PocketMine-MP 1.4.1 Stable Is Available

Posted on March 19th, 2015 09:40 AM EST
A new stable version of PocketMine-MP for MCPE version 0.10.5 alpha has been released. We encourage you to update your server to PocketMine-MP 1.4.1 as soon as possible.

You can download it here : http://www.pocketmine.net/

This version has API changes, bumping the version to 1.11.0, and it won't be bumped again until a stable build is released. These changes are detailed below.

Main features:

  • Improved chunk saving and reduced world corruption
  • Fixed some strange crashes on broken systems
  • Improved movement and block placing
  • Automatic resource freeing on Region-based worlds
  • Ignore spawn protection when no ops are set
  • Improved flight cheat protection
  • Fixed chunk corruptions

API changes

  • API 1.11.0
  • Added PlayerCreationEvent
  • Added Level->getChunks(), fixed some Doc Comments
  • Added Async Task crash warning
  • Fixed issue where plugins schedule a Player update before log in
  • Added new predictive flight protection
  • Added Location::__toString()
  • Added Entity->resetFallDistance()
  • Fixed #2619 BlockMetadataStore
  • Added Entity->fastMove() for players and direct-controlled entities
  • Implemented Threaded ClassLoader, improves class loading while on different threads (no need to synchronize states)
  • Allow plugins to cancel some kicks better, closes #2743

Fixes and additions:

  • Improved threading and resource usage, new defaults
  • Removed all @mkdir() calls
  • Implemented proportional armor modifier, applied armor in other damage types and consume armor when player is damaged
  • Implemented hardcore banning, closes #2574
  • Implemented double chest fix, closes #2744, fixes #2493
  • Catch exceptions on level generation
  • Changed generator choosing logic, add proper preset if needed, fixes #2751
  • Fixed some crashes related to crashing
  • Fixed messages and default settings
  • Fixed #2488 Player suffocates when putting blocks to climb higher
  • Fixed #2489 Falling Sand drops as an item when not expected
  • Cleaned up BanEntry creation
  • Fixed phar check
  • Fixed visual typo in /ban-ip, closes #2503
  • Improved chunk saving times by not marking it as changed when Players are added/removed
  • Fixed #2511
  • Catch more corruption issues in Region-based worlds, fixed first chunk being generated on an invalid sector
  • Fixed Entities being placed in recreated chunks
  • Fixed Flat generator on existing chunks, region issues
  • Unload unused regions after 5 minutes
  • Improved file resource usage
  • Added GarbageCollectionTask, workaround for weird PHP behaviour when using --disable-ansi
  • Fixed /timings off
  • Fixed fences not showing up
  • Improved chunk ticking
  • Block saving chunks too big
  • Changed max speed per tick from 100 to 10 blocks
  • Added outdated event static properties
  • Allow placing Snow Layers on top of solid transparent blocks
  • Fixed PHPRC env. variable being set
  • Throw exception when RakLib crashes
  • Added rotation transformations to remaining packet
  • Fixed #2557
  • Fixed #2541 server not saving chunks on chunk unloading
  • Return on Level->getSafeSpawn() in case of invalid position
  • Fixed #2565
  • Falling sand will become block when in contact with a Liquid
  • Fixed Iron bar, Stonecutter drops
  • TallGrass blocks should be only placed on grass blocks
  • Fixed #2615
  • Fixed players getting kicked for flying when going through special blocks
  • Future workaround for #2626
  • Catch file saving exceptions
  • Added basic speed protection
  • Fixed Dark Oak Fence's name
  • Fixed #2762
  • Fixed Anvil lighting issues
  • Fix some Chunk corruption due to Chunk overlap
  • Fixed constructors, default memory to -1, default async generator
  • Fixed NBT IntArray off-by-one reading
  • Fixed falling sand breaking on full BB partial blocks, closes #2770

Not implemented or known issues:
Please do not report lacking features to the bug tracker, only report bugs on implemented features.

  • Entities / Entity AI
  • No conversion for old levels (will be added later)
  • No Minecarts
  • Not all items are implemented
  • Generated worlds use a basic generator

Source : https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP/releases/1.4.1
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