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Hostname Factions Season 9
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Version 1.19.80
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Last update March 23rd, 2023 07:03 PM EST
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About Factions

Build a base that has multiple exits and viewing points this will alow you to get out safely and get the people raiding you from behind and you will be able to see were your enemies are at all times.

Make traps change the traps every so often so that the raiders don't see them coming eg: one day build a drop trap the next week build a lava trap then arrows etc.

Have a mob grinder and a food farm in your base if possible this makes it easy to get items and food if you cant tp or go out your house.

have a supply of potions: this allows you to "poke" your enemies with small debufs and poison and other negative effects then you can attack after they have teken the effects.

add doors to EVERYTHING this will make you feel more Secure and safe inside. iron doors on your mines to stop zombies getting in and breaking the doors.

Light everything up to stop mob spawns and other nasties.

Don't go out on a 2v1 unless you feel you can make it.

Have LOTS of ways into your base eg: turns, doors, passage ways with traps in, underground cave entrances, and lava drops.

have beacons at your base with regen and jump boost. This will allow you to run to your base and get regen after a fight, the jump boost will allow you to use the following tip easier:

know your environment, if you need to escape a enemy outside your base know your environment and USE IT this will help you ALOT if you know your environment you can get away by jumping (jump boost) over blocks and parkour over trees and know how and when to jump. this can give you time to escape and lose your pursuer.

Hope this helps, i would love to see your base if possible and check out some stuff and maybe help a little.

In addition to declaring war, factions can also sue for peace and create alliances in order to tip the balance of power to deter would-be aggressors. Since some factions outsize others, this can be a crucial tactic when it comes to building a faction's power base in a Minecraft Factions server. Factions can also set as many goals as the group wishes. For some, it may be about being the top-ranking PvP faction. For others, it may be about being the faction with the most members or resources. Regardless