Skyblock reset is bullshit

September 8th, 2020 03:49 AM EST

Oh let me tell ya why the fuck im super pissed about it....
I lost 3 demi god pickaxe..2 demi sword..3 grind sword(max)..1 set demi armor, 25 Ebook which it was for Sword and armor(legendary and Rare)...and ALL MY FÜCKING PROGRESS I HAVE DONE FOR 6 HOUR.....ALL GONE BY RESET LIKE HOW? NOT JUST ME..EVERYONE LOST THEIR STUFF..GPICK,GSWORD and Ggear...fücking unbelievable...i lost my shit for third time..What the fuck am i supposed to do? Even my FUCKING KEY gone...i spend hour mining with shitty pickaxe and got myself 15 emerald key, 20 diamond key and 25 gold all WIPED clean..NOTHING LEFT....i play at skyblock 2 and. Im not coming back until it FIXED