Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Alpha Build 3

Posted on April 15th, 2015 08:23 AM EST
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 alpha build 3 has been released for member of Minecraft PE Beta Community.

  • Added cave spider spawn egg
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when destroying an AddEntityPacket
  • Fixed a crash when opening two browsers for skin windows at the same time
  • Fixed a cash when destroying a furnace with items inside it under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a crash when exiting a world (happens often when another player is connected)
  • Fixed a crash when re-entering a level due to cloud rendering
  • Fixed multiple crashes caused by code incorrectly marked unreachable
  • Fixed the enderman angry animation only being shown on the client
  • Fixed leggings not always being scaled correctly
  • Fence gates now connect when they are open
  • Fixed some translated strings not having their parameters replaced
  • Fixed entities not sending their last movement packet when moving
  • Fixed falling tiles not dropping items if the ticking player was in creative mode
  • Fixed an incorrect half armour icon
  • Fixed packet ordering (related to batching)
  • Furnaces now drop one stack for each item instead of splitting them up
Known Bugs
  • Potions effects screen opens from both sides of the screen
  • UI Paddle buttons do not scale correctly
  • Minor translation issues
  • Some foreign languages special characters do not display
  • Items and entities are not shaded properly under the door
  • Enderman sink in the ground, they are quite silly
  • Trunks are "missing" in trees
  • Death in Boat re-spawns you in boat
  • Lava can tick through walls
  • Fishing Rod - wire in 3 rd person doesn't connect
  • Fishing button while on a boat
  • Fishing bobber gets stuck in boat
Source : http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Pocket_Edition_version_history/Development_versions#A3

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