PocketMine-MP 1.4 Stable Is Available

Posted on January 2nd, 2015 08:51 AM EST
The first PocketMine-MP Stable Build has been released!
1.4 build 916, for Minecraft: PE v0.10.4 alpha

Will plugins break?
The API version has been bumped to 1.10.0 (backwards-compatible) due to new features being added and bugs in the API being patched. If plugins have been developed properly, they won't break. New plugins that want to use new features must bump their API version to 1.10.0

Should I use this Stable Build?
Yes, this build has been tested enough to be run on production servers. It won't have the latest fixes as beta or development builds do, but that also means that it won't have the latest bugs.

To download PocketMine-MP 1.4 : https://www.pocketmine.net/

Source : https://forums.pocketmine.net/threads/pocketmine-mp-1-4-stable-is-now-available.6160/
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