Minecraft PE Server #11457

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #11457
Registered by Anonymous4life
Registered on May 6th, 2015 09:08 PM EST
Deleted on August 21st, 2017 05:30 AM EST

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Comments (388)

Can u plz update this server now I want to play again with my friends
Hey, how long has 4Lifecraft Faction been offline for? I miss playing in the server :((
Let me know when update 4life craft because I updated minecraft and this is my favorite server and I can't play since I'm in version 1.1.3 and I can't play :(
Can u plz update the server I accidentally update minecraft and now I can't play so can u plz update because this is my favorite server
R u accepting staff if u r pls let meh know

i was banned cause i ran away befor an mod hit me and i was banned this is stupid wernet we supposed to get strikes i hate the mod who banned me pls unbann me i ran away before a fight started i did /hub

From Shadow_wolfYT
my user name is Shadow_wolfYT

can i be an mod its been my dream ever since i played on this server
i will obey your orders if you do turn me into mod i will not abuse anything
i swear to god.

pls answer me i really badly wana become one .-.
I just got logged in and i got ip banned by Evil Greg ! Srsly!?

Sorry for the inconvenience but JoshuaDun and EvilGreg accounts have been breached. We are working to stop them. At this stage I can not unban you due to being banned myself.

- Moderator Legend4Life

Connect me on kik i Will tell you how to unban yourself. Because the mods ignore you and treath players like trash.


Sometimes we struggle to cater to the needs of so many people, we don't treat others like trash we just take it one person at a time.

-Moderator Legend4Life
Hello i am Sam_21 i got ip banned but i dont know why. Banned4life was the only Armin on When i was banned. I would like it if i get a good reason or unban.

Greeting Sam_21
Luke138 is a cheater. HE HAVE FLY AND RAID MY BASE. Fly is not alow in pvp.
Please update the server to .4
The mods and admins on this server are always siding on their friends and never actully are on to see the real hackers, such as Hinyo and DemonLord. In season 4 please make 4life good like it use to. And please allow anvil and enchantments to work in the server. And please this time actually work faster so that season 4 comes. Thank you very much. P.S. I like 4life I don't hate it I just am giving what the people want you to hear
Most of the staff are rude and don't listen to you, they also don't do a very good job at being staff
When will the server be back on and ready to play??
Are they resetting the server or just fixing glitches I know they shut it down for the thing that happened where people could break spawn I just was wondering if we will have to start from scratch and when will we be able to play this awesome server again
I know its hard to fix the bugs and glitches on the server, and I appreciate the work that you have put in into this amazing server I absolutely love, but when you reset the server, you told that CE and envoys will come in 2 weeks.Now the server is stuck with enchanting broken, crafting with classic UI and crate key armor that randomly loses durability when you put it on.A reminder for the next time you decide to update the server: DONT DO IT.It was fine the way it was.I think this server already resets too often.Once it gets fixed (if it gets fixed), I think you should leave it like that for a year or two.P.s. There's way too many staff members.Echo a tmod?I doubt he will do any good as a staff member.
I donated for God kit and didn't get it plz plz plz give me it I don't know ehy but plz fix this

Stop spamming the comment section tard.
Hey I'd like to apply for staff plz get back my username is baby_thomas123 thx your server is the best

Plz get back to me
Also there Is a crafting update not trying to cause trouble just saying I wouldn't complain if the server was shut down for a while to fix some major bugs so we can play the server to its fullest idk if it's just me but I can't stand trying to build something and my game crashes or running out of tools and not being able to craft more
Could you fix the crashing bug on 4life I noticed the server is super buggy hopefully your aware of these bugs so you can make 4life as good as it can be-thanks ign Zed
A guy called Zachto banned me for speed. I have never haxked or cheated in my life .I think Zachto should be demoted because he falsely accused me of hacking. My gametes is finjb . If this doesn't fix soon, i will try to talk to habz. In the meantime, thanks for helping
From Fin
I have been seeing that u don't have as much staff anymore and more people are hacking I was just seeing if I could have an Application to be a mod I will not ban people right away I will watch them and make sure they are hacking PS. Love the sever pls respond back

I have been here since season 1 and I Rec on sever it has been really fun for me to play on

I think they have adequate amount of staff.Even if they needed more staff, comment section is the last place you would want to apply for staff.
About my ban : u guys said after the server update my ban will be reset but im still banned please try to fix it thx for your support!

please unbanned haxkers im sorry that i changed spawn i will not change again i swear my all cash and hard work lost :(

You have been fucking with this server for far too long.Its not the first time I see you here begging for unban.I think its time for you to go away to a different server.
Server has become unplayable because of one particular bug - anything you have in your hotbar drops every 4-5 seconds.If you pick it up, it will drop again.I hope staff will fix this bug, since its impossible to pvp, mine or build a base.
Not to spam but once the serve is up and you wouldn't like to join Phazma Squad faction please msg me on Kik username Phazma Zed thanks
Server is resetting soon.A new start for some, but for Maf1a the journey will continue.As allways i (or Giga and Crafted) will make the faction and all of our old members are more than welcome to join back immediatly after the reset.

I know that this is just a comment section of the server I was going to ask this on the server but since it's resetting... I do not know if you hate me but I would like to join Maf1a... Please answer if I am annoying I'm very sorry just please answer soon -TylerG823

Give me your kik and ign (in game name), lets not spam this comment section with our conversation.

OK my kik is ferret8923 my IGN is TylerG823

does my ban resets after the update?

because i got banned without a reason, people i killed in pvp said i hacked but i had god gear then i got kicked by banned4life, and he wasnt even to adult to ask me what happend

Its ur fault for getting banned I was there when u were banned u were hacking dude

And yes it will reset your ban

What hack did i used? I just was pvping But OK thx

Hey anony I was just wondering how did u like my ideas? If u were wondering I'm Impulsive, if you ever need me to help I'm always ready to do so! By any chance can we discuss my ideas for warp pvp?
how u get staff at all just asking and once again sorry for my stuped brother who said you suck
sorry my brother had my phone best staff ever
Crapy staff suck
The staff is so helpful on this server I can always count on a mod to help. And if you think staff are useless think: they were chosen for a reason it wasn't a random drawing it took time and work for the staff to be picked now maybe they are abusing privileges but they help and complaining will only make you ignored so for anyone mad at the staff think about why they are mods and you aren't

I am not a staff member because I didn't apply for it, its extra trouble for no benefits unless you abuse your staff rank.They got chosen because there weren't a lot of options to choose from, its either retarded 9 year olds or them.Staff has become better now, since they actually kick or ban glitchers and hackers, but still, there are many broken features, glitches and problems that no one bothers to fix.So judge for yourself if they are useful or no.

Homie every server has bugs, we fixed most of the major ones and there are some little ones left. We will eventually fix those bugs, but after every MCPE update we will get more bugs just remember that :)

Btw staff do have a few benefits, like trying out servers before they release, they also get monthly credit that they can use at the online shop, and they get the pleasure of having me as there boss! 😂

lol I think you make a great boss and make sure all of your staff does what's right to make all of the picky mcpe players happy and satisfied

Hey it's been a while, I haven't seen or heard anything resent but I know the staff work hard but I'm waiting for an answer why I was ip-banned I know like I said the staff work hard but problems are problems and Untill there solved please move to my problem thank you to anyone who can help me I miss my friends and #4LC 4Life thank you.


Game Ip-Livelyboyz

There are more pointless staff members than you think.Server on average has 10 people on right now.Half of them are staff members.Only staff member that does anything good is bananay, since he actually tries to catch hackers and god glitchers.Staff doesn't do anything on this server unfortunately.My advice is for you to download a VPN and/or change nickname to something like LivelyBoyz1 for example, and keep playing.

Hi, if you are having problems will signing in or getting on to the server, please contact support at 4LifeCraft1@gmail.com

Can't login or register anymore.My password was beginning with "/" symbol, like this: /(my password is here) When I type /login (my password) it says unknown command, since my password has / in the begging of it.When I type /login (my password without "/"), it says wrong password.I made an alt Xbox live account HighQuality224 from my phone, but when I type /register (my new password) it says "Usage /login ".Could you please look into this and try to help me with this problem?When it comes to server recommendations, 4LlC is my only recommendation, but now I can't even play on it.I would be glad if a staff member replied.Thanks in advance.P.s. My nickname on server is HighQuality223.


Hi, if you are having problems with signing in or getting on to the server, please contact support at 4LifeCraft1@gmail.com

Nvm, I figured it out.Noodle reset my password a while ago.
Can you please update the server, it's unluckey for the people that have 0.16.0 and then they realize that they can't play.There is alot of well known people ton the server that can't play.I'm not shout at you but update the server to 0.16.0 and try your best:)

Thx furous_mm
The staff of 4life are working hard to solve the 16.0 problem, I am not a staff member but I don't have to be to know that the staff is working their hardest to insure the ones playing their server that they will fix the issue. It will be fixed eventually but complaining only slows them down I don't think you will die if you can't play 4life not adding that it is an amazing server but there are others also for android try installing an older version of mcpe I was able to do it and play 4life perfect. I don't mean to be a snob I'm just saying cut some slack for the staff of 4life they are hard workers and try their hardest to keep everyone happy. -Zed

I feel like you just said this because I did it with the last server issue. Everyone knows what is going on, sorry to say that the information on your comment was common sense...
Please update the server to 0.16.0 .I have been waiting for the past like 2 weeks plz
Update the freaking server to omg im Already waiting so long to get back on the server

The staff of 4life are probably working hard to solve the 16.0 problem and complaining won't make them work any faster they are probably aware of the issue and are trying their hardest to please your needs.
0.16.0 was released today! If you can, please update the server to 0.16.0 so i can continue playing, Thanks!
Mcpe 0.16 now exist plz Make the server 0.16
I hate it so hard because of the New mcpe updates i cant get on the server anymore when Does 0.16 Comès out ! Minecon has been really stupid
Hey idk why but a mod ip banned me mabey they think I hacked idk but I have a great connection on there please un Ip-ban me

Thanks, Livelyboyz

Game Ip Game (Livelyboyz)

Yo I haven't Heard Anything Lately But I Would Please Want To Know Why I Was Ip-Banned. I Know The Staff Work Hard And Problems Are Problems Untill Those Problems Are Fixed Can U Come To My Problem And We Can Fiqure Somthing Thank You Please Get Back To Me


I had the same problem a few months back i was ip banned for no reason try messaging the adimin on kik I forgot his user but I don't think it's hard to find try star_boi_xx or something
Great servers come with complications like this one,

Let me reassure you all the staff of 4LifeCraft are working hard. This is just a hurdle for 4LifeCraft and like all hurdles they approach they overcome them.

3 days no 4life 😭😩😭 but fix what you need to fix peeps ✌️
[Tune of "they see me Rollin" ]
I have been waitin
To be playin
Some MCPE bout right now!
Playing some factions right now!(4x)
Right Now I So Loud
I'm screaming!
Hoping to play some factions right now!
Play some factions right now(4x)

-TheBossofDucks 10-12-16 Smoke Quack Everyday Album

Hi ducky! Its giga :u, i cant get on cuz my mcpe auto updated to 0.16.0 XD
The staff at 4LifeCraft are working hard they have encountered a few bugs and are onto fixing it hopefully it will be back up online today for more info follow @4LifeCraft on twitter.

It doesn't make it any better for you hackers who increase the ping of 4LifeCraft although I'm not a "staff member" on 4LifeCraft doesn't mean I can't do them a favour and aid hopefully all your worries and concerns.

GIVE this man a trophy! Been wondering for hours now.

Same it's good to know someone keeps up with the comment section and i have a question: why are their mods in the server and they don't do anything to stop hackers don't quote me on it but the new mods just play for themselves for example I was doing pvp and he literally kicked me and I lost all of my stuff and abusing power giving to you to help the server idk it just seems wrong. But they were chosen for a reason I guess but if you mods are reading this you applied to be a staff member you were picked even though they could have picked the other 1,000 people (including me) and you abuse that power. Just my opinion but yeah

It depends on the mod. Sometimes you pick who you mess with and keep your mouth shut when dealing with an angry admin or mod. Don't be a sitting duck. Sometimes when you play factions you get real tensed up. I don't agree on some of the mods being mods, but that's Some of them.
Why is it offline?Its been a whole day.

Ikr. sucks so much.

Yeah the server just reset probably bug fixes or something

Maybe a new plugin

Hopefully it's back on soon I want to play it so bad XD
what version should i use to join this server ? im using 0.15.9 right now and it said my mcpe is outdated and the latest update right now is still in betta the 0.16.0 was still in betta testing and i cant join anyserver if i use that coz its still in freaking BETTA testing pls answer what should i do !
I cant login anymore because
My mcpe 0.15.9 multiplayer dont work :'( so now i need to wait till the next update 0.16 :(
I love this server but it's getting a little boring can you reset it again i think it would be more fun to have a fresh start and let the ones who hacked have a second chance in a fresh server just and idea
i have learned my lesson i wont use toolbox please unbanned me please love you guys and the server.
Hello, admins. I'm from Latvia and with English I'm not so good but I wanna to write you! Guys, I have been kicked for (tp trap) and now I cant join with my wifi, I can play only with 4g.... its not so good, I can give stuff back but I wanna play with wifi!!! My nickname is Dainiko. My IP adress is

Pls unban my, love you

Sup, I'm from Latvia too (HighQuality223).I'm not staff, but I have been on this server for a while.Use VPN.Download hotspot shield or cloud VPN and it should help.I use VPN all the time since my WiFi had the same problem.Ja kas, ej manā kana via pievieno to kā alianci.
Make the server plz online pleaseeee

please unbanned TheVampsLOL sorry ogs for trash talking to you
When i try go log on for the first time it says i have an invalid name, what do i need to do so i can log on

Try to change your username

Change your name because someone might have already register with your name.

Dude Ogs Just Banned me

I Was calling him a suck my d@@k and he banned me that was little trashtalk Ogs is coward he banning when he get mad he noob at trash talking! admin please unbanned me
HOW MANY MCPE SERVERS DO YOU FIND THAT ARE OP FACTIONS!!!! this is one of the few. THATS WHY I LOVE IT. i could play this all day!!!! thanks for making it LOL

Dear Admins, Staff

Is there anyway That I Can be part of Your Server Staff? I just have seen that the server staff is not doing enough to ban The Hackers/modders in your server because they are not Online very often so players take the opportunity to hack/use thier mod for thier Advantage.... Pls answer me Through my email or kik... My ingame name is Noob_1st :)
Email:penalesjohnmark2@gmail.com(its not cool but meh xD) Kik: smartman204
i didnt do anything but i got banned or anything , i cant join on teh server pls admin help me ... :(
Was I spamming if i was or someone else was please forgive them or me. But Can You Please Unban Me I Don't Know What I did Wrong. My Username is LaurenNicole.
Can I have an admin, mod or co/owner email me? Email at: tedadamsmail@gmail.com
Thank you.
Dear 4lifecraft staff,
This server is the best and me and my friends play it all day it is my only server recommendation when I am asked on my channel. But I do have one issue, for some odd reason my ip was banned and I cannot get on and neither can my friends the day I was banned we were tp killing (Is this allowed I thought it was just pvp but others disagree) and another player said we were hacking just because we killed her and we weren't using any hacks at all nor do we ever and it got worse she kept spamming in the chat to ban me and soon enough boom we were banned. I am not demanding to be unbanned keep me banned if you like but I just wanted to get my side through so that maybe someone could respond and help me out. Keep me banned just please tell me what I did :) Thanks btw my in-game username is Zed
I am sorry for the annoyance I have caused I will for once and for all shut up about any problems or complaints about this server because nothing is perfect and at the end of the day it's still just a game.
Btw username is Zed

As former staff on this server, nothing PISSED me off more than someone spamming in this comments section. You could POLITELY ask why you were banned and a staff member would probably assist you. Just going up here and making demands will not help you. Even if they banned you on a mistake, they probably will not want to unban you because of what you've said on here. Just a little advice for you.


Sorry if this might be annoying. But can you unban me I don't know what I did I asked what envoys were twice then 2 seconds later i got banned. Thanks For Reading. My user is LaurenNicole
Please update the server to 0.15.4 so I can film AFTER I get unbanned for nothing
Why am I banned? I've never hacked and the only thing that may of been wrong is pvp with my faction but I didn't know tp kill is banned or whatever because people have been saying I hack and I do not (my mc name is zed) so please un ban me
There is a big problem hackers mostly fly and x-ray but some cause damage when I'm nowhere near them, in my base in fact (deep underground with noone around). Please mods take your job seriously or find new mods. I would love to be one. Please deal with these hackers. Here's one:Endermaster124
Anonymous I can't get on my name is LaurenNicole did u ban me if u did why did I do somthing wrong ;( Mcpe username is LaurenNicole
Please Unban Pikachu6658 Anonymous4Life He Has Done Nothing Wrong To Get Banned Raiding Is Allowed and he got banned for nothing.
Please Anony can u Unban me I done nothing to get banned please I beg u
This server is awesome one suggestion. Trading rooms would be aerosol so people can trade and share items without the risk of being killed or the items being tooken at spawn maybe consider in the next big update?
Add spawners in update.
How do stats affect my game (unarmed, mining, others)?Anybody know?
Staff of this server pls help j got banned by someone I do why I was pvpin and got banned
help me my account is Godsmack2002

Same thing happened to me
Why is this server stills white listed? I really enjoy it and keeping everyone off of it fixes nothing. In the past 24 hours there has only been one adimins on that server and just because someone is hacking doesn't mean you need to ruin the fun for everyone else I love this server the only thing I hate is when it goes offline forever and never comes back and I can't make a vid or have fun with my friends I have a list of hackers hopefully that will convince you to un whitelist the server. 1. Creeper_x 2.hunter56 3.the_bigboss_3 4.killerbe 5. Jordan 6. JESSIE thank you.

We are currently working on a big update for 4LifeCraft which we will be releasing today! Sorry for taking so long!

Anonymous can u include a /update command or something so we can see update news? It would be awesome to learn these type of info! Anyway keep it up!

Oh alright I'm glad for the update I didn't mean to be a snob about the wait I should be more patient can wait thanks :)

Ok I give up. Creeper_x is the hacker with the 1 hit kill swords just please un whitelist the server I need to make a fac vid and its been off forever hopefully you can ban creeper_x

It seems to me that you just guess that creeper_x was hacking and I was online when he was doing pvp, and I've seen hackers many times on servers this server included and I know for sure that he was not hacking.

Xtsea you are wrong I'm if he hacks but he gets that 1 shot kill sword a lot if times I got killed by him many times with that sword and I highly doubt a Stone sword can kill a fully diamond geared protection 4 person!Correct me if I'm wrong...

Lol I wish there was a edit button what I meant to say is I'm sure A STONE SWORD cannot kill a fully diamond gear person with prot4 enchants in ONE hit Creeper x I dont know if hacks but he gets that sharp 100 sword Some admins banned him tempory for that.

Yeah but I was able to figure out the source of those swords. Good point xtsea but godmack is right even when enchanted a stone sword only does max 3 hearts of damage and I was in pvp and I was by them and one of them died so of course I took the stuff and they had 4 enchantments with 999 ON THEM the armor and the pic and the sword all had 999 enchants it was crazy!! Killerbe is the hacker just bring our server back
Hello staff of 4life,
There is hackers on the server these guys hack so bad people is complaining.These guys
As follows:The DarkBreakers Hack:You cannot hit him and he has speed hack he runs lie crazy!
Name:CreeperWolf_Exp hack:He has speed hack
name:CreeperWolf_Chic Hack:Speed hack
Please ban them its no fun to PvP hackers u can't hit or run a way from....Please moderators if u can't hide ur [Mod] tag and watch us it would be appreciated!

I can approve that all 3 of them are hackers.Both creeperwolf's camp at spawn allways, it is really irritating, the third guy tp killed me (accidentally accepted the wrong request).Please ban them.
I love this server best survival faction server I know just a few things: whenever I put items in a chest they come back in my inventory or just strait disappear and blocks don't place time to time and ores that are reachable don't break and the last little problem is this server is always down and for 15 hours at a time I've never tried to handle a good server but if you could make the server online more and if you fix bugs you can have the time to fix but I come back after 15 hours of waiting and nothing is fixed. Again I love this server and I would like to suggest those bug fixes
Hello Staff of 4lifecraft,
I have a problem , I went to vote for the SVR just now and it say Error:You cannot vote on this IP this adress is blacklisted. I never used any kind of hacks on the SVR or got banned pls fix this I want to vote and get stuff so please help
Address this problem because this is. Serious!

Please help this same problem happend again :(

Can u tell starboii to unban me?
Anybody who wants to join my fac or ally with us reply bellow.Were an alliance of 2 factions.Our fac has 8 people.Our name is ''A''.My nickname is HighQuality223.You can also message Creeperdude5116.
Why is this server offline?? I need to make a new faction episode today and its 3 pm already! C'mon!

Yeah, my fac is probably freaking out right now.It been 12 h already.

It's crazy how long that server stays offline I'm a factions YouTuber and I can't stay up 15 hours just to film a vid
Please remove this bug :Sometimes I lose my stuff whenever server restarts I always remove my best amor (Prot 4 and 3)whenever I see the time the SVR is gonna restart like 10 min to restart but it said 10 min to restart I was gonna raid someone base but I didn't expected it to take restart so fast I was raidin like 10 mins I was exploring his base and I hide my chat becuz the chat was spammin so I couldnt see anything and SVR res countdown (10 to 1) probably began becuz it said SVR restarted and when I relogged in I lost all my good am or I worked so hard for :( please fix the bug

BTW my username Is Godsmack_gdmk not Godmack Lololol
plzzzzzz ban all of these hacks i cant even leave spawn because they speed hack and fly
Anony the_pro410 that bought emperor he was abusing me by doing /tpo my name then started attacking me and raiding my base
Anonomous pls reply to my earlier comment I just want my account back
give me my account back I forgot the password on the 4lifecraftserver my username is withermaster808

Pls help me anonomous I had such good stuff ur server is so much fun with the stuff that I had and I really don't want to start from scratch pls help
Hi there I have forgotten my password on the 4lifecraft server can u please give me an option to reset the password
Please on the next update of ur server add pvs for example someone does /pvp a double chest comes up,and they can put anything u want in there and no one can access it but u I would love this coz when I store away my dimond armour raiders just come and take it away everyone would love personal storage thank u

Pls take this into account pls reply if u have read this
Can anyone help? My inventory is glitching and so is my hotbar. I can't select anything but a sword but that is only for a second and then it disappears. Ivevoted numerous times Andi can't even use my items. Please help me to fix his.
Hello I crashed and while I was gone someobody killed me. Is there a way to prevent that from happening? Because now I have to get all my stuff back somehow. Thank you.
I think I may have been temporarily banned from your server!!! I really don't know what for I had God rank on your server and I was flying and it said you have been banned for flying. Pls help Anonymous I love your server so much I bought a rank and gave you money for it. I am Mineplexbox and I think I was banned by someone captin who is a mod. Pls help!!!!!

Have you been un banned yet? If not please contact 4LifeCraft1@gmail.com :)
Plz make the server on
Please put the server online im bored and its so additcting
Hey the inventory and the chest are glitchy when I put stuff in the chest it goes back to my inventory when I open it or I don't at all
Plz fix it
There is something really wrong in the server
Why the sever restarts the hole time on the 10 seconds
Actualize the server to the 0.14 version please
How do I log into the server I'm only new here
El servidor esta muy bueno, me encantó. Lo único malo es la gente, tuve un par de problemas porque me grifearon y me robaron todo. Pero mas allá de eso vengo por los hackers que están en el pvp y son muy molestos. Me gustaría que estén atentos con ellos. Dejo el Nickname de un hacker "li5". Gracias espero que lo leas Anonymous.
Hai Anonymous. I was wondering if I could apply for MOD? I've known you for a pretty long time and I can really help improve the server by banning the hackers I see flying at spawn. Thank you xD
Ok heres the problem there is a few hackers on this server which is annoying, and im here to tell you the one that is the most annoying that ive seen(netopaly2822882)

Admins please respond when you have taken care if this situation
Anonyomous how can a person get hero-god kit? cause namename123 had hero to emperor i want to know how to get one am i supose to help u or help the server out how do one get a kit btw i am well known in 4LifeCraft also have a good day goodbye :D.
I can't get in please tell me how what is the password I have a account but I keep putting my password in but it won't let me
It's the creator of your banner, Ryan ( iDirtPlaysMC )
Your banner have been copied by Adventure-Craft
I do not like this, can you please help me to get rid of it, They suck, They copy my works without asking for permission ( They edited it ). Please let me know your thoughts, the cut out the frames and change color.
I am unable to play on this server I don't have a login but it tells me to log in its my first time ever being on this server and I don't know what to do
This is overall my favorite server, but I will admit it sucks. It will glitch out your items(including my diamond sword), there are no mobs(mobs make a good server) and it's extremely hard for newbies to find out what's going on.
No animals! Lots of lag! There are some stone stairs that when I mine up come back. Other than the glitches it's a great server.
Trying to play I can't
Was wondering when the server factions will be back up? Also will all ip and banned players be reset?? I hope someone can read this and Thank You
Your Friend, SpaceCraft
When will Factions be back? I wanna know so I can start my Factions. U guys deleted all our stuff in the previous version right? Please try to confirm this
When will the server be back the real on not the battle one or at least and more gear
What is this password ?
I cant join because of whitelisted guess i will never play this

White listed means u can't get on only owners can but a server is going be white listed for a month or less just got to wait its not white listed right hurry
Why you whitelested
Why does the game keep going offline it never used to do this this much?
Hi its a amazing server and I love playing it keep up the good work I will support it as much as I can
The suber griefed me please do something

Explain More?
Staff I have a question for all of you who ever can answer that will be great. My question is how come I lag out so often?

Hai pop! XxDESTROYERxX here ;). I'm the one that raided your house in IF :). Anyway regarding your question, I think you need to explain further so that anonymous will understand. Thank you.
Why can't I login? When I try it tells me how to login but won't let me.
Anonymous4Life can you please tell pand and stealth not to tp into a base, raid the base, and demand for 2k...
What does the uptime om the 4life craft page mean?
Is the server still white listed, and whenever I click ok 4life craft, it just lags minecraft
Do you have an estimation of when it will be running?

We have just experienced a major bug/glitch and we are working around the clock on it. We had to reset the factions which has a 50/50 chance of resetting the whole world. We moved to new spawn during this time. We are close to finishing the new spawn and un-whitelisting so please be patient and CRAFT ON!

And it should be running around the clock when we get it up

2 things

1 )when is that
2)you guys are awesome

I think simmons explained this wrong, our main plugin EssentialsPE wasnt working so in order to fix that and stop the crashing we have to reset the server and make a new spawn. The spawn is close to being done for you all to enjoy. Its the best spawn we've had. We are pushing for today or tomorrow (July 29th-July 30th)
When will the server be public again, I can't wait much longer.


Maybe this week or 2 weeks! We are making it so it will have less crashes and all new stuff :) it is also a factions reset so everything will reset and hopefully this will be the last reset :p just believe me it will be amazing :)

Is the server temp whitelisted? If not then can u invite me to it ive rly been wanting to play here.

Have you ever tried this server before?

Yes i have i meant ive been rly wanting to play that day srry for the late response

Will the server be started from scratch, or will the world have been saved?

Started from scratch i think

I really wish they would hurry a bit, they had like 1000 that go on that server
Anonymous4Life, please respond to my earlier messages
Why did you white list the server when you could just ban the trolls

Admin, I tried to get on the server, but It's white listed. Can you please invite me to the server, I've been wanting to play all day, but it was under construction
Bro This server is going down the drain due to staff abuse...

Are you a admin or an owner?

Are you a admin or an owner?

Are you a admin or an owner?

nope nope nope nope nope nope
I demand my stuff back Foxy4life keeps going people to my base!! All I want is my diamond picaxe iron pickaxe 3 and a half stacks of cobble 1 stack of wood and 4 logs 2 iron and Redstone!!!! Foxy is in creative mode why???????
XD why does foxy telepoert to us in creative bring other facs to our base ?????? this sucks
Nice server 👌😋 best one I've played

P.S Best Server
An Angry Max

THX !!! ♡♡♡♡♡
Please unban me from the new server I know your not supposed to hack but your staff kept on going invis and killing be and Im sorry for hacking it wont happen again.

Lol I knew you were hacking and you kept saying you weren't lol

You deserve to be banned you forced teleported me and kill me. *Force teleport as in I could not accept any request but was teleported unwillingly.☺

Make sense?
This server is stupid, owner IQ 0

You can barely type a full english sentence, dont even.

Lol Great one buddy ✋
Guys. We are so close to finishing the new server. It should be up anyway now. For more info Contact our Kik. Search #4life
Lag made me loose pvp tornoment to stealth :( Yes I might Cry know lucky......)

Cause the owner IQ is 0
Wtf my bad my keyboard Is missed up but I can't find the group chat so my kik is alldaycruz

Why do we need your mom?

Lol my keyboard missed up the words lol I was trying to tell him my kik and that I could not find the group chat

Okay my friend
I can't find the oil chat my mom is alldaycruz
The server is going downhill. I'm 90% sure it's because its offline so much, i still like this server very much but keep it online ALOT more

They are making a new one

And we will lost everything

I know right? If they could somehow
Calculate the blocks and ores we had and put it into money and give it to us in the
New server so we can start our new life (Lol) happier and easier that would be better..

That'd be impossible, we couldnt know how much stuff everyone had.
Turn On ( Hell Yah! )
Turn Off ( Hell No!!)


Baby gonna cry?

Not yet thank you
What the hell is going on, offline so much times, cant wait anymore dude

Baby Gonna Cry? Lol

Lol he is crying little 9 year old

Lol I know right the joke is that he was typing this in the server the whole time

You the 9 year old, people said you 9 thn you said back 9
this kid anonying, threat owner to get mod

WHAT? I don't get it .
What r u trying to explain
Please remove your ban me my nickname is skropek.
Login on other location?
Omg dude just leave it on for gods sake

We are working on the new server and it should be up any day now. Thank you to your patience
6 hours of no 4Life is killing me!!! 30Minutes of being online would be nice plz?

Im sorry for the inconvenience, our top priority at the moment is keeping the players happy. We've been working nonstop on the new server and we are close to opening up, just a few more things to do. The result of this new server is no random server crashes. Stay tuned for more information on the status of the new server.
Why cant you just turn it on for 3 hours straight? It's a great idea!!
Just found out.... No need to bother to vote here no more!!Lol Hopefully It will be better then expected ... See ya on the other side people!!
Dude watch your self u might get banned like spartan
Anonymous, we dont care server lag, we just want to play....wtf

Online 4 min then offline 4 hour online 2 min then offline 2 hour online 10 hour, offline 10 days , what the fuckkkk

That's cuz of our host :p that's why we HAVE to switch

Omg....hurry up :( why it took so long time....

Should i go report to mojong let them know this host problem let them fix maybe?
Offline again...


Wow goodbye kid

If I do get mod plz email me at briancruzmeza@yahoo.com love the sever keep it up
Well as ever one knows I am going to quit the sever for now until the sever stays stable I bought patron it's the best people it worth it. I will miss you stealth and foxy I hope I get mod so I can help make the sever better love all you guys and if I do het

Lol using leave server to threat owner give you mod, if youq leave, no one give a fuck you know?

You know your getting banned right I said I leave ing sever for a bet I didn't say give me mod or I will quit I just said good luck with the sever and if I can help out can I get mod that's all that I said so keep you mouth shut luckymixj

Calm calm...

Ok hope to see u next week on the new server :)

Hey anonymous hey if you have a kik can you give me I want to talk to you and when you get new host can you tell me and if you redo the sever I am here to help any day thanks for ever thing guys

Hey anonymous hey if you have a kik can you give me I want to talk to you and when you get new host can you tell me and if you redo the sever I am here to help any day thanks for ever thing guys

My bad for posting a others one lol

Join our kik chat :p search of 4LifeCraft and you will see a group

Thanks bro

Getting ban? Ban your mom, asking mod, loser. Kid kid kid...... kid is every way. How age you, 8 , 9 or 10 ?

''I will miss you stealth and foxy I hope I get mod so I can help make the sever better love all you guys and if I do het"
No one need you , kid cant doing good. Just quit, no one give a fuck

Don told me what to do kid, im older than you. Stupd 9

Lol dame boy you can't even spell omg your such a dumb ass do you rage much boy I was just asking if I could help do you under stand English lucky. Lol lucky my ass sit down boy before I kick you ass I bet your a little 9 year old lol

Lol, copying my word, i said you 9 you said me back 9. I thinm you really is 9.
and "under stand" you the one cant spell, kid go to school. Understand cant spell
haha kid

Understand also cant spell wanna be mod, so funny.kid mod xdddddd

Camping we are working nonstop on the new server. Stay tuned for more information on the status of the new server.

Stealth 4life told me to ask you If I can help out in the sever but he said its your decision

Join kik chat camping its #4life

Hey bro I can't find it can you plzz tell me your kik
Offline Lol.. It's good to much lagg and snowballs don't work well. Is it because of new plugins?
I think i have to change server, this server keep offline

It's ok everything will be fixed soon :D we're getting a new host and a completely new server with less lag :p just wait a few more days and yea :p.

Wtf? We going lost everything then? Hell no!!
Server offlinr maybe server crash cause anony added something wrong and server auto server?

I mean he added something wrong the and then the server auto offline
Lol Offline again! Hehehe. Getting in Factions is hard though. 😜
Plz turn ON NOT OFF the server plzzzzz and plzzzzz tell me y it is always off I'll UNDERSTAND. Reply back :D

We are getting a new host to fix it :p it will be fixed soon
Lol, if up times under 70%, no more news player play anymore
Can you make me a banner please? Reply back :3
Plz turn on the server it is always offline
Offline king server
Anony, dont ban people with once.... do it Warned (1/3) after 3 times. Ban 3 days
if is small problem no need warn just kick him or tell him

And yeah... do admin level, like level 1 admin only can kick. Level 2 server admin can do ban. 3 level 3 admin code admin , and yeahhh
I made that all in my game

And then if staff abusing then start tickets, um... and please give sparta a chance to respect you

Give a chance to all player, they will respect you after unbanned
i unbanned my all player in my place , after that they respecting me
So I asked someone4life about this but someone4life didn't answer. Why does when I try to go in 4life when it's online it keeps saying locating server? I wait, right? But it still stays the same.

If that happens it means the server is offline then u can check if the server is on by going into your safari and go on this website and refresh the page then it look to see if it is online. -Gamerboy691

The server is having memory leaks and we r transferring to a new server. Thanks for the parience
Turn on the server plz and tell me y the server is always offline plzzz

Deez nuts
I rate this server a 9.5, overall it's an above average server. Not much lag unless I play for quite awhile. The only issue I have is that whenever I want to go on, it's offline. I would love to donate to this server but my parents won't let me :/ but keep up the great work guys!

Wow......woow.......... server offline everytime.... wow..............

Yea I think we fixed it now :)

I wanted to donate to the server I was saving up. Then I got banned becuz I was cussing and anonymous don't reply to my comments he just ignores them

Pls anonymous just please respond I only want one more chance I'm begging u I can't find any good servers I feel like quitting minecraft....

Dang No wonder your Not on anymore....
I will donate to this server if this server doesn't close often every single hour
Why server is keep offline? Im done
COME ON :/ UNBANME, im still saying, I never did anything illegal

If you already wrong admit it,Dont lie in your comments, No proof admin will not banned you. Admit , face it, dont lie to your self. Say sorry

Are u talking to me cuz I admitted to what I did :/

Dude zzzz, this is not your comment, this is for Thegone
Anonymous may I be unbanned I'm sorry that I was cussing and getting u mad can I have one more chance pls I'm so srry

Yeah, Give him chance. People so sad when they get ban. Forgiving people the god will save you when you got in trouble, mad is cannot settle problem, only forgive can, you choose mad at him why dont you forgive him make him like you and respect you?

This only for mean,rude and swearing people was banned. Not for hacker
I haven't gotten a response from anyone on my mod request
can u add more slots like maybe 200

We need more Donators for that :) it would be nice if you could donate for VIP! Go to 4lifecraft.buycraft.net

It's kinda anoying how u ignore us like come just respond with yes no no the silent treatment
I sent in a mod request and haven't gotten a response
Yay, unbanned. Everything is fine

You could have waited 3 days before over reacting.... U were never banned, this server is still in BETA, the server was down a little because I was adding kits. So I suggest that u delete ur comments

Dude, Foxy killed me with god mode in pvp, then he scared i tell you he banned me

Sorry to bother you, but so e of our staff or hackers in the gamer are going invisble and in god mod and are hiting me and player's in my faction please try to get down to the bottom of this.

Reported to mcpe
Staff abusing real, staff abusing on me then said i annoying him, he killed me in god money in pvp.then i said i tell owner he said you were annoying me, after that i said anony you on? Theni get banned. Wowowowowowowowowo2o2o
wowowowowo this server can be top 1 !!!! Wowowowowoow!!!!!!!! F you la!
I do not like this server!!! I am getting followed around by invisible people and getting hit. I know it's not my wifi or anything because they are getting to places I could only get like on tall one by one block towers. I am tired of this happening and even when I die on flat ground I loose all my stuff and it says I fell from a high place. It would help if somebody could get this problem fixed for me because I want to play on this server but there is no use since I just get killed by somebody invisible.

This is lag Colton. The server has had a lot of lag. We are making the new server and it will be up soon.
I am very mad about this server. The whole time I have been getting followed on there and getting hit by somebody then getting killed. It says I die because I fell from a high place but I know I didn't because I was on flat ground. Can somebody please fix this I'm tired of voting everyday then loosing my diamond armour and other items.
IM BANNED WITH NO REASON :C. First, this is my favorite server, i have there too many hours of game and i want be unbanned. i was banned when a guy (Moderator or admin, i think) started a party on the spawn, act next i was Ip banned but i dont know the reason, please put me in the Whitelist i want play there Y_Y

Staff abusing is real

I just want be unbanned, problem?

U said that foxy would unbann me bro like keep ur word that kinda a jerkin move cuz I've been waiting to play and I can't play like wtf bro
Hey It's Me Wolf I Would Like To Be Whitlisted At My Acc Called

Can I please be whitelisted? or at least know how to be?
Hahah make /add whitelist Max4life2
AM I banned?
Why iam Not whitelisted?
Anonymous If you don't want me as a mod all you have to do is say so
Not constantly ignoring me
And Why is it white listed right now
Server is all time full
HELLO I would like to become a admin but the rules says I can't ask how I get admin????????????????? Plz don't ban me for posting
Yea one of your member from PIES tped us to your base because all the time Fatontherun8 and I where there we would die.Also he tped up then I baught 77 TnT to blow up your base.HaHaHa


This server is ok but the ops tp to ur base and tp ppl to it to raid there jerks
Oh that's sucks max sorry pal, and then this is the assistant page of fame :)
Hi anonymous I am MZK can u make me a VIP rank and I also play anarchy server and I am from bolt by the way
Anonymous, how do I get the VIP rank?
ONE Week i couldnt join the server;(

Idk why probally check your internet? Try to join I added it so account won't get stuck! And if that didn't work try joining with another account and if that didn't work idk?

Pls anonymous give me a chance u ban me pls hope u read this cuz most the time u ignore us :/

U will be banned after we switch hosts :p just wait a few more days
ONE Week i couldnt join the server;(
This is such a good SERVER! But I cant conect ??? I play es so much! Did I get banned? I didnt Don anything

Sorry it is a glitch :/ try to join tomorrow or later it might work also while waiting u can change ur name

Ok thx
Its the most horrible server ever u should shut it down they cuss people out and harassed peopel

I think at this point you are the onliest that think so (sry for my Bad english)
The are mean the owner gives free stuff to his friends and lets his friends hack and only banns noobs it's a dumb server and they make people vote if they don't vote he banns them

They dont ;)

Yeah they don't??