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Version 1.19.70
Registered by BruhBaby96
Registered since January 3rd, 2022 04:10 AM EST
Last update February 17th, 2023 06:45 PM EST
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About This Server

You are invited to join the Mythic Network for it's grand opening of the Prison Server, LIVE NOW! Before you scroll away, uninterested in "Another Boring Prison Server," allow me a couple minutes to explain why you might actually want to play!

I, Owner of Mythic, have been looking for a unique or at least fun and balanced Prison Server for *years* now. I've only ever been met with pay to win, featureless, and/or OP Prison Servers with difficult Staff and a careless Owner, and the few that I enjoyed either shut down or had toxic communities. That's why I made it my goal to create one; A Classic Prison Server that brings the peace and joy of a relaxing but satisfying experience. However, Mining and Selling repetitively does get boring. That's why Mythic Prison is so much more than that! In fact, here's the experience we offer you:

- A Unique Rank System (A-Z is too basic, so we took a more uncommon approach to Ranking up that is still fun and fair, but super rewarding. You'll have to play to see!)
- A Unique Crate System (You can get Crate Keys in a variety of ways, such as randomly from Mining, Voting for the server, or doing quests! You do not have to spend any *real money* to get crate keys, but you can through our store if you'd like, by purchasing Ranks and/or Keypacks!)
- A Unique Enchant System (I wont promise things like custom or exciting enchantments because of certain limitations I have yet to overcome, but what I can promise you is that no other server has an enchant system like ours. You can obtain what we call **Crypt Books** either randomly by Mining, or from Crates, and then use the *Enchanter* to Enchant your tools/weapons!)
- A Unique Quest System (Each Mine Rank has Quests that you can do in order to get the items necessary for the next rankup, as well as some extra cash to help you along the way!)
- A Unique PvP Mine and Airship Crashes (Want to make the Prison Experience more exciting? Battle against your fellow inmates for blocks that are more valuable than the regular mines! They can only be sold at the Black Market Vendor, who only comes once an hour, so make sure your dangerous adventure is worth it! In case that's not enough convincing to risk your loot and your life, every couple hours, an AirShip may crash, which will rain PvP Keys from the sky around the PvP Mine! Are they worth the risk? Come find out for yourself!)
- CELLS (This is a very rare feature to find in a Prison these days, which is why we are excited to release them to you, the players! Cells are much like Plots, but in a real Prison, you wouldn't just get a free plot of land to do whatever on! You can use these Cells for a vairety of things, like Storage, Player Shops, Minigames, and whatever else you'd like!)
- Prestiges (Our biggest feature yet, Prestiges are sort of an end-game goal. You have to Rankup all the way through the Prison to unlock the Prestige System, and Prestige Shop. With Prestiges comes new mines, better enchantments, better cells, better crates, and other exciting things!)
- Sell Price Boosters (Why Sell your valuables for their regular price, when you can sell them for 1.2x, 1.5x, or even 2x their base price!? Sell Price Boosters are here to make that an option for you, obtainable completely free by grinding the Prison, or purchaseable from our store if you'd like a boost!)
- Effect Vouchers (Speed, Strenght, Jump Boost, Haste, all essential to making your Prison experience faster, more fun and easy! Get them free from the server, or from the store if you want an extra boost!)
- Item Repair Command (Tired of your powerful tools/weapons breaking? That's why we give **ALL** Players access to `/repair all`! Of course, there is a hefty cooldown to balance out the powerful command, but if you'd like, you can purchase one of our store Ranks to shorten that cooldown time subtantially!)
- Tags (These are silly/serious little cosmetics that you can equip to your chat name and nametag above your head. They can be found in crates, though there are some exlusive ones with our purchaseable ranks)
- Lots more, too much to list, as I realized while making this list. And there's also **A LOT** more to come, not just for Prison, but for our (soon to be available) Skyblock, Factions, and potentially Skywars, Bedwars, Parkour Server, etc.

Also join our Discord: [url][url]