they fall on torches - and they stack now, too.
  • Cave spider spawners now generate more often in abandoned mineshafts.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when chests & cauldrons collided with each other.
  • Arrows no longer stutter when fired while riding an animal.
  • Template worlds will once again appear on the create world screen.
  • Rideable mobs can only be ridden when equipped with a saddle.
  • Particles traveling from bookshelves to enchantment tables will now travel over blocks.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to type more than four lines on a sign.
  • The Boost button is now visible when riding a Pig with Carrot on a Stick in hand. (Pocket Edition only)
  • Chest on donkey/mule can now be accessed with a controller in Pocket UI.
  • Fixed texture orientation on command blocks.
  • Fixed Broadcast to LAN not toggling off.
  • Horses' heads no longer clip through player's face when moving up single blocks.
  • Redstone torches now have sound when burning out.
  • The on-screen chat keyboard can now be re-opened.
  • Repeaters now properly handle delay-based pulse generation.
  • Pressing ↵ Enter on the keyboard will now move to the next line when making a sign (Android only).
  • Fixed a crash when trying to open a chest that was pushed or pulled by a sticky.
  • Fixed texture colors of fences and fence gates.
  • MCPE-20746 Fixed 0xfe RakNet wrapper packet compression.
  • Fixed a crash when standing in an End Portal as it is completed.
  • MCPE-5406 Lava will no longer flow towards drops it cannot reach.
  • MCPE-1982 Once again have fixed mobs going out of fences when reloading a world.
  • Fixed the Leave Boat button being missing from the screen.
  • Minecarts will no longer jump off downward-sloping rails.
  • Milk buckets will no longer disappear from a full hotbar after milking a cow.
  • MCPE-21142 You can again craft dispensers using the Pocket UI.
  • Ender crystal explosion is now data driven for added world security.
  • Copying a block now places the copied block in the empty item slot when holding an item in hand and having an empty slot in the hotbar.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the Sign in for Free button while trying to download game music.
  • Download of Redstone Mansion now updates the action button properly.
  • Panoramas now load properly.
  • All players can now ride mounts when it is on a lead, not just the owners.
  • /locate village command now returns coordinates of the nearest village.
  • All Resource packs should now be displayed in the Global Resource list, both in the settings menu & create world menu.
  • Players are again able to push mobs into minecarts & boats.
  • MCPE-19535 Blazes should no longer be able to one-hit kill players with a small fireball.
  • MCPE-19361 /fill command changes should now be saved.
  • Text in buttons in the Realms update screen should now be properly aligned.
  • Fixed smoke/water particles flying off at crazy speeds.
  • Hostile creatures can again hit with melee attacks against mounted players.
  • Fixed a crash when downloading texture packs from the Global Resources or Resource Packs tab.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to access XBL.
  • Hitting an Enderman with a potion of invisibility no longer also makes the block it is holding disappear
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