PocketMine-MP Alpha 1.4 Beta 4 is Available

Posted on August 21st, 2014 03:31 PM EST
PocketMine-MP Alpha 1.4 Beta 4 is available and support MCPE 0.9.5.

This beta changes the API version to 1.3.0 (backwards-compatible) improving level chunk sending and adding new plugin events for developers. This build improves the server gameplay lag, weird player movements and certain bugs while crafting tools or using hotbar items. It also changes the way chunks are loaded, instead of a square, it uses a circular algorithm. This decreases chunks loaded by the server and chunks that are sent, improving the overall experience.

Download : http://www.pocketmine.net/?get-beta

Source : http://forums.pocketmine.net/threads/pocketmine-mp-alpha_1-4dev-449-beta4-is-now-available.4765/
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