Minecraft "Bedrock" 1.2.10

Minecraft "Bedrock Edition" 1.2.10 has been released on February 7, 2018. for Android, iOS, Windows 10, Gear VR, Fire TV and Xbox One.

Minecraft 1.2.10 Servers

721 servers
Rank Server Players Status Tags
NetherGames Network
217 / 1165 Auth Creative Hunger Games Minigames Murder PvP Roleplay Skywars TNT Run Xbox Account
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Minecraft 1.2.10 Changelog


  • Gamepad cursor sensitivity can now be adjusted in Controller settings
  • Increased tick radius range, which can be adjusted when creating or editing a world

Bug Fixes:

  • Enabling the Mute toggle will no longer suppress non-chat messages like players leaving and joining
  • Cartographer Villagers will now give maps for new Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions that are not in known generated chunks
  • Fixed the hunger bar not filling up in converted Xbox One worlds
  • Opening the chat screen with "/" no longer places the cursor before the slash
  • Changed the error message that appeared when attempting to purchase content and not having enough Minecoins
  • Players can no longer accidentally purchase marketplace content from the patch notes screen by repeatedly mashing the A button
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