Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Alpha Build 2

Posted on January 27th, 2016 04:35 PM EST
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 alpha build 2 is a new build released for MCPE Alpha 0.14.0.


  • Destroy particles now appear for item frames
  • Zombies now drop a head when killed by charged creeper
  • Moved progress bar for transferring stacks in dropper, hopper, and dispenser UIs


19 bugs fixed

  • Item Frames don't disappear or corrupt when suspending the app.
  • Leather armor remains tinted when placed in an Item Frames.
  • TNT Minecarts don't explode anymore after reloading the world.
  • Fixed a crash caused by placing detector rails.
  • Anvils don't require XP in creative anymore.
  • Cauldron potion particles aren't black anymore.
  • Pumpkin Helmet overlays don't mess up anymore when changing UI scale.
  • Fixed a potential crash on quit.
  • Items aren't duplicated anymore when thrown in a portal.
  • Anvil, Furnace and Enchantment Table don't duplicate items anymore.
  • Fixed lighting of Item Frames.
  • Destroying an Item Frame doesn't destroy the block behind it anymore.
  • Can now remove an item in an Item Frame without destroying it (still broken in Survival).
  • Mob heads are now less weird while riding boats.
  • Witches' forehead is now normal.
  • Eggs now correctly break when thrown on half slabs.
  • Pixels are more orderly on Zombie Villager's legs.
  • Charged Creepers overlay now animates.
  • Missing pixels from the Leather Armor are now back.
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