Gallaquore Official

Gallaquore Official
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Hostname Gallaquore
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Location United States of America
Version 1.19.51
Registered by Duloti
Registered since January 24th, 2021 02:13 PM EST
Last update September 12th, 2021 04:09 AM EST
Tag(s) Adventure PvE Whitelist

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About This Server

Travel through levels and dungeons while making money to buy gear
or use loot that you get. Making enough money to buying an apartment
or house. This game has been in development for 8 years now (Spring of 2013). We have finally switched over to BDS for much greater Multiplayer capabilities! This is allowing us to go from the 10 player limit to 1,000 players at a time and with reduced latency.

Reputation Points - Win a lot and gain a high reputation or die a lot and watch it dwindle back to 0. In Gallaquore your reputation is always on the line.

Weapon Customization - Not only do players craft their own weapons and armor which currently we have 18 tiers of, they also augment them with socketed glyph slots and enchant them too of course. There are weapons with 4 socket slots over 200 combinations of customization. A lot of time and effort can be spent in upgrading gear to make it far better than the stock version.

Combat - 150 Combat Levels to achieve new heights of power

Skills - 11 combat skills to upgrade to customize, refine, and hone in skills of gameplay

Hall of Heroes - In this hub of glory you will level up, exchange monthly honors, find the library of all time, and hosts the hall of fame.

Hall of Fame - The greatest players to ever play are featured here with the head of their skin as a token of my gratitude I write of their time in the game for their memory lives on just like yours can if you earn a place in the Hall of Fame.

Banks - Banks are found all over to store items and withdraw or deposit Zing (in-game currency).

Quests - Complete quests and unlock more difficult areas with new surprises

Dungeons - Slay hard bosses with friends in tunnels and underground dungeons

Dungeon Points - Compete against everyone every month by having the most dungeon points

Daily events - every town has a daily challenge that is very rewarding

Arenas - Are you a thirsty gladiator? Most towns have an arena with varying levels of difficulty to try

Custom mobs - With over 300 custom mobs there is plenty of variety in this experience

Economy - Now with a player driven economy all items bought or sold only by players and made by players or rarely found from enemies.

Shops - Buy a shop any item for sale at whatever price you'd like and it can be purchased while you're offline

Houses - Save up and by your own house to store items fully customizable and some higher end houses are very spacious

Parties - Party up with friends earning party points and saving them hassle of losing gear upon death by resurrecting them (with some restrictions)

Guilds - Eventually buy a guild your friends and you can build in and compete in Monthly Guild competitions

Feedback System - Use the in-game feedback system to make suggestions.

Some of the best suggestions date back 5+ years and can be found in the library. This game appreciates the community and will continue to. Forge your story in Gallaquore now!

To give you an idea of how much is in this game the tutorial is a moderately challenging check on learning and the fastest completion time of a new player was just under 40 minutes. There is Far too much to this game for a single thread.

Videos that showcase gameplay featured below:

(Alpha testing coming soon, expected early May)

The GIF below depicts 2 iron swords with all 3 sockets filled with glyphs and Zing raining down