Minecraft PE Server #10734

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ID #10734
Registered by EPICMCPE
Registered on April 25th, 2015 10:55 AM EST
Deleted on November 6th, 2017 01:56 PM EST

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LittleMore Faction (need donateors and staff)
Online 1.2.6 Canada N42055.pocket.pe:42055
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720 Online 1.2.6 United States of America WonderCraft.pocket.pe:36443 0 / 5 100% Creative Economy Factions Minigames Parkour PvP Roleplay VoteReward
1185 Online 1.2.6 United States of America a34879.leet.cc:34879 0 / 5 99% Leet
778 Online 1.0.7 United States of America 0 / 10 100%

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Hello admins, there seems to be something wrong with the server today. The server logs you out approximately every 1 minute, I would like to know what is happening. I am unable to enquire through the forums as its under maitenance and so have turned to the comments section
Epic i am asking for permission to rebuild darkshire

Thats of i get unbanned

Darkshire is fine not much I would tweak. But carry on you have a different point of view. BTW I think the only ppl who have perms to edit is EPIC Dragon and BlindTai. And that's Proably it so.... Doing darkshire a pretty spell to you proably will not happen.But I am not king here so I'd say it's up to Blind or EPIC I don't hear of Dragon being on that much.BUT you can submit a design for darkshire that MAY happen if he likes it a lot. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day. -Sincerly Wato1876

This is to the darkshire one
Exuse me epic and blind i would like to ask if i could be unbaned i have been perm ip banned for 4 months or about that because riiot thought i was another person so he muted me this personwas dopiestferret58 he framed me so i went on my alt and tried to tell riiot that i was not dopiest ferret 58 but he perm ip banned me
And my brother CABBAGEB1
Okay this new update is gonna be a hard hurdle but we can make it
On the forums I have lost my account some how and the mods keep muting me ):< I'm not being mean or anything I'm just going to say can you please find out what I'm logged in on my oldest account! So if you can that would be nice. Have a nice day
Hello Im DDoS, i have broke some rules & spoke with mods about those things. They have all been forgiven but now im getting muted non-stop by one of the mods... I dont know his/her name but when i join the server with other account and try to speak with him/her(askin for mod to speak cause im not sure about the name) i get muted before i can even send the message.. This is super annoying and my main Account DDoS is now Muted forever And im not even able to talk about this...
Hi epicmcpe this is Daizy_fairy18 on 19134 server today LC129 is harassing me soo and there were no mods on the server in that time sooo l would like to report LC129 thanks! :)
Hi! To all of the Admins,

Look I'm really really sorry about pretending to be a moderater. I saw someone do that and thought to try it out on the creative server. Now I know not to do that and I think I was ip-banned. I promise to never ever pretend to be the moderator and all I ever wanted to do was have fun on the creative server with all of my friends I made. I am so sorry. I will never ever repeat it.

The name pretended to be was Boxx14
(I will never ever pretend to be someone else I just want to have fun on the creative server)
Like Blindtail said the Fourms page may be taken down due to offensive comments towards people this is a warning. This is all just a inference to why this happened!May not be real.
Umm EPICMCPE they banned me for no reason in 19134 can you please tell me what to do for I can play
THIS IS A 1v1 Tournament for all who wish to play although there is a $500 entry fee spectators are free and Food will be sold people are being hired to be guards making shire no one interrupts the event 1st place is awarded $10000 2nd place $5000 3rd $2500 so come along and brawl or cheer bets can be placed as well. It will be hosted by the our vey own EPICMCPE and myself CABBAGEB1 I plan to get many tubers to play in the tournament I also hope that myself and EPIC can build a stadium that can be used in the future. LIKE AND COMMENT IF U WANT THIS TO HAPPEN.

Yea! I agree but where would it be and WHEN?

When we are un banned i will sponsor this

I will get money i will buy land near darkshire and i will build a new ARENA u yourself CABBAGEB1 aka my brother know i can build

So there is one thing I'd like to be done is,that the non-cursing/swearing text should come up more often then it does cause lately it has been more common. Not to name ANYBODY.
Hello Admins,

So this server becomes very lag because of the new update. Very very very LAG! Please fix it :) My school will start soon and i might not play minecraft :( please fix it so I can enjoy my summer.

-HumanoidBox and probably everybody

Unfortunately we do not have control over the major bugs Mojang has introduced to their network code with the release of 1.1.0. It is likely thinks will eventually improve as they release new versions. We can work around some of the issues; but not all. You can follow the situation regarding workarounds and tweaks to improve the situation here:


THIS IS A 1v1 Tournament for all who wish to play although there is a $500 entry fee spectators are free and Food will be sold people are being hired to be guards making shire no one interrupts the event 1st place is awarded $10000 2nd place $5000 3rd $2500 so come along and brawl or cheer bets can be placed as well. It will be hosted by the our vey own EPICMCPE and myself CABBAGEB1 I plan to get many tubers to play in the tournament I also hope that myself and EPIC can build a stadium that can be used in the future. LIKE AND COMMENT IF U WANT THIS TO HAPPEN.
All IF servers have been updated to 1.1.0. You must update to play.

The update has been released for all platforms in your App Store or Play Store.
So I really like this game and the server doors are open ((its a neat place)was I supposed to be in there?) Can you make it easier to make PSHOPS if that is possible like make a /warp Pshop. So have a nice day and bye!

Please use the IF forum for feedback and questions:


The Help section has a tutorial on setting up a PSHOP.

Oh ok thank you
Hi Mods, And Of course Admins and Epic
Hi i'm here to say something here because I couldn't get on forums I wanted to say: Im sorry for making jokes pretending to be Whittican and I promise not to pretend to be any one else than my own account so plz unbanned me
Acc Name: Nepleon_3EXO

This has been discussed and decided here:


Please make any comments there.
I can't join if I do any thing at all it doesn't help it says unable to connect to world my in game name is Xenomorph12345 my alt that I use often is Xenomorph123456 please help if you can.

Please make requests like this on the forums here:

All IF servers have been updated to 1.0.7. You must update to play.

The update has been released for all platforms in your App Store or Play Store.
Why is Immortal Fantasy Offline ???

It's not offline. We had an event tonight during maintenance where we all explored a massive custom world together.

But this event has concluded.

Is there a way i could get youtube rank its not very important but its a question i would also like too know if theres a chance of me getting moderator i know you have bin send this kind of message for sometime but i really hope u respond back because i have bin online on this server for about 1 year now and im active alot and there are no moderators around to help players that have just started please think about my message to you and hope i atleast get a chance to get a youtube rank for i know moderators are chosen whisely

We don't have youtube ranks.

The first rule of Mod is don't talk about Mod.

In other words, don't ask. Mods are chosen based on how we see players interact; not because they want to be Mod. Most Mods are quite surprised when asked.

We have quite a few mods; and they are active most of the time. It's not a perfect system; but better than most.

I understand it was a question and thank you for answering
I lost items like a idiot i do f home in spawn and sethome in ally base and i lost all my items idk if you can tp me to my claimed spawn bacose i was have a lot of special items.

Please send BlindTail an email; or post on forums, and we will help you out:



It's best to use the forums for help like this; as you will get a quicker response.
All IF servers have been updated to 1.0.6. You must update to play.

The update has been released for all platforms in your App Store or Play Store.
This comment has been moderated.

U see they are blocking anyone who oppose them. For the new players who want to play on this server or just joined. This is the treatment u are going to get NWOs are going to raid u also, they want to be kings of the server but anyway they will fall anyway as they are hiring menenaries.
All IF servers have been updated to 1.0.5. You must update to play.

The update has been released for all platforms in your App Store or Play Store.
If u have autocorrect either your using roots or your hacker mcpe does not use autocorrect
I hate this server I was banned because auto correct changed it to a bad word so they banned me towards a point so then I got back after the ban and then I was angry so I was like why did you do this and then someone lied and said I was ip-banned so then the admin banned for for unbanning myself and being rude SO THESE PEOPLE ARE REALLY MEAN I WOULD NOT PLAY THIS SERVER AGAIN

Swearing is not allowed on IF servers. Looking back at the log...

You used the F word twice in 2 minutes and then called someone a **** head. I'm thinking this could not have been autocorrect, right?

Swearing bans are for 24 hours.

Oh that I know that go to setting and turn of auto correct there was a very bad GLITCH in a software update befor so maybe that is why... I get you.(I know this because before I played this I tested and it happened so I fixed it like this)
I've tried to help on somthin like that but failed

Please make requests like this and discuss on the forums here:

Hi epic u aren't really active much more but what about a new warp -wink- also I know this ain't a warp
I can't join and I have 1.04.0, it says that I unable to connect to the world, I don't know what it is,plz help

Please post your request here:

All IF servers have been updated to 1.0.4. You must update to play.

The update has been released for all platforms in your App Store or Play Store.
Epic, Blind, Riiot, anyone, I need help!
An clan jumper has recently joined my clan and raided everyone. He got into an argument with me and I kicked him. He got mad and pvped me. After losing, he went offline and turned his hacks on and killed me. I need immediate help.
His name is RoyalGaint89. Stop this menace.

Please post your request here:

All IF servers have been updated to 1.0.3. You must update to play.

The update has been released for all platforms in your App Store or Play Store.
Hello! I love this server but there is 1 major problem , which is some admins are unhelpful. Its not this, ive lost my house(claimed) which has everything.i asked riiot and told him the land number but he didnt help ; (. If any admin sees this please answer me and help me. Thank You!

Even though not being able to find the land you bought isn't really the fault of the Admin, or anyone else other than you, I came online and teleported you to your land.

In the future; you will get a faster response if you report issues here;


NWO took ur house the admins are pro NWs no point playing on the server
Great server I've been playing here since July 2015 about 2 months after the server came out very well timed and thought about builds even though I have had my ups and downs on this server but ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
For y'all

Thank you! We are all volunteers, and the server is non-profit, so your kind words mean the world to us. Enjoy Immortal Fantasy!

Also epic your builds and blinds awesome coding is what im pretty sure keeps people around 24/7
I like this Server sooo much and voting rewards are now more interesting cause RiiOT change it often. This makes all exciting. But There is only 1 little Problem: I placed Buttons in 0.16 and now i cant break it in 1.0. Blind could you fix it? Cause many people could use it as a unbreakable griefing material...
IGN: Nimbusgarde

Please make reports like this here:


Riot banne me bucause I said an was hacking but I was only making a joke pls help


It was likely a 24 hour ban and already gone.

In the future, please post all requests like this to the forum for fast response:

I'm not doing this to get ur attention owner of the server but pls read on, I think ur server is great and all, but there a few commands missing for factions that I really think u should have if u want to hear more just comment on my channel ZombieDictator these will really help ur server stay on top of its game, like I said before this isn't to just get your attantion
About the banning for curse words on the server, there seems to be a very huge gaping hole on the moderation of banning. I've seen people openly curse in the presence of admins and only given warnings-- not to mention half-assed warnings. (Forgive the next part for the language.) Examples being the words "F*ck", "Sh*t" and the like. For my case I was instantly banned for saying "Dammit." No warning, and no provocation just instantly banned. Putting it simply, the moderation for banning seems to only either be all out or none at all. Either 0% or 100% disregarding the numbers in between. If you'll hear me out, I'd like to propose a new system of ethics for banning on the basis of cursing. I would understand if you don't find my plight very important. Anyway, have a nice day and keep the server up.

There are many different Mods, and each of them are their own person. So of course their responsiveness to swearing will vary somewhat. The good news is that all swearing bans are only for 24 hours; so you can be back to playing in one day.

We want to make our community as safe and welcoming as possible for some of our players who are very young. Their parents often monitor their play as well, and would not allow them to play if we allowed swearing. That is why we have such a strict policy.

Please continue this conversation on our forums; where more players and Mods will see your ideas and comment.

Great server.Impressive build quality and great staff.Huge spawn and great economy and pro plugins! 5/5
Please unban me i acidently curse one time

Bans for cursing only last 24hrs so u r able to hop back on the server at any given moment unless the admins r like the ones on mystic server
All IF servers have been upgraded to support 1.0.x

If you wish to play on IF servers, it is best to stay on MCPE 0.16.x. The new 1.0.0 update changes MANY things, and it will be quite some time before IF servers will support it.

IF 1.0.0 Info/Discussion Here

All IF servers have been upgraded to support 0.16.x.

Please remember to upgrade your app to at least 0.16.1. You may experience crashing on the 0.16.0 app.

Still can't get on immortal fantasy
Hey, it's me Weaving_Coma89 and I just was wondering if there was anyway to make the server less laggy. I have played this server since a few days of its release thanks to Isaac :). I just think the server would be able to earn it's rightful place on the leaderboards if it had less lag. I know it's unlikely but thanks anyway. #suspiciousmilk

There have been widespread DDoS attacks throughout the internet over the last week. Once this dies down you shouldn't see much lag. Generally the server is not laggy.

Please report any issues on our forums at http://if.mymcpe.com

I mean like how it was when it first came out, it might just be my iPod
Blind/EPIC please respond to this, I need the law on this.

How should we handle bloody, gory, death-including, and very descriptive RPs?
The same players do this kind of RP every day, and I sometimes tell them to stop, and they won't, we also ask them to go to the creative server, they won't, they say they have a right to Roleplay. It is rather distrubing.

There are also players Roleplaying as "babies" and still also Roleplaying this, which is even worse.

Is this bannable, and for how long should we ban?

See here for response:

Uhhh hey guys. First time using forums :D.
Anyways, i literally dont know if anyone will read this, but i am here to say that lately i have noticed that apart from ShadowOfDarkness, there are barely any other mods on. People are spamming chat with 'TP ME', and there are no mods to fulfill this. Im not complaining, i LOVE immortal fantasy, but lm just saying that when there are no mods on, there is chaos.(like we have seen with all the duping). I would very much like if mods came on more frequently.

The duping bug has been fixed, and the economic problems caused by it repaired. Please read the following:


There are three Mods online at this very moment.

I realize Mods are not around at all times. They are volunteers and do their best. Thanks for your suggestions though.
Does any one know how to recover their password, Please tell me I love playing immortal Fantasy

Please send an email to blindtail.immortalfantasy@gmail.com

Make sure to include you exact in-game name to allow for password reset. You should never tell anyone your password (including in the email). Just ask for a reset and have a new one ready.

Thanks it's an awesome server
By the way good job on the server ๐Ÿ‘
I lost the password to my account is there any way to change it or get it back?
I can not play the game because I got the mine craft update.It says out dated server.please try to fix it soon. I I've immortal fantasy!
Can you pleas updait the server
My minecraft updaits automaticlie so
Can you help me and updait de server
Good luck and keep up the good server

It is now OK to use 0.15.10 on IF servers. The code has been updated.

Thank you for helping me get back to the game!
Can you updait the server pleas?
I have a complaint to make on your cussing rule how is "dam" a cuss word look up the definition no where in the dictionary does it have a bad meaning for dam. Dam isn't a swear word so why keep banning me its more an expression of saying "oops that was a mistake" than anything else p.s. I hope boxx reads this

There is no need to use words like "dam". Just say darn if you must. Our server is used by young children as well as older folks, so we prefer to keep the language pleasant.

The good news is that swearing bans are only for 24 hours; so I'm sure you are already unbanned by now.
Hello blindtail this is directed at u is it possible to enable boats in IF we would really enjoy it and it would give us more things to do.

Boats should work. It was added months ago. Is it not working?
IF servers currently down for maintenance. I will report back when they are back online.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience. The servers are now back online.

It's ok the server can't be on 24/7 :) but thx for the heads up
I have forgotten my password so i was just wondering if i could reset it?
Hello I got my old account back but I've noticed there's a decline in mods mew125 is most active I'd like to ask how I can become a mod this is a question and I'm not too sure

Mods are volunteers. They are often online; but not always.

Please read the rules. Asking for Mod is a sure way to never get Mod. The admins promote players we see as being especially helpful and supportive as Mods at our discretion. It is usually a surprise to the one getting promoted.

Thank you understand how this system works I will try to be helpful but I don't need mod to do that also I see a couple of mods now they must just all have been having a break :0
I would like to report for hacking malware and godmode is being used this is ruining the game for me and my fello clan mates because they are glitching through walls not dying when like 6, people hittin them with iron swords and getting throught 5 layers under ground of dirt and obby players are ritekite and loading987 they are also covering our spawn and killing us when we f home straight away but on other note brilliant server u need more mods on but keep up the good work hope this helps im starting to loose faith also we moved base 3 times and they always find us then make a clan and sethome and hack

Please post a detailed report with screenshots on our forum at :


All reports need to go in the forum FEEDBACK/REPORT section.

Hello I was wondering how to do a password reset I forgot my accounts password
Immortal Fantasy is the BEST. The admins are awesome, the moderators are okay, I'm a moderator there. We're awesome. Sure, stuff lags, people are dooshes, but hey! That's what you have the staffing team for. Once you join, you might even find your best friend LIKE ME! *cough* Sapphy *cough* Hope to see you online, Love Rii โ™ฅ
The creative server is horrible... The players are "snobby", obnoxious, and rude. They threaten each other. All they do is fight. The players that get on it for the first time are practically accused of griefing and things they've never done bc they haven't been inside the server before. I'm sad that this "great" and "fun" server is now horrible and violent. I wish it wasn't :(

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. It only takes a couple bad people to ruin the fun. That's why we ban players who grief and abuse on the creative server. It is a place for fun and creative projects, not abuse and fighting. Fighting and PvP is for the main server.

I recommend you report these players on our forum and we will ban them.


I'm so sorry to hear your experience was bad on the creative server. It's supposed to be peaceful fun atmosphere. If your having a difficult time you can also jump on the main server to grab a Mod. To assist you if there is not one on the creative. My in game name is Boxx I'm allways available to jump over to creative. And help.
If you e y questions or concerns regarding the server please feel free to reply with your question or concern and/or visit the Immortal Fantasy site at if.mymcpe.com and the staff will get back to you ASAP :)
Best server I've ever been on.

There's nothing bad about this server(other than the rare lag) I play this server every day possible and I made many friends off of it. All of the admins and mods are very kind folks and if you are reading these comment and havent joined Immortal fantasy I really suggest you join.

Server Reset Back 3 hours to 5pm EST
In the process of adding the new /warp darkshire command, I accidentally gave everyone admin commands. I am very sorry. Due to this we have to reset the server back 3 hours because we reboot every 2 hours. I apologize for this but at least the new warp works and will hopefully be a new place for pvp.

Hello sorry to bug you are waste your time I'm sure ur very busy. But I was kicked 2 days ago and I know what I did wrong and promise never to do it again. And I can go on around the time I was kicked but only that time I was hoping could I plz plz be able to go back on whenever. Also my username is courtney12G
Awesome server. people don't kill you instantly and you can make your own teams! Even though it has some bugs like when i tried to buy a land, it took my money but didn't give me the land and when i sold it, i only got half my money back. Nevertheless, this server has huge potential and can be one of the bigger servers which everybody will know of. Great work.

It's correct that when you sell your land you only get half back. That's to keep people from using land as a "bank".

Sorry you had a problem when you bought your land. I will look into what might have happened there and give you your money back. The Land plugin has a few long standing bugs unfortunately; and they seem to be hard for the developer to fix. It usually works correctly though. You can read more here: https://github.com/onebone/EconomyS/issues

I found the purchase for $6600 and refunded the remaining $3300 to you. So you should be good. Hopefully next time you buy land it will work correctly.
All Immortal Fantasy servers have now been updated to support 0.15.x.

You MUST have 0.15.x to play on IF going forward.

Please report bugs at:


The no pvp zones are glitches. You can attack people, and it shows them getting hit on your screen, but not on theirs. They do not take damage though, so it's not that big of a problem. Hope this helps!

Epic another player in the server has been swearing in chat if you need to contact me if you need proof.
The players name is NereusxGo
If you are running 0.15.0, please help us test on the Test server at:

if.mymcpe.com port 19135

Thanks for your help!

Boats work perfectly!!!! The nether spawn kills you instantly though. Psynergy tped me into the nether and everything was fine from there. Also, the spawn protection is a little glitchy. You can hit people, but they don't take damage. I also saw a cat... not sure what that is about Lol. Hope this helps!!!
Do not upgrade to 0.15.0 yet if possible. It is not yet compatible with IF servers.

Wait for the new update cuz 15.0 messed up servers u disconnect after 5 minutes it doesn't let u join any server... I tested with the lifeboat server

Are you looking for staff members to help build up the server because I'm willing to help if you plan on rebuilding or adding anything to the server. Since the 0.15.0 update came out I thought maybe there are new things you want to experiment with before the full release comes out.

There will never be new admins added. Mods are chosen based on people we see in game being very helpful over long periods of time.

Please don't ask for Admin, Ops, or Mod. Thanks.
I saw that pvp protection has been messed up! Can u fix it plz thank you

It is not "messed up" as far as I know. Can you describe the problem?
I have been waiting to get unbanned on my fungame2nd account but I never got unbanned... I have been banned for 1 month already and they told me it was only a 24 hour ban! And something happened to soccerreaper

Same thing *
Why was I kicked out?
We have now updated to support 0.14.3 on all servers.

Aye read these comments -_-
The server is outdated My mine craft always gets updated to newest on its own so now I can't play please update the server soon

Hi ๐Ÿ˜Š
Server will not load. 19132 or 19135. Neither work.

Never mind. It works fine for me now. Thanks.
We have now updated to support 0.14.2 on all servers.

Thanks for your patience.
Do not upgrade to 0.14.2 yet if possible. There are some...issues...

If you did get upgraded, you can play on our test server on port 19135:

if.mymcpe.com 19135
How do I register for this server

It works like most MCPE servers. Read here:

It won't lete set my home don't know why please help

Sleep in a bed. Then use this command to return there:

/home bed

If you start a faction, you can also set a home for your faction that all in the faction may use.
It won't lete set my home don't know why please help
Epic it's me N0VA can you mod me *i think it's op me* on this alt? My account was hacked by my brother but he's banned from electronics for a month now thnx epic
Hey EpicMcpe Fix The Lagg As You Can To Build My Modern Cool Castle Better...It So Hard To Build A Big Castle If Have A Lagg...When I Building My Ship...It So Hard To Build Cause Of The Lagg...I Hope You Can Fix The Lagg๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
EPICMCPE why was I ip ban I didnt do enything I was mineing found redstone and just as I was mining it I got kicked and it said kicked reason ip ban pls help I love this server the only mod that eas on was blockeler fohire my userna name is EPICCOOLMCPE
I just looked at most of the comments but so far I am the only one who has said 'hi guys' and 'from Arimau' I am a to formal people are probaly looking at this comment and thinking 'This is irrelevant'
HI guys it's me again Arimau I have tried over and over again and it still doesn't work do you think I should try and get another password and see if it works

Lots of words from : Arimauโ˜น๏ธโ˜น๏ธโ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข
Hi my name is Arimau I would like to ask about my problems you see every time I try to enter my password it always says my password is incorrect I type this in /login but with my password in that space I have requested to change my password two times so if anyone is kind enough to help me .

Sorry if my comment is to formal that's what I mostly know

From: Arimau ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Back online~ Woohoo~
The network has been repaired. Some users are already able to connect. It should be available for all regions throughout the next few hours.

We apologize for the extended outage, and will do our best to prevent it in the future.
Waiting the server to back online...
A hole weekend whit no importal fantasy be like
(*_*) ยฐ_ยฐ sadface :(

Dang it its immortal you idioot ยฐ_ยฐ
We are experiencing an extended network outage at our hosting provider today. They are working to fix this.

I do not know when we will be back online.
Immortal Fantasy is now back online.

Thank you for your patience!

IT is now back offline :(

IT is now back offline :(
We are experiencing an extended network outage at our hosting provider today. They are working to fix this.

I do not know when we will be back online.
When is the sever gona be back online ?
Hello~ ^^
U know this server to adu? Yesh..
Sorry for the outage today. We are doing some server maintenance.
I got banned for nothing please unban or pardon me my mcpe is GamerGirlAJ
The world was restored to 8:12am PST and is now running smoothly.

Sorry for the problem.
There was a hardware problem on the server; and land protection was temporarily disabled. We are now restoring to a backup from 10:12am PST. All will be restored as it was at that time.

Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the problem.
When I try to join the server it crashes my mcpe help

What is your player name?

Same thing as this user name
I've been in the sever for almost a year it's very good guys I very miss army

Thanks for your support!
If a staff reads this can u pkz come on a whole spam is on!!!
Now on MCPE 0.14.x, since it has been released. Enjoy the major server update! We've added a LOT.
Well I'm build 7 and it won't let me join

Try again now.
If you are testing MCPE 0.14.x, you may try connecting to if.mymcpe.com on port 19134.
Plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz update in at least an hour plzzzzz

MCPE 0.14.x has not been released yet. If you joined the beta test; you can un-join at the same link and get 0.13.x back. For playing servers you should stay on 0.13.x until 0.14.x is officially released.

We will update once 0.14.x has been officially released for both iOS and Android.

Why not just use the build whyyyyaaayyy
EPICMCPE can u update the server so we can play plzz I need to get on to check on my base plan update to 0.14.0 build 7

What is the link to sign up for the battle tournament

Sign up for Tournament here:




I forgot my password sir and I have been with the server since 10.5 alpha nad it breaks my heart that i forgot
Why won't the game load it keeps saying unable to connect to world

I'm guessing you figured it out? If not; post in the forum here and we can get more details about your network connection:


Also remember: It is often necessary to force-quit the MCPE app.
epic I would like to make a server on the if realms and anted to ask u if u wanted to help me become a server owner

Hi this is SilentWolf44 and I honestly don't know why I was banned I did nothing and it said your have been kicked by admin:reason SilentWolf44 and I'm pretty sure it's because I killed cutenovagirl02 so can u urban me because I seriously did nothing

And if that means I can't pvp then or get banned I'm done

Nvm all sorted
Im unbanned. Yay!
Just.. epic can we talk in an other server.
D:< i want to be pardon ip! Nickname_123 was spamming the server and i tried to help buy spaming him in /tell! And also HOW DID U MODERATORS KNIW I WAS SPAMMING HIM!

PS hi dark.

We have monitoring software that watches for repeated spamming of the same command over and over. This overloads the server and causes lag. The software alerted us to your repeated /tell commands.

As I said the last time you made this request: Threatening the server is not acceptable. If you post an apology to the forum we will consider your request.

The sooner you make this forum post; the sooner you may be un-banned.


Click the forum link.

EPIC just plz unban me im a good person.
I m banned for 24h for just used a bad word but idk why when other people using it they are getting ban hardly ever lol nvm epic I had 50 k in the last time is it lost? ;_;

Well I got it
epic I would like to make a server on the if realms and anted to ask u if u wanted to help me become a server owner
Im am BlakeFTW and my password is it what it typed in but is wrong password please help!

For password resets you will need to send a private message. Please use this link:


someone might have hacked u it happened to my deadly skull account
Pardon-ip me plz. i was spamming and it wasn't even my fault! The guy Nickname_123 spamed Nd i tried to help my spamming him in /tell. If you dont pardon me i will advertise and use inappropriate words. PARDON ME OR I WILL!!!

Threatening the server is not acceptable. If you post an apology to the forum we will consider your request.


Epic your acting like a fuckin robot right now. Pardon me.


What happened Joe; _; did u get I p ban: /?

I did. I hate moderators who just ban ip u. Give them a chance. 2 chances for them. instead of FUCKING 1! I HATE THAT SERVER
Hi!!! Im fairytailADDICT, and I so love this server, but due to some reasons, I havent played the server for almost 2 months. And when I try to Logged in Using my account "fairytailADDICT" I could'nt log in because I forgot my password.
PLSS!! I need Your Help!

For security reasons, password issues may only be handled through private messages. Please see this link for private message options and make your request through one of those methods.




Every 5 minutes the following message shows up on your screen:

โ€ข Avoid glitches. Use /itemcloud to store valuables

Also, every 5 minutes this message shows:

โ€ข Don't ask Admins for lost dia ! Use /itemcloud !

And; if you STILL aren't sure what that means, every 5 minutes a link to a tutorial shows:

โ€ข Learn about itemcloud at if.mymcpe.com/itemcloud

So if you still were storing your valuables in chests; then you must not have read the messages that showed on your screen many thousands of times over the last many months. We can't help beyond this.

Ok thanks your right I should have been listening to itemcloud but I just don't know how to use it o_O I really apologize for buging you guys :-(
Plz just try something because it was never my fault and I want to get back on
Can I plz be un ip banned my brother got on my tablet and changed my name and he got me ip banned, it's not my fault and I don't want to be banned and I have made sure he will never get back on my tablet.(p.s my name is SilentWolf44)

Please post a request on our forums and we will discuss further there:

Christmas Is In One Day :)

Merry Christmas

And Epic Please answer the comments on 10.5 Immortal Fantasy classic We need you.
Never mind.

Happy you figured it out!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I need some help. Yesterday I Could login, but today it won't let me. I don't know if i typed it in wrong or if I've gone and forgotten it.
Merry Christmas!!

Marry Xmas to you and when it says whitelist that's probably a glitch from 0.13.1 but if it really gets bad a lot report it on the Fourms at immortal fantasy.com then click fourms then you can register or login with email facebook webly and post your problem :)

Or epic will see these comment s and help you here
Wut Epic help. Was whitelist on this whole time? I sometimes can join and when i log out. And i wanna join back in it says whitelisted. Can u add me to whitelist? Anyone? Sapphy or Cute?

Oh btw wheres jass? Long time no see him.

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds. The server is sometimes VERY busy on the weekends/holidays when everyone is playing.

Oh thx :)

Lol Now I now....
Hello,noah here.
I have a issue u see i had got two emerald blocks(epic knows im not lying)So i stored them to keep tthem safe.then kidney wanted to see them so i went to my chest and they wasnt there. Plz help me epic this happened to my.iron armor to but idc this is emerald block we r talking about,plz respond as soon as possible on here or on kik,thank u aand merry Christmas

Hmm Yes the chests are sometimes buggy I once had a problem like that so recommendation.

1. Break a block

2. Relog

That's all I have and if it doesn't work and you still comment here and epic doesn't reply most likely he will reply and give your stuff just go on The Immortal Fantasy fourms and explain your problem

Merry Christmas

So break the chest?

I broke the chest that i put the emerald blocks in but no luck.please do something about this.

I'm not a admin or a moderator so I can't go on the server and give your stuff but I'd highly recommend going on the fourms they'll for sure help you there ๐Ÿ˜Š


How do u register on the forums?

Ok first go to Immortal Fantasy weebly.com then click on fourms it will say register on fourms then you register with your email or Facebook and much more then you tell your problem :) and help will come
Please Reply to this Comment :) if your having trouble

Or For Some Spanish Players

por favor, responda a este comentario si su tener problemas :)
And Im able to go to 10.5 server Immortal Fantasy classic and help there
Hello guys It's Destroyer I'll be helping you epic For comments and try to answer as much questions I know epic Making 2 servers is very hard and I'd like to help
And please check out Immortal Fantasy the website
I can't login even though my password is correct :( why? I really liked the maps parkour..

Try using a new player name and registering it. If that works then ask a Mod in-game for help or post on the forum with the name that is not working.

I have a problem I am in my house and I put in my password and it says incorrect I know what it is but I don't get how I am already in my house? Please help can't play is there a way I can change it ~overseer~

Please use this link to send a private message to admin regarding this issue:


Figured it out.might help epic, from what I understand I can connect to this sever only with the phone I used originally. I tried to connect my account with my other device guess it won't allow you?
I was banned because of my brother cussing plz help me get unbanned because it wasn't my fault it was his. If you can help you want regret it just plzzzzzz

Bans for swearing only last 24 hours. If you are not automatically unbanned after 1 day, please go to the website and click the Forum link. Please post your issue there and we will reply there.

Epic help! A player... her name is Bertha she made place in warp embassy and when I went near it when I tried to touch and slay her in chat some thing said me has been bought 0:0 for 5000$ she stole my money and I have screen shot when I told her give my money back or I report to epic she told me she don't care and this happened to XxZachxX too he lost his 20000$ from this trick I asked her to give money back or I report to epic she said she don't care and she said I can report her and even she said if epic ban her she don't care she got 25k with this trick like 5 mins ago plz do some thing epic plz that wasn't fair all her teammate laughed me when I said give my money back do some thing epic plz

We will look into this. Please go to the website and click the Forum link. Please post your issue there and we will reply there.


hi guys! I am new and I am having a HUGE issue.. I have an iPad and have MCPE v. 0.13.0 alpha. I have multiplayer on/broadcast to LAN on and i have great WIFI. But when i type in the external servers all the CORRECT info, it ALWAYS says "Unable to connect to world" WHY?????? This happens with ALLLL of the servers... Please help me.. :(

If you can never connect to any servers, you probably have a network problem. Maybe Minecraft MCPE servers are blocked by your internet host. Or you are not on the newest MCPE (0.13.0 as of now).

I don't think posting a comment on every server is going to help you, since you have a general problem. You should post here instead:

I can't join a faction Becuse every one I join I get killed they take my stuff and then kick me from the faction and xxn8xx said if I give him 450 dollars he will invite me to his faction and after I paid him he said never mind and took my money my name is nike_swagger_boy and how do I get admin do I dinate

There are no donations. Immortal Fantasy has always been free. Do not ask for Admin/Mod, there is no way to get it.

Scamming is part of the game. So you have to take the time to develop trust with other players before paying them or doing business with them in game.

I recommend you start off by building your own base and wealth, and then eventually joining a faction after you can see which factions are honest. There is a great tutorial on playing Immortal Fantasy in the New Players section on the forum here:


Epic can u help me i forgot my password for my alt its name is TbnrChampFac and ny real account is TbnrChamp help me plz Msg Me On kik u alredy have me k :) Love The Server
How do I do this server?

There is a great tutorial here:

Can you add me and my sister christmas_wolf to the white list

No need to add you to anything. When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds.
Hi, mass or epic help! I was one of white list users but now not becuz of updated so plz add me again: |

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds. The server is sometimes very busy on the weekends.
I am lost i ccant find my land plzzz help i only know land no. 14029
Hey guys. I've never played on this server before but it already says I;m registered and i don't know my password. What do i do.

Someone must already have your player name. Change the name you have entered under "Name" after tapping the settings icon (looks like a wrench) on the first screen that comes up when you start Minecraft.
Hey I see there was a whitelist added and I understand why but I was wondering if I could be added? Thanks! -DrCheese

If it's full I understand and will just come back when ever its turned off :)

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds. The server is sometimes very busy on the weekends.

Okay thanks for clearing that up.
Pls update this server to alpha 0.13.1 look at pvppigraid
My items are glitching . The chests are glitching

Try now. We made major updates to the server today.

P.S. There is no "13.1" server. There are many different servers being used for MCPE right now; and the owners can pretty much fill in whatever they want for that number. We choose to leave it at 13.0; but I could make it 13.9 or whatever. In other words, ignore that number.
So will it become compatible with 13.0

The server has been upgraded for 0.13.x compatibility. Expect extreme bugginess. More information on our forum here:

Can you plz updait the server
My iPad dus updait automatikly so plz updait the sever
I'm just starting out and have a few questions

-how do I purchase/edit land
- I voted withmy in game name and then I went to the sever and typed in /vote. It said I hadn't voted
-where can I find land that I can edit?

>>how do I purchase/edit land

When at the land you wish to purchase; first do "/land here" to make sure nobody else owns it. Then stand at one corner of the land and do "/startp". Now walk to the opposite corner of the land you wish to purchase and do "/endp".

>>I voted withmy in game name and then I went to the sever and typed in /vote. It said I hadn't voted

You must type the exact player name you have entered under "Name" after tapping the settings icon (looks like a wrench). If even one character is off it will not work. Try again a day later (you can vote once per day).

>>where can I find land that I can edit?

Walk out in any direction for 2000 or so blocks. Everything after 150 blocks is available; but claiming land near the spawn is both difficult and a bad idea. Remember that Immortal Fantasy is a game focused on a long-term strategy. So plan on spending some time finding a good base area; fortifying it, and buying land. Many of our most successful players have bases 8000+ blocks out (and a number are 30,000 blocks out or further). You can always find your location by doing "/getpos". Bring a bed with you so you can save your location from time to time. That way if you get killed you can return to the last place you slept with "/home bed".

Also: All land outside the 150 block spawn protection can be built on EXCEPT what has been bought by others. As you get further out; you will find PLENTY of land that has not been bought.

Many players use a strategy of going VERY far out, then scoping out the area for other players/owned land. They then set up a temporary base to farm and gather resources and build funds to buy land. Remember to stock lots of resources in your itemcloud; because these cannot be lost when you die. Then they either buy that temporary base land, or buy a second base even further out. It is always good to have a fallback position.
I hate this server it's not fun! I tried doing /warp pvp there's no pvp arena there's no fun!

Just walk outside the spawn area (150 blocks) and the whole world is PvP :-) There are also many special areas for PvP like /warp arena and /warp battle.

This is a classic Minecraft Survival server. You gather resources, build, and battle. Added to this is the ability to form a faction and have a shared faction base. We aren't a limited mini-game server; Gungamoor is a vast world which you can spend months exploring and still never see it all.
Please add me to the whitelist. Epic, trust me, whitelist is not full, I logged in with my phone and tablet at the same time in different accounts, and only my other registered account (on the whitelist) got in. I am FireAssasin.

Not sure what to tell you FireAssasin. Whitelist really does mean server full.

It's "bleeding" software; even buggier than Alpha...which is buggier than Beta. So there are many glitches. We get slammed with hundreds of attempted connections per minute on the weekends; so there just isn't room for everyone. Sorry.

Please read more on our forum here:
I apologize for the weird way of commenting recently! I attempted to comment to some other commenters that have not been answered, however no matter who I clicked "reply" to, all the comments went to one person. Sorry for the inconvenience Epic!
The sever went offline? Cant get into the server....
Can I join

No need to ask; just play :-)

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds.

This is a work-around for 0.12.x related issues.
Hey mew plz open the server
Hey admin, im a regular player but the new update whitelisted me I have done nothing wrong I cant play plz add me -rahult

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds; or if your watch has a second count, wait until just after the minute changes.

This is a work-around for 12.1 related issues.

When you get the message "Server Is White Listed" it just means that the server is currently full. All you have to do is try to join later :)

Mew is a moderator and has no say in if the server is opened or closed. You'll have to ask an admin to open the server if it's closed, and even then, it's up to them. :)
Guess the new update for me white listed again. Please help . Zeus123
Im...Guessing you updated the sever again?
My account is whitelisted, Please add me :3
I seem to be having a problem with mining obsidian. I will mine it with a diamond pick but it just will respawn over and over and over again. Is this some sort of glitch? Is mining obsidian enabled on the server?

Obsidian is very hard to break on PocketMine servers; but it will break eventually. Best thing to do is only mine it right after reboot; and it may take a couple breaks to fully break.

Thank you!
How to log in

/login yourpassword

Replace "yourpassword" with your actual password. If you don't know how to register; scroll down to the reply I made about registering.
Epic I quit doing 10.5 I admit but I still played 12.1 I was IP banned for maybe 1 year I admit I told pretty to ban my destroyer account but not IP because someone was hacking me so epic don't interigate pretty or Chesh or jass cuze or cute cause I know they didn't do it if Isnt working for me so I think I'm IP banned and I have lots of friends on that server I've been playing more then all the mods and I have been loyal to this server since I rem I was adding the_magic_patatoe and me and waymore were friends this was my first server and my faverourites I rem when I was fisting people (I was way better on 10.5 I had lots of dia and a big huge base and cause of 3p) one time I didn't know that there was 4 Admins I think and im server detective cinda because I knew dragonlords other account I'm the original Destroyer now people steal my name XD And I miss you guys I admit I miss the admins I have 2 fav admins and I know who foxyirl is britican was first server player I think because its one of the admins account Sorry for saying this about your account my friend I know who u r so I'm keeping my promise to not tell anyone who the admin was I don't want to be MOD I just was be the deticctive that lukmore wanted me to be I miss luke I guessed his real name XD I wanna raid argh I forgot his namee oh yes the leader of cage He thought he was the best pvper I think ash sarvv Foxy britican and I'm 12th in 12.1 but in 10.5 I was 6th because he raided my friends and I Del my account a have nothing but now I have friends they'll help me so plz UN IP BAN ME if its not IP ban just a glitch plz help me get back on plz

I forgot to say I'm dest XD

And assasind he didn't do it

I'm sure if you wait patiently the admins will unban you :)
Unless you did something bad.

I'm sure I didn't do anything or my brother did anyways I'm just glad you replied
I will and I'm glad to see you Ches

Email your IP address to:


I will consider unbanning you after research. You can get your IP address by going to any web browser:


DO NOT POST YOUR IP ADDRESS HERE OR ON FORUM...it should be kept private.

Sorry epic I'm just not feeling comfortable with sharing my IP address

There is no way for me to un-ban your IP address if I do not know your IP address.

check my history if I was good because is using another device still won't work?

When you're IP banned its like banning your internet. No matter how many times you change your name or how many devices you use, if you're still in your internet zone then there's no way for you to get online unless...

1) you get a new IP

2) You send your IP over to be unbanned


3) You use a different Wi-fi like at Starbucks

I'd recommend just sending over your IP. I understand that you don't feel comfortable with it, however it's for the best if you wish to be unbanned.

I think I will go to a wifi place but first I want you guys to check my history if I did anything bad if not I'll happily go to restrarant and play mcpe like if
Thanks a million for your work both mods and admins

My name is RockzMC (Gaming name) and Today (Friday 16 October) I got banned for no reason, Agent_Merrified banned me for 'harrassing' and I didn't even harass ANYONE on the server.

Please unban me cause I swear I didn't do anything wrong.


You were banned for 24 hours for harassing other players. This is against the rules. If you believe you were unfairly banned; you may post on our forum at http://if.mymcpe.com/forum

But who was I harassing?

Lonely_Wolf was telling me stuff and then Agent_Merrified banned me, I have 1 screenshot of the conversation and I know Lonely_Wolf is Agent_Merrified and I was asking her who I was harassing and she won't answer.

I mean't, I was talking to someone not Lonely_wolf and then Agent/Lonely_wolf banned me.

I'm sure what Agent Merrifield banned you for was a liable excuse. If there was only evidence of you accusing the player, calling them names repeatedly, or being rude to them without a seemingly liable cause, then Agent might have mistaken that as harassment, in which some cases it is. If someone is harassing you, you shouldn't start harassing them back. Sometimes, if they started it, the moderators might only see your side of the harassment.

Nevermind, my 24 hour ban is over.

Thanks for replying anyways!

Have a great day!


Bro thease mods are pros they have banned you for a reson
How do u register

First choose a unique name and password. You may only use letters, numbers, and the underscore character. Write them down for safe keeping.

Now tap the "wrench" icon at the main screen of Minecraft to enter it in (where it says Name).

Then connect to the server. The first time you connect it will give you instructions. Make up a password and then use chat to type:

/register yourpassword

Please type the password you made up instead of yourpassword.
i lost my accounts password (alphaboy212) pleas i wana reset it can any admin help pleas?

Password resets are not possible at this time.
Hi Epic! (And other admins)
I was wondering if you all would like to have some stress removed off your shoulders a bit. Basically, I was wondering if you'd like the moderators whom scavenge the forums to help monitor the comments made here and reply in your stead? That way you can take a break from stressing over replying, since we'd handle it (though I'm sure your views as admins would be more appreciated and exact). Thank you and have a nice day.

CheshireOfCraft is one of our Moderators; and she will now help respond to questions/comments here.

Thanks Chesh!
Hey I know your busy epic but I was just wondering how the crafting fix is going?

Looks like this fix is getting pushed back to Tuesday...still working on it.

Any fix for crafting chests also seems to break crafting pumpkin pie. So this issue may remain open for a while. It may be weeks before this can be fixed, but hopefully sooner. We continue to work on it...

Thank you for your patience.

As a temporary fix; you may now craft chests, workbenches, and sticks using Oak Wood only.

We continue to work to fully fix crafting.

Okey thanks!
So I was just wondering when we will be able to return to our previous position after the game restarts? I know you guys are really busy

We are working on fixing this; but have not isolated the bug yet.
Hey I was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble crafting? I tried logging out and back in but it doesn't seem to work. Is there a crafting bug or something?

Interesting; I'm not aware of any new crafting bugs. Let me do a test of each item one-by-one and see if something is wrong. Thanks for reporting.

Yes, I'm seeing a problem crafting chests and some other items. I will work on fixing this; and hopefully have it working sometime today (Monday).

Thanks you're the best :)

Looks like this fix is getting pushed back to Tuesday...still working on it.
Hey, uhm i voted already via /vote and also in the site but havent gotten the rewards yet. :/ what do i do?

What happens when you /vote in game? What does it tell you?

"you have voted yet, google: if.mymcpe.com/vote/ for free rewards with /vote" everytime i vote.


I'm not sure what to tell you. Either you mistyped your player name; or there might be something wrong on the listing website. If it gives you same problem next day I would open a ticket here.
Que alguien me explique entro me registro y va todo bien pero quiero jugar como se puede jugar?

Tal vez el servidor estรก lleno? Trate de vuelta en un minuto.

Since were talking in Spanish...

me gustan las galletas
Add me to the whitelist! I want to join the server!

Como me uno a la lista blanca?

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds; or if your watch has a second count, wait until just after the minute changes.

This is a work-around for 12.1 related issues.
is anyone ever going to respond? epic you replied to someone else after i posted so i know you saw my post. whats going on and why is there such a delay on my response but not someone elses. it seems a bit biased to me like you help only people who already have everything but cant post a single response to a simple question. i would appreciate it if you actually replied sometime soon.

You have been un-banned. I'm not really sure what happened; but I will find out from Jass when i next chat with him.

I banned you because you joined with the username of Lbsg_admin
I still would like to know why you banned me??? it seems everyone else can get unbanned but me. all i would like to know is the reason i was banned (if any) and to have my account active again. i really like this server but this makes me and all my friends that play want to find another one.
Why is the server whitelisted? I already played on the server so can i also be put on it?

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds; or if your watch has a second count, wait until just after the minute changes.

This is a work-around for 12.1 related issues.
Can you please unban my account? im not sure why i got banned i dont even use chat except to warp. my name is lbsg_admin. i would like to know why i got banned mid game and to have my account back online. thank you.
How do I use the command /itemcloud? Please help.

To get started, make sure you have registered. Type this command in your text chat. You only have to register one time ever. Commands are always begun with a /

/itemcloud register

Now hold the item you would like to store in itemcloud; then type

/itemdb id

It will give you the ID number of the item. Cobble, for example, is ID 4. Let's say you have been mining for a long time and want to get rid of all your cobble, but may need it later. If you have 4 stacks of cobble (256 cobble) you can now store it in item cloud since you know the ID:

/itemcloud upload 4 256

Those 4 stacks of cobble are now gone from your inventory; but still exist in your itemcloud.

Now; maybe you have forgotten all the many things you have stored in itemcloud? You can see a list of all your stuff by doing:

/itemcloud list

OK, finally you may need some cobble to make a pickaxe, so you need 3 cobble for that. You do:

/itemcloud download 4 3

And suddenly there will be 3 cobble in your inventory!

The tricky thing about itemcloud is remembering the ID of items. /itemdb helps a lot if you can hold an item; but if it's already in your itemcloud you may not remember it's ID. There is this great website you can access from your phone that lets you search for IDs and also search IDs for name of item:


thanks epic :)
Omg what is going on server is offline we cant open it so bad and all of us want epic to fix it XD

We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

The problem has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
why the server is offline?Are You Guys Fixing some bugs or something else?

We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Is the server always a bit laggy or no?
Hey epic what happened to server is it reseted??? Plz answer us
I never played on this server before, but when I try to join, it says im banned ?! Can you unbann me please

Is it possible when im not logged in on this server somehow ?
Can I be add to the white list

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds; or if your watch has a second count, wait until just after the minute changes.

This is a work-around for 12.1 related issues.
Jass add
To white list thanks or epic add

Whitelist is server full!

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds; or if your watch has a second count, wait until just after the minute changes.

This is a work-around for 12.1 related issues.

Ok I click vote I go back and I don't have stuff HOW DO I GET STUFF?!??!???

After voting on the website, you must go back into Minecraft and type:

Can someone tell me how to heal on Immortal Fantasy? Thanks

Unfortunately healing is not supported in PocketMine for MCPE 12.1 yet; this will be added in the future. PocketMine server for 12.1 is in pre-alpha right now; so many features do not work. This is true of all servers.

Regen is now fixed ...

When ever I go into it it says Invalid name y

Ok bossness

Start mcpe don't go in any worlds/server then hit options and change your name
I think the limit for servers is 7 characters !
Hey I've been a member on this server for a wile now and I'm wondering how do you make a faction please tell me as I would like to make one p.s: do I have to pay money to make a faction or is it free thanks. -ChaseMcLee

There is no cost for making a faction.

The name must be 4 characters. Like "COOL" or "SPWN"

Use this command:

/f create _____

put your faction name where the blank is.

Thanks epic that helps me big time ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Let me in again Server is white Listed i want back in server because this my is my favoriet server and i have dia gear in it White list my plz

-Name Leonnovers

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

Try waiting about 30 seconds; or if your watch has a second count, wait until just after the minute changes.

This is a work-around for 12.1 related issues.
Hey EPICMCPE, for some reason, I cannot join the server... The weird this is that this happened after I voted and it neglected that I voted. I typed my name correctly but still can't vote... Then I just lost all connection to the server.

We had a DDoS attack; and there were some networking issues after. Many players had the issue where you use the /vote command and it said you didn't vote. After the network calmed down this stopped happening; so you can try /vote again now and get your rewards.

If you are still not able to connect; please let me know in the forums.

Hi epic i need u on asap i was recently hacked or it may be a glitch on my ip Etc but i lost 129k aka 129,000 from it i don't know what happened i was playing fine then reboot happened and i logged in it was all gone i literally started to freak and i got a beet root seed from my friend and it vanished i started freaking out like trying to figure what happened this is my fav sever plz help me
i was on xX_RASTA_FOX_Xx i recently changed my pass due to this problem :/ my email if u need to get a hold of me is aydenramon1@gmail.com
thank u epic
--Ayden Ramon aka rasta fox
ps. ill be on for 2 hours hurry plz

Thanks for following up with your post on the forum. We will work with you on this issue there.
Enjoying this server so far, finally managed to get my farm up and running after waiting several days for pocket mine to fix their crafting code. I used to play Anarchy a lot, and I'm not sure what Sarv's IGN is (is it you EPIC) but yeah. I knew about IF ever since Sarv invited me to it on the Anarchy forums...Too bad Anarchy is wrecked now lol
Recently, I have been involved in a ip-ban situation for no reason. I was just playing the server normally following the game rules then suddenly I was disconnected from the server as it said that I was kick by admin reason: ip ban. ): I honestly did nothing wrong, I am confused and upset for I cannot play :/ I am a big fan of IF and I've been playing for quite a while now, it is my favourite MCPE server and i hate that this has happened. My Minecraft IGN: Serena814 Plz help me epic :3.

Maybe a glitch? You have been un-banned.
Hey I'm aReSJ.
Cuteviolingirl02 just banned me and I don't know why :(

Was gonna ask to trade 5wools and 2dyes for green carpets since crafting's messed up but she straight up banned me.

If there's a reason I'll accept it but else that's unfair.

You swore about a minute before she banned you:

****.. you can only sleep at day

Your 24 hour ban is over now.

Oh.. Alright maybe I was autocorrected..

I typed 'damn. You can only sleep at day..'

But if I was autocorrected I accept my punishment.. Or is 'damn' considered swearing too?

Can you please unban prichnasty420 I don't know why I was banned or please email me why I was banned I really like your server and would even love to become a moderator I try to play on it everyday I've had a play on a different account because you banned prichnasty420 and there are a lot of people who spam the message board that I think you should ban them

You have now been un-banned.

Thank you can u still tell me why I got banned so I don't do it again lol
PLEASE:( now all my accounts are banned and that's not fair

Who banned you and for what?

CHESH thought it was josh harassing her but it was me on an alt cussing and she ip banned me and immortal hasn't unbanned me

And I'm pissed that I was ip banned it's almost been 24 hours and it's bull crap that all my accounts are banned

It was VERY fair that you were banned. You were abusive and kept coming back on other accounts to circumvent your ban and being MORE abusive/swearing.

This is your LAST chance. I am unbanning you. But if you ever do anything like that again it will be a permanent ban.

actually that was someone else I'm not josh thank you I was banned thinking it was josh so it was not fair I came on one account to defend CHESH and I cussed butt that's not ip ban
I was on random accounts and I put-dark but I mean't to dark
Can u unban me
I think I was ip ban for cussing and they thought I was dark miner
Hey guys! Well I got white listed after I tried to vote...plz un whitelist me

When it says the server is "white listed", it really means it is full. Just try back a little later.

This is a work-around for 12.1 related issues.
The sever...its white listed again D:
Pleas epic can you increas players slot ? I always take 15 mins to join :(
but we gotta let them do there job.
Why server is offline i cant wait its my best and my only server :,,( ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

Our server hosting facility had some sort of network equipment failure; so the server is unaccessible at the moment.

The technicians are working hard to fix it; but have not given me an ETA yet.

Thanks for the kind words; we appreciate your love for IF! Sorry for the outage.



We are back online. Network engineer had to replace a failed switch. A lot of their customers were offline.

Thanks for your patience!
I was banned more than 24 hours ago and I should be unban by no-bryson0619

Please unban me arghh cute

Just a reminder: Not al bans are 24 hours. We can and will ban you permanently if you are abusive and continue to be abusive on alt accounts after being banned.

Be good. Or be banned.
I am unable to upload a picture to expose a spammer. Some admin plz contact me on noelines20022005@gmail.com so I can expose the spammer.

Noel email this:
plz unban GodLordPH34 hes my cousin plz owner
It's been 24hr :s

We can find no record of you being banned. You may make a request on our forums, and an Admin can privately check your IP.

One of my favorite servers! Keep it up!

Everytime i tried to join it says server closed but here it says its online im i banned if i am banned why username:Thebestbow
Can you unban me please or look what I was banned for all I have been doing is building and I got banned !

There's this person continuously shutting down thes server. He tells us that no ill shut it downaxnd disconnect every1 and it does happen. His name is HACKER__lol. (I'm cherrypop not his server )

Edit: on this server*

More information about the situation is here:

It said I got IP banned a couple hours ago but I did nothing wrong. I wasn't even talking. There was this guy disconnecting the server over and over again (Legendx__) but for some reason Jass I think banned me. Is there anyway you can unban me please I've spent hours on here . (My user name is TheDanMan)

I apologize for the mistake. There was a lot going on behind the scenes as we dealt with an unsavory player who was harassing other players and purposely exploiting known bugs to cause the server to crash. Your IP was banned by mistake in the rush to bring things under control.

You are no longer banned.

Thank you for helping asap. I appreciate what you guys do!
What why is it white listed again ๐Ÿ˜–
Why did you make your server white list?!? Will you please add me to the list if this is permanent? I love your server and would like to continue playing.

The server will never be permanently white-listed. Occasionally we are forced to white list the server due to bugs that are beyond our control. We do our best to keep this as short as possible.

Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate the positive feedback a great deal.
Can I be added to list please
Can I be added to the list please
Help I forgot my password my name is LoLman2908 pls reset it for me thx

Resetting a password is a difficult process; but we can help you if you make a post on our forum. Please ask for help there: http://if.mymcpe.com/forum
Does anyone know when the crafting bug will be fixed can hardly craft anything!

Unfortunately there is no ETA on PocketMine 1.6 with support for crafting; but you can watch the developer show how to code the fixes here:


Since this is open source software, many developer will help fix crafting using Shoghi's guidance.

No but I hope it is soon.i beleave all ser

We are working to fix the problem.

This has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Kkkkk thank u i lost my connection and ill come back in next week ...

Epic GodLordPH34 is a base raider and spammer dont trust him he banned for cuz he raided my fac base and..stole it u know a fac cant claim all peace and stealling and if he want u to unban him cuz he just wants the cords of my fac base idk whats his problem but my last sentences to you epic dont trust him cuz he dont need that account and there his account only have cords if my fac base he sweared and cussed so bad to me so u know better than me the main information.!( i mean you are good manager)
Good luck!

Ad NTP_Lies_Faction

No more whitelist! You can just connect without having to be added (when the server isn't full).
Can you add me to the whitelist?
My name's Rivaille

/login and /register have been fixed.

We apologize for the problem. The 12.1 compatible version of PocketMine and plugins are quite buggy; and we are doing our best to patch them and keep things running.

It will improve over time.

-The Immortal Fantasy Team
Please add me to whitelist have so much stuff Manning97
epic plz respond
Epicmcpe Plz unban GodLordPH34 and me plz thank you very much
Jasss??? What happened to server?
It again saying server is white listed omg
No body cant get in server like me?
Epic plz fix ;_;
Can I please be added to the white list
Is it just me or can all of us not get on?
It's says server white-listed:(
Is this temporary?
The server is currently in a outage please be patient while our admins fix the disk...
Please add me to whitelist worked hard on the server Manning97
Can you add NpSimmons11 to the whitelist? And also why is it whitelisted?
Can you add me to the white list please Manning97
And can someone help me out I'm new to this been playing this server and like it but it won't let me craft a furnace :s
Can I be added to the white list I got 20k on this server
Can u add me to the whitelist
Can u ask admin to rest my acc?
My name is LoLman2908 I forgot my acc password
Everytime i tried to join it says server closed but here it says its online im i banned if i am banned why username:Thebestbow
Could you add me to the whitelist. My username is icefall19
Could u add level potions and enchantment tables to th shop?
I'm not on the whitelist!
Can you add me to the whitelist? My IGN is VGTrinity

You have been added. Have fun!
Can u add me to whitelist name is thebestbow also can u sell chest and furness in the shop?

You have been added. We will consider your store request.

Have fun!
Jass did u guys added me to white list?
It's djd agin one more

You have been added. Have fun!
Hey it's djdeathcon can u add my accounts
Thank you
Djd :)

You have been added. Have fun!
Hey it's djdeathcon can u add my accounts
Thank you
Djd :)
Add my Please

Player "Ericrob" has been added. Have fun!
Can you please add my new account and also my friends accounts? (My friends might be joining soon and they don't have accounts here so this is just easier)

Ok they both have been added have fun!
Ok everyone whitelist is back online!
If you try to log on and it says "Server Whitelisted"
Tell me you name here or at if.mymcpe.com!
Tell me your full username!
Hey Jess I'm not IP banned anymore can u add me to the whitelist!

Whitelist is off!
Add me, NoelThePotato
Whitelist is currently not on....
When its on I will add everyone

Sorry can I have this account white listed. Zues01

Is it white-listed cause of WIP?
If not, me and my bro would like to play ^_^

We're aReStingJ and Raskaboc
My sever said it was whitelisted and I cant play
Help? :3
Add NoelThePotatoes please.
Can you add my second acc?
When will the enchantment tables, levels, and potions come?
Hi jass I was playing ur server but it ask a password can u help me please and thank you
Once again....
If you need to be whitelisted just reply here it makes it a lot easier for me!
Please just reply here!

-Your friend


Added you have fun :D

Hi jass I joined the sever and I saw ur name in it but the server is asking me for a password can you help me out please

May I be added to whitelist so I can play? :3

Add Zues01 please

Please whitelist me!

Hey jass, would you please add me to the whitelist. Thx for the consideration. -icefall19
Can you add me: DrCheese

You are added now !
Have fun playing!!!

Can you add me LegitGaming3
White list xD

You have been added!

Jess can you add me to the list to please; 3
Can you add me, my username is LegitGaming3

You have been added! Have fun playing!

You have been added stop spamming please!
My name is AlexD123J

You have been added!!!
Have fun playing
Hey hey add me to the wish list plz
Please add my
Add me to wish list my name in minecraft is Ericrob

Ericrob : You have been added. Have fun!
So can someone add me to th

Add me to the white list?

What's your in game username?
Hello there ^_^
This server is apparently whitelisted, so I was wondering if someone could add me?
I'm FandomLyfe, thanks :)

Ok, I added you! Have fun!!
Anyone know y I can't craft stuff? Only tools,but nothing like signs or beds

Libby its a bug! We cant do anything about it!
OMG PLZ HELP ME SOMEONE,it keeps saying server white-listed plz add me I'm libb14 PLZZZZZZZZ thx

Done, libby have fun!

Hey guys it's me libb13 my email wasn't working so I had to use this one,anyways PLZZZ help me,I can't get on to immortal fantasy,it says server white listed,I haven't a clue what this means but I think it means someone has to invite me on.plz guys,plz help me

Done, no need to post to comments :D
Hi, my username is Hannah_MCPE

Done, Hannah you have been added have fun!
If you need to be whitelisted just reply here it makes it a lot easier for me!
Please just reply here!

-Your friend

My username is - Anonymous32 (in the game and here)

Ok you have been added have fun!


My name is _GH0ST_ ingame and here.
It's a zero where the 0 is. Thanks!
I am new on the server, anyone wanna start a faction?

_GH0ST_ : You have been added. Have fun!

I need to be white listed

You have been added!!!
Have fun playing!

Hey, didn't read the entire thing, so my username is the top comment. Thanks!

It's my MC server list username except with an E at the end, so Hannah_MCPE.

Ok Hannah you have been added have fun!!!!!!!!

hello, please add me to the whitelist my ign is KalamariTrue, i really wantt to join this server



Jass it's me libb14,PLZ HELP ME,immportal fantasy isn't letting me on,it's says server white listed,can u fix this?
Plz help me

PLZ HELP ME,THE SERVER SAYS "server white-listed" PLZ HELP,MY NAME IS libb14 thx

Ok everyone has been whitelisted have fun guys!!!!!t
Your welcome

Add me
Can you please add me to the white list?

Full username plz

How do I do that?

Just say my username is (Your in game name)
Sorry jass last question when will I be able to join again?

Later today you will be unbanned by a admin
Nvm my comments... Could I please be added on the whitelist?

Yes, I added you...
Have fun!!!

Ps: I'm NoelThePotato

Oh lol I adde Noel_The_Potato
I will add your account now!

Thx Jass, ur the best mod, well, competing against cuteviolingirl02
Can someone add me to white list iv been waiting all day come come one :'(

Ok tepkey I added you! Have fun!
Jass can u plz help me??

Ok I added you to the whitelist you should be able to join!

Hey Jess I'm IP banned I don't know why wtf isthis!! :(

Can u unban me plz?

Did you join with the name of epicmcpe? Cause I ip-banned 3 people today who entered in that account

Yea I didnt know what white listed meant so I thought is it me or everyone that's whitelisted and then I got banned I was just trying to join the server XD I apologize if joining with that name is a bad thing :(

Well I ip-banned you for impersonating admins.. But thanks for admitting your mistake you will be pardon later today

Thanks mate ! That's why I wanted to be honest :)
BTW don't forget to unban me and I promise I won't do it again ! :D TY for the help and sorry for the trouble I caused u!

Jass... If it's not to much to ask for, could u add my friend YoloBeast?

YoloBeast has been added
Jass server whit listed again :(

I thought I added you?

Ok alpha I whitelisted you again!
Hi its Bloodstain5 I got IP banned for no reason plz help mods and add me to the whitelist!!!
Can be add to the white list.i just joined the server and now I can't play on it

Wolflover you have been added!
Have fun playing immortal fantasy!!!
Can be add to the white list.i just joined the server and now I can't play on it
Can anyone pleas add me to the whit list ๐Ÿ˜’

Done alpha :D

Hey, I would appreciate if an estimated date of the Immortal Fantasy 12.0 update will be applied. I have updated to 12.0 on an iOS and I cannot go back to 11.0.

Thank you - NoelThePotato

Noel immortal fantasy is on 0.12.0 already :D
Mass plz add me I played before update my name is CrusherSky123

I mean Jass sorry my bad miss-typed

Ok crusher I added you!
Have fun!

plz someone add me so I can play ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Want to join in the whitelist?
Reply your name here!
I will add you!

The whitelist is a temporary but necessary thing while we fix some critical bugs. Please request to be added here, and Jass (a Mod) will take care of you. Please give your exact in-game name.

Jass pleas can you add me to white list

Done alpha

Mass plz can u add me to white listed
Hi epic ill use ur server 12.1 and 10.5 most of the times im ) on 10.5 epic can u let me i come to 12.1 its white listed O_o

You are added to whitelist.

Why server whit_listed

Can you asdd me to wight list pleas
hi where 13_boy?
When UPDATE 0.12 is out pleas answer

A functioning version of the PocketMine software is not currently available for 12.1. The servers that have gone online with 12.1 are running pre-release software that is extremely buggy and barely functions. We are testing this software, and will make the change once it is able to operate at the most basic levels (which currently it does not).

Our best guess is the PocketMine and plugin developers will have the updated software available at some point in the next two months, but we cannot control their schedules; as they do all development on a volunteer basis (open source).

We recommend all players stay on 11 and do not upgrade their Minecraft at this time. The Minecraft 12.1 app itself is quite buggy as well at this time (for example; the invert switch in settings does nothing - which makes it unplayable even offline for players who use that setting).

Is there anyway to downgrade minecraft app?

On Android or Kindle you can re-install the app from a .APK file that you made a backup of earlier (or got somewhere). On iOS there doesn't seem to be a way to go back; possibly if you are jailbroken there is some way.

We have now updated to a 12.1 compatible version of PocketMine. There are bugs that need to be addressed; but we are working through them as a community.

Since most players got auto-updated to 12.1 we had little choice but to get this server running as quickly as possible. Please be patient as we fix the bugs.

Ok thanks
If it's not to much to ask for, could you please add the friend plug so we could /friend and the party plug, because many times, when I play with my friends, I accidentally hit them, and I'm a faction leader, so I can't join his faction.

We cannot add new plugins at this time due to a server optimization project. We will keep this plugin in mind for future updates and appreciate the suggestion.
EPICMCPE when will the 12.0 update come out? Me (NoelThePotato), Hesh, Spartacus, and others are trying to protect spawn so that no PvP fights break out. but we are getting tired. It's hard so please update the server.

I neglected to do some scheduled maintenance and the server data became corrupt.

We restored to 8:20pm Wednesday West Coast US time. Everything should be undamaged as of then.

Sorry for the outage and lost time, and thanks for attempting to protect the spawn. When this type of thing occurs (rarely), we restore to backup. So if the spawn area becomes unprotected there is no need to protect it; because we will restore.
Ok today is first day I have ever tried to join a server I've tried many can't log in or yours says I'm banned help plz

We do not ban for no reason. Were you or someone else on your network spamming? Swearing?

If you believe you should not have been banned, please post a thread in our forums and an admin will look into your situation:


Posted a thread
How do I log in?

Click the blue "How To Connect" button above and follow instructions.
Why does it say I was kicked by an admin,and the reason is because I was already logged in,WHYYYYYY

This is caused by a network problem at your location. Please wait a few minutes and try again.
Why does it say I'm banned again it has done this before but then suddenly let me in the server..Epicmcpe again my account is TheLast0fMe with a zero instead of an o. Unban plz

We do not ban for no reason. Were you or someone else on your network spamming? Swearing?

If you believe you should not have been banned, please post a thread in our forums and an admin will look into your situation:

Please help I warped shop and I got stuck in a block and died with 4 sets of dis 8 stacks of cobble and stuff?!?! :(:(:(

Uses /itemcloud to store your valuables. We remind you this in chat every 5 minutes for this reason.
I'm xXPurplePrincess on this sever I would love to have a full dimond kit thx XXX

The easiest way to get full diamond kit is to /vote every day. Usually we give out different diamond armor each day. So if you /vote often; you will eventually get full diamond armor.

Another way to do it is to save up money from farming and buy it.

Another way to do it is to mine for diamonds.
I cant join the server it said server white-listed

A file became corrupt on the server causing many commands to stop working. While fixing this we put the server into white-list mode.

The file has been restored from a backup and everything is running again now.

Sorry for the problem.
My ip was ban from a hacked account with the name wall901 and i was inactive on the account at the time so if u could un ip ban wall901 then just normaly ban him i would appreciate it
Can't login it say incorrect password someone help me !!!!!

Have you used this account before if not someone has taken it already
What did I do? I try to log on it says I am banned... I have not been on in 4 days and I did"nt do anything before...My account is TheLast0fMe a zero in of my new one.
I have a new account and have never been to the server before, yet when I try to connect, I am tld that I am banned. I would like to know why this is, and would like it fixed

Hi aedremor what was the account you were trying to use>

Maybe this account was banned before you used it could've been used by someone else ;/
Can I just ask why everyone is complaining about lag and everything? I think the server is fantastic and it never lags me. I would also like to add that people think the staff are mean but i think they are amazing people just doing their jobs. Lets just say the server to me is something from a fantasy. :p

Hahaha thanks Poppaea we try our best to help the server but now you might see different mods at different times because I am planning to make a schedule because school has started and of course we have lives to!
Can I get the YouTuber rank if there is one this is Little_Kelly146 this is my secret account

Well I guess it isn't very secret anymore then. XD
Hey everyone!! It's Poppaea. I would love to give a few suggestions to the server to help reach rank #1. Please reply for these suggestions. I would love to hear what you think of them!

Vote for us please to be number one!


Ok so Im going to tell 2 ideas/suggestions right now.

The first one is that I think that the server should make it so that on the players name tag it said what faction they are in. That way you won't accidentally kill an ally.

The second one is I think that the server should have faction kits. As well as there just being kits, there should be a way to make better kits for your faction by doing something, like having a certain amount of members.

Thanks For Reading!!! Let me know what you think!
~Poppaea and my alt accounts

For the first suggestion, which is for Faction Tags, we already have those. For the kits, we still dont have yet.
Hey Guys
its Destroyer
Just saying to vote you have to put a corect name
If you put someone else's name and you vote
It will not work but if I put jass (but I'm really destroyer)
jass will do /vote and he gets it but if I put Destroyer
(My correct name) I'll go back on immortal and I login to destroyer
I do /vote and I get to vote.......

Please reply for more question

-truly Destroyer

Guys Check Out
Help support our server by
Vote/playing/having fun
And be sure to check out
Immortalfantasy's website

For a shorter link do if.mymcpe.com
What are the nick names for the votes !!!!!!


Hello the "nick names' is you in game name
So whatever name you use to play the server you type in there !

-jass (your helper)
Good Game. But TERRIBLE LAG. The Pro Players Usually Keep Beating Up The Others. No Way For Building And Survival When You Get Raided Every DAY About 6000 Blocks Away From Spawn. Lag Usually Brings Most Players Down. Some Even Lag Soo Hard Their Screen Shows You Not Moving. Which Allows Others To Kill You Instantly. If I Were To Rate The Game 2/5 Stars. If You Want A Good Game. Try Life Boat Survival Games.

Reason Why I Hate This Game

flaminghelio-Player Who Likes To Destroy Everyones Places And Kills Other People Just To Make Them Mad. He Is Abusive. Ban This Dude. And A Better Chance More People Would Play This Game.

Hullo plz no advertising plus this server is great and maybe you should wait after reboot so plz don't be rude
Need help here? Just reply to this comment i will be sure to answer it in the next 24 hours!

-jass (Your helper)
Need help here? Just reply to this comment i will be sure to answer it in the next 24 hours!

-jass (Your helper)
I was just banned and I have no idea why... I was making my farm, not talking to anyone. I want breaking any rules please unban me

Hi PedestrianGaming if your banned go to if.mymcpe.com and hit forums and make a new thread there saying your banned and the admins/mods will get back to you quicker have a nice day!

-jass (Your helper)

You were banned for swearing (using the f word) in chat. As is clearly stated in the broadcast messages; spearing results in a 24 hour ban. You will be automatically unbanned after 24 hours.

Young children play here; please watch your language in the future.

Hey I need help on how to claim a house
Now this is just bring horrible:peoe were saying army was the best and I said that that was unfair on others and peoe have worked hard on there faction,after a big disunion this person started saying horrible things that were hurting my feelings badly,I have one which I could just about get,sadly I can't send it but I can put down what it says:well most of us are cute ^^

Hello Kittycatcupcake army isn't the best you can make a clan to to be the best and if they said mean things just ignore them, if you ignore them they will get tired of calling you names.
If they cussed at you send a picture threw imgur and tell us the link of the picture!
Have fun!

-jass (Your helper)
Also today these was a big freeze,the whole server froze and everyone couldn't do anything,when it got goong again I thought it was just me,but then finding out it wasn't just me it was everyone.
Plz unban frozzenblue he didn't do anything he was with me the whole time and he just got banned for no reason ๐Ÿ˜ช
epicmcpe what is the next new thing to the server gonna be? I really like the FactionsPro 1.3.2 because you can then use /f claim. Please respond.

We run the latest FactionsPro code but use EconomyLand instead of FactionsPro factions land claims. Factions land claims are EXTREMELY buggy.

If you want land, buy it.

Ok! Thanks for responding!
I have been playing on this server for days and have voted a couple of times. But now, I have been blacklisted from voting. Whenever ai vote, it says: You are trying to vote on a Proxy or a blacklisted IP

And now I'm banned
I know I swore because I was pissed off at 21derp_21.
Just please unban me I wont do it again :(

We don't have any control over this error. You should open a help ticket with http://minecraftpocket-servers.com
I've been playing for quite a while on this server, and was wondering how I could go about moving up the ranks. To be clear, I am not asking to be op or admin. I would just like to know if positions such as moderator are possible to obtain without knowing the owner personally. Thank you and a reply would be greatly appreciated.

You can get moderator by being helpful to new people and very kind to everyone.

Thank you so much for responding! I appreciate your efforts in responding to people's comments!

Hey guys I'm trying to register with your website so I can login on your server but I can't find a register link anywhere on your website.

All you have to do is register right in Minecraft. When you connect to the server on your device you will see :

This server requires account registration.
You must authenticate to play.
Please register using: /register

Then in chat you just type

/register whateverpassword

Replace "whateverpassword" with whatever password you like. Don't worry; nobody will be able to see what you type.

That's it :-)
I just got kicked for "APPARENTLY" flying ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
Get this fixed please

The PocketMine-MP server software tries to detect flying; but sometimes gets a false positive. If you want to report this bug you can do so here:

I need help.
I cant log in because I forgot my password for my account

This is difficult to fix. If you can log in under a new account; try to message an Admin when they are on. They may be able to reset your password.
Hi, the server was recently white listed, and I cannot join!

I love this server, it is great!

And I would be most grateful if I could join back pls?


A config file for one of our plugins became corrupt and we had to whitelist while we fixed. We restored that file from backup and all is fine now. Nothing was lost.
Can someone answer me Quick why did I get ban in the server I didn't do anything in the past week because I removed mine craft for school
Hello I'm Yodah BBC kik:fekunoobs I got banned for reason :YODAH um soo I'm illegal? Is this because I'm mexican

YODAH was banned for attempting to access admin accounts. His IP address, which is confirmed BY HIM to be his and only his, was used to try to log in as several people including the Admin accounts. It is a long list; which I won't post here for privacy reasons.

We will NOT tolerate people attempting to log in as admin accounts, or impersonate other players by figuring out their passwords.

It is not only wrong to impersonate other players, but it is illegal in the US under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

But I DINT do that! I DINT try to hack people!!!! Why am I being banned if I DINT do that shit!
They had a screenshot of U cussing xD
Hello why is prof_icecream banned you give no reason it just says you are banned I didn't do anything my big brother probably did something please ban proficecream instead of prof_icecream.proficecream is my brothers account and I cannot be punished for what that a hole did please make the right decision if you do I won't let my brother near my phone

prof_icecream was banned for repeatedly harassing other players regarding porn.
Am i banned? I got kicked the other day for the reason "yodah" and now the server is saying its not online. Idk why i would be banned so please tell me why or unban me. I didn't do anything bad that i can remember

My ign is F1zzySoda btw
IMMORTAL OR EPICMCPE help me cuz a few guys keep glitching through my base and killing me I have a picture but I don't have kik. The guys' names are MagmaInvader Cthulu and Xx_D3stroyer one of them was even invis and I saw their sword but I couldn't get a picture in time.
I really like the server but I can bareky get in. Also, add jobs to earn money faster! That way we can earn more money easily whie waiting for the vote cooldown. I r8 your server 8/8 m8
Can you plz make this bigger its so popular that everyone wants to join. i hope you read this comment plz make it like 100 plz there is some many people who can't join who want to play. :( D:

We are currently working on a way to increase server capacity. At this point in time we hold 50 users but we wish to improve that in the near future. I hope you continue to enjoy the server and any new updates that come.

Thanks we really want to get in because I can barely get in the server
I think that you should add /mute all witch will mute all players and /mute nf witch means that you mute all player except the people in your factshon.

Seems like a cool idea.
Why is the server White-listed...?
Was it something I did...?
I messed up as a mod, didn't I...?

It's not white listed. The last reboot just took a minute longer than usual due to a server reboot at the same time. Everything is good; it's running smoothly. This is just regular maintenance stuff.

You are an AWESOME mod. We appreciate you!


There are some places in spawn which are very laggy because of slabs,stone,cobble and stairs
if you can somehow fix em or replace em that would be perfect
btw good sever you guys worked hard for this


The half blocks/stairs no longer glitch for us on 0.11.1. What device are you using? Are you on MCPE 0.11.1?

We do try to limit the use of stairs because they used to glitch; but we thought this issue was resolved.

I am on 0.11.1
But it still glitches for me :
Maybe it's just me
I will try messing arround with setting xD
Thanks for the reply!

Sorry, My bad
Stairs are perfect now!
tho slabs do glitch still

Set your home bed on 2nd floor. so even if yoou glitch there you are not gonna get stuck in a wall and die
I got banned from the server when I said does anyone wanna pop? Now I can t join. I'm NoelThePotato

You created a username called F***_YOU_ALL and logged in with that. Therefore you are banned.

That was a friend of mine, who thought it was funny. I basically kicked him out of my house.
BUG!! You can't break obdidian blocks, if you try with a diamond pickax it will break but it will come back. I been waiting for a admin to me online to report that but none come online. Also add two more admins because non of them are active only IMMORTALFANTASY but not that much! Please fix the bug asap and add two more admins!

You can actually break obsidian with the diamond pickaxe; but it takes multiple breaks before it goes away. This seems to be a problem with PocketMine-MP/MinecraftMCPE network communication. I'm sure it is being worked on by the developers.

This is the best place to report issues like this; but we are adding new Mods to give better coverage. We don't add Admins.

There are admins on the server in spectator mode making sure that everything is ok and to ban the spammers and other things. Immortal told meh....
Can you do a special thing where every something day of the month, everything has stock (carrots, potatoes, etc...)?

I'm not sure what you mean. The town/keep shops are always in stock. The player shops stock is based on how good a job they do keeping inventory in stock.
The bows DMG broke will you look into fixing that.

Has this been fixed with the update we applied? If not, give us more details here.
EPICMCPE someone was on my account I don't know how my password was impossible to guess he must have hacker or something and he lost all my stuff and made my faction members angry with me can you see the IPS and whoevers IP joined my account ban. My account is TheLastOfMe

Would you please contact us using the form here and give us your IP address http://immortalfantasymcpe.weebly.com/contact.html

Please give us all the details of this incident in the contact form.

Do NOT respond with your IP address here; as it will be visible to all.

You can get your IP by using http://www.whatismyipaddress.com
Seems like a cool server, but I can never get on because it's always full. :(

That's the problem with popular servers. We are working on raising the player limit as the new versions of PocketMineMP get stable. Thanks for your patience!

And thank you for taking the time to respond. :)
We are upgrading our servers now; we apologize for being in whitelist at the moment. We will try to get everything back open as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and support of Immortal Fantasy!

Everything has been migrated to 0.11.0. Thank you for playing on Immortal Fantasy!
Heres the picture

They like to joke around. We are all big fans of Anarchy here. It's a great community.
These two are hacker
Lien vers mon image
Lien vers mon image

Heres a clearer version

Those are Admins working on the server. Sorry if we scared you.
EPICMCPE I left the server one day I can't join the next am I banned why? What did I do???
TheLastOfMe is my character unban me

If you are still unable to connect; please use the form here and give us your IP address http://immortalfantasymcpe.weebly.com/contact.html

Do NOT respond with your IP address here; as it will be visible to all.
The land claims in the server are all gone pls fix it
My player name is Solaria24

Thanks for reporting the land problem. We restored to a backup just before this occurred. All land is safe.
Epic can u allow us to access server again plz? XD we ain't gonna be naughty anymore

I needs someones to helpz meh pwz
Why am I banned? I don't mod or swear like why am I banned. My account is TheLastOfMe please unban me whatever I did I deserve a second chance.
How do i earn money with no land?
How do i earn money with no land?
Hey guys, I saw some people with patron, I was wondering how to invest in getting it

We are not currently accepting donations. There are currently no Patrons other than a handful of testers. We are looking into offering Patron in the future. Enjoy the server !
Hey EPIC, Derp here, and I can't join the server. It is forever loading. I have tried waiting for the restart several times, but I still can't join. Please help me. Thanks
Hey guys, my name is xXTurtleOGXx and my account is not letting me on, it keeps saying loading terrain but then doesn't do anything, plz fix this, thanks


You were banned for constantly advertising your own server. We aren't your billboard. Please follow the rules and you won't be banned.
Hey guys, my name on your server is Choofitsu and i can't get onto your server. I have tried changing my name and getting on but it doesn't work. I was wondering if you could tell me why I can't get on. I couldn't have got banned because I don't use block launcher or anything like that. EPICMCPE please tell me what has happened to my account

Hey EPICMCPE I can't get on the server any more it stays on the building terrain and I don't know if its my phone or the server but plz help me

Occasionally players get "stuck" at the loading screen. If you can log in on an alternate player you can ask an admin to "unstick" your account. The other option is to wait it out. The server does a reboot every 2 hours and that will fix your account. These are just bugs in Pocketmine that will be fixed eventually when the new Minecraft 0.11.0 is released. Sorry for the trouble.

Hey MentosKentos here for some reason I got BANNED FOR NO REASON PLZ UN BAN ME THX

I have unbanned you for now. Just a warning though (and I'm sure you have never done this) but if ANYONE EVERY INSTALLS OR USES BLOCK LAUNCHER and played on our sever; we will notice and IP BAN you. This is because speeding around causes servers to glitch for ALL players; and we want our server to be fun and fair. Remember if you use a mod for your client you are harming every other player on the server by just using it.

Love this server but I have one problem when I try to set my home with /set home it says I don't have permission to use this command plz fix

You must make a bed and then sleep in it at night. When you do this the server will create a home for you called "bed". So then you can do /home bed
Lol Best Server Ever!!!!,Built a Base for Glow Members!!
Suggestion For EpicMcpe dude always be online!! XD
EPICMCPE I hope u fix the bug in which a player gets stuck and needs to wait for server reboot to be able to play, I'm experiencing it now...And also could u add more active ops? Would be helpful

Sorry about that. We are trying to fix it. Just please be patient until the next reboot. I can't get on either :/. This bug should be fixed soon and we appreciate the feedback. Thank you :)
Server admin
Can you give me permission to make a shop

All players are now allowed to make shops! All you do is create a sign with the following 4 lines: pshop price ItemID quantity. So if you made a sign with pshop 10 4 32 that would sell 32 cobble for $10. Each sign you make costs you $500 and cannot be broken by anyone but you. Put them in a good shop in a good location to make sure your shop is a success.
Hey ways happening with server it won't let me get in ? By the way is it poosabile for me to be op.
You guys should ban dragon,he keeps killing us.
his name DragonLord
Hey you guys own this server consile not a server hosting company right? How do i change from an ip like 71.918.817.029 to something like funcraft.com?
I hope the creator is reading this bc the server is the best then bam I here it got hacked and bam it's down and bam I'm crying please can you inform me WHAT IS GOING ON it would be great.:) ps. Ma I LOVE THE SERVER

It is up now. We fixed the problem. Thanks for your patience.
Best minecraft mcpe faction server

Thank you! We work hard to make it fun every day with lots of new areas to play in and contests. It is our hobby so we can't always be online; but we do our best.
Hi plz can I join my name is GamerzUnited

Plz let me join I realy want to be op on a non leet server