PocketMine-MP Alpha 1.3.12

Posted on February 15th, 2014 12:03 PM EST
Few days ago, PocketMine-MP Alpha 1.3.12 has been released. This new version introduces some important rewrite of the code. Next one will be Alpha 1.4 with more rewrite!

We recommend you to update your server as soon as possible, it is far more stable than the previous versions.

API Changelog:
  • Full network rewrite. Plugins can work with packets easily now.
  • New Event API, only implemented for packets right now.
  • Added player.block.place.bypass and player.block.break.bypass
  • Level included in data for event item.drop
  • Added Utils::getUniqueID()
  • Added default support in PHP binaries for MySQLi
  • Removed Spyc
  • Call Plugin::__destruct() on PluginAPI::__destruct()
  • Added more OS detection on Utils::getOS()


  • New set-up wizard in multiple languages. Help translate it to more languages on http://translate.pocketmine.net/
  • Updated pthreads and PHP binaries
  • New font for MinTTY console on Windows
  • Send partial hotbar history
  • Fixed Tile saving indexes
  • Fixed a few teleport bugs
  • Improved crash dumps
  • Increased apple health restore
  • Fixed players being invincible after death
  • Fixed Level::unloadChunk() not using saveEnabled
  • Show player name on bad username kick
  • Fixed item duplication on void
  • OPs can bypass the player limit
  • Fixed item replacing on furnace
  • Fixed multiple small bugs
  • Fixed PHP compilation on 64-bit linux
  • Included OPCache to optimize opcodes

Source: http://forums.pocketmine.net/threads/pocketmine-mp-alpha_1-3-12-has-been-released-next-one-alpha_1-4.2120/
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