Pay to Play (but so good)

September 18th, 2018 02:59 PM EST

This is the only hcf server i have found and ive seen a lot and i love how the kits cost in game coins and the fact u can brew and the no lag...but like most servers in mcpe its heavily pay to play u cant sell without a rank wich leaves u to do nothing as u can only build on ur claim untill u run out of money u also can build or break on unclaimed land so u better claim a tree and hope it drops sapplings

And as a result of this poor marketing there is never many players on the fac side leaving pvping kinda pointless as ranked are the only ones who play and they will have better gear then the starter kits

If u guys decied to go with a new marketing aproach plz notify me but untill then its good to know its possable for java like servers on mcpe even if they are done wrong