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Registered by Tolo
Registered on July 15th, 2015 05:40 PM EST
Deleted on March 17th, 2018 06:30 AM EST

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February 6th, 2017 06:30 PM EST

Guys, dont be alarmed but there are new features coming your way. According to Tolo, your VIP ranks will be restored. So hang in there while the server is undergoing its upgrades

January 22nd, 2017 12:47 PM EST


January 19th, 2017 05:16 PM EST

And I'm actually really annoyed with the server. I keep crashing in the nether and it keeps server restarting. U can't blame it on doggy items or enchanted glitches items cause I had non on me. I've lost 4-5 God sets due to this. Kind regards
Fix my acc inventory rest :( and can I have a comlmenty items

January 14th, 2017 12:24 PM EST

Guy's please contact me here http://www.mcpemm.net/ I very rarely check the comments on this website. So if you have a problem, need help or info or just want to ask a question. Join the forum and contact me there πŸ˜‰

January 14th, 2017 07:30 AM EST

TOLO plz fix

January 14th, 2017 05:50 AM EST

TOLO my ign is SMACKO12345 i have been playing for a wile now, I have VIP and stuff but I can't seem to play every time I log on it's says SERVER RESTARTING. I'm logged of in the nether plz do /spawn SMACKO12345
I'm nicked FreshFrog thx tolo
Please fix asap much thanks

January 8th, 2017 07:02 AM EST

All the server warps are down and people are asking me for help. How long will the survival world be up? I have said a day or two but can I get a definite timeframe for everyone?

December 22nd, 2016 02:42 PM EST

Pls reply as soon as u can

December 22nd, 2016 02:42 PM EST

Hey tolo is the server off-line because it is updating or what cuz me and my friend r so bored waiting for the server to update?

December 21st, 2016 04:28 AM EST

The server will update ASAP.

The server has been appearing Ofline recently but its actually Online...

December 22nd, 2016 12:14 AM EST

My device automatically updated mcpe to 1.0 but u'r server doesn't allow 1.0 players and only people who did not update mcpe abd still have 16.5. Please fix me and my friend are lovin this server so pls fix and respond to my comment.

December 22nd, 2016 01:53 PM EST

Make it 1.0

December 22nd, 2016 02:40 PM EST

Hey tolo is the server off-line because it is updating or what cuz me and my friend r so bored waiting for the server to update?

December 28th, 2016 06:19 AM EST


January 22nd, 2017 12:47 PM EST


December 19th, 2016 10:33 PM EST

When r u guys gonna change the server to a 1.0 server

December 17th, 2016 08:48 PM EST

Can I have my VIP back tolo my user ricky1117 and my Gmail that bought it is robbykourouchin@gmail.com

December 10th, 2016 04:30 PM EST

Can I have my VIP back before the update I had it and after it I got back on and it was gone. My username in the server is DennisBeal. Thank you for your time

November 26th, 2016 07:54 PM EST


November 15th, 2016 03:56 PM EST

my vip rank is gone because of the update my usernames chirpy1331500 plz plz plz i would love my vip back.thnx please and thnx UR THE BEST TOLO plz see this today

November 10th, 2016 07:16 AM EST

Pls give my VIP back my server username is Zhay_ace..seems this update and said to server ranks have been reset.

November 8th, 2016 07:02 AM EST

Guy's please contact me here http://www.mcpemm.net/ I very rarely check the comments on this website. So if you have a problem, need help or info or just want to ask a question. Join the forum and contact me there πŸ˜‰

November 15th, 2016 03:54 PM EST

hey tolo plz i hope you see this today my vip is gone my username is chirpy1331500 plz i would like my vip back it left after the update thnx please and thank you

January 22nd, 2017 12:48 PM EST

Never had it lol!

November 6th, 2016 02:07 AM EST

Two things that need to be fix:

-Sell: we can't sell any mineral
-Enchant table: we can't enchant any armour, tool or weapon

One thing that need to be added:

-A command that help the players to mute other player: /mute

I hope u read my comment.

Our sincerely,

November 8th, 2016 07:01 AM EST

im currently working on sell prices.
enchanted tables are fixed.
and a mute command for players wouldn't be possible. becos players would abuse it by muting everyone lol. hopefully "Hide" will be fixed soon. in future please use the server forum for any problems or questions.

November 4th, 2016 06:52 AM EST

Becos of this recent update all "Ranks" got reset. To claim your vip back. Report it on the forum. http://www.mcpemm.net/

November 3rd, 2016 09:07 PM EST

Hey tolo well my feture all in your server I was mining in old and git banned can u unbann me I want to be helper and I have huge pvp skills please bro unbann it will be a huge gift please :"(

November 2nd, 2016 08:13 PM EST

Also on November 6 that's my bday :D im turing 11

November 2nd, 2016 08:12 PM EST

Tolo since the update I havnt played until today so I updated minecraft and when I logged in I lost my vip I would like to know why I lost it because I havnt been playing for a while and would like my vip back please:)

November 2nd, 2016 06:16 PM EST

Hi tolo,
For some reason my vip disappeared and i had bought it earlier this year. I was wondering if you can put it back. Pls and thank you in advance.
My ign is thisisactuality

November 2nd, 2016 06:05 AM EST

Hey tolo I'm SMACKO12345 and I've been playing for about 1 year on master miners
Since the update of Minecraft I don't seem to have my VIP I bought 9-7months ago plz add back my VIP

Your sincerely

November 2nd, 2016 05:28 AM EST

Guy's please contact me here http://www.mcpemm.net/ I very rarely check the comments on this website. So if you have a problem, need help or info or just want to ask a question. Join the forum and contact me there πŸ˜‰

November 2nd, 2016 03:35 PM EST

tolo do i need kik i really want to be staff but I'm not allowed to get it

November 1st, 2016 07:09 PM EST

Can I have my vip back plz my username is Disloyalcloth21 I really want it back plz

November 1st, 2016 04:30 PM EST

thanks tolo i was looking forward to playing mm and the server did not work and do i need kik to be staff because I'm not allowed to get it but i applied for a job on mm

November 1st, 2016 03:23 PM EST

The server has been updated :)

November 2nd, 2016 06:13 AM EST

Thank U so much 😸ur dah best

October 31st, 2016 06:57 PM EST

I really want to go back to my favorite server and idk when will u update the server and I hope u can update this as soon as u can.I'll be waiting until U update so that I can play again because I really really REALLY love this server. ^.^

November 1st, 2016 09:41 AM EST


October 29th, 2016 10:07 PM EST

When will this server update to 0.16.0???I REALLY WANT TO GET IN TO THIS SERVER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE..PLZZZZ

October 29th, 2016 07:19 AM EST

Hey, I am a huge fan of this server and I'm doing pretty well on it. I would like to ask if you could please update it to 0.16.0 because now I can't get in.

October 28th, 2016 06:14 PM EST

Hey tolo,can u update it to 0.16.0 cuz I miss this server :) pls reply ASAP

October 28th, 2016 06:15 PM EST


October 27th, 2016 05:38 AM EST

Hey ppl! i know the waiting for this server to update kinda sucks, but we all just have to be patient and it will be here quicker than the blink of an eye! *Wink*

October 27th, 2016 08:54 AM EST

I know but I can't get on the server so I'm gonna lose all my money my God armour I'm wearing and everythikng!

October 26th, 2016 09:55 AM EST


October 26th, 2016 10:59 AM EST

i replied to your previous post. check it...

October 26th, 2016 04:24 AM EST
October 24th, 2016 06:32 PM EST

Hi tolo I'm scrilleta I have a SERIOUS ISSUE I cannot get on to the server! It keeps saying outdated server how do I solve this problem?!
I tried deleting the server and re-adding it but that also does not work!
Please help!

October 25th, 2016 05:59 PM EST

the server runs on version 15.10. i dont think any server uses 16.0 yet. if you on android you could downgrade ur game. and in future please use the server forum.

October 29th, 2016 07:22 AM EST

Tolo, with all due respect, I know of many servers that run on 16.0 such as lifeboat servers and pigraid does also. I would really appreciate it if you updated the server. Thanks

October 21st, 2016 04:17 PM EST

Hello tolo,
I'm the user on your server of (ImjustAmx)
I really didn't want it to come to this point but I'm getting a little frustrated over your staff.
Dino imperticular
Through the past couple of days, there have been many hackers of the server and everyone complains to your staff but they just don't care and don't do anything.

A hacker could hit me through walls and Dino teamed with him to kill me, even though everyone said he was hacking..

Not all your Staff are bad. God is good. I like him because he resolves problems.

Anyway, please sort this problem out as due to this problem, the server has become less active with new members.

Thank you,


October 22nd, 2016 07:21 AM EST

Hi sorry that happened to you. il have a word with dino.
as for the hacker's. the staff are always trying to pin them down but they just keep coming back like on all server's.
you should see the size of the ban list. theys 100s of hackers that have been banned. so the staff do try but at the same time the staff also need to play the actual game or it becomes boring for them.

October 8th, 2016 11:31 AM EST

lordhezakia ask Tolo to reset your inventory cause that may work. its because if you pick up a special arrow it will make you crash forever until tolo resets you inventory. so try that it worked fro me :D

Btw good luck

October 5th, 2016 08:06 PM EST

Tolo the servers out dated btw a person names abood (some numbers) fly hacks pls ban

September 27th, 2016 02:13 AM EST

Guy's please contact me here http://www.mcpemm.net/ I very rarely check the comments on this website. So if you have a problem, need help or info or just want to ask a question. Join the forum and contact me there πŸ˜‰

October 8th, 2016 12:58 PM EST

Hey I got banned on mm because stapleartist270 bought me vip and I guess he refunded it so I was wondering if u could just unban me and demote me please

September 26th, 2016 11:49 AM EST

I was Banned For no reason I played this game for 4 days and I was gonna get Vip next Month I was pvping sudddley I got bad and lost all my God amour :( My Name Is DIAMONDMASTER and Can u check why I was banned :(

September 27th, 2016 02:12 AM EST

Hi. No one gets banned for no reason. i will ask the person that banned you the reason why. and in future please use http://www.mcpemm.net/
for any problems.

October 5th, 2016 08:08 PM EST

I bet you picked up a certian arrow ask tolo to clear your invetory

September 23rd, 2016 04:32 PM EST

Hi, in the server my name is MoonLight, the server is good, yesterday i joined it but now i can't! It says: Could not connect: Outdated server!

I want to join in my server's account but i can't...

Please, reply me and say to me what i need to do, i updated minecraft today but i can't join and i really really like the server, please tell to me what i need to do

September 23rd, 2016 05:03 PM EST

Hi. its very simple. go update your minecraft game to version 15.9

September 24th, 2016 06:28 PM EST

i have the last update but, i canΒ΄t join and i donΒ΄t know why, i want joooin! :(

September 24th, 2016 06:33 PM EST

iΒ΄m trying deleting minecraft pe and again install

September 24th, 2016 06:36 PM EST

i canΒ΄t join
can u make something to help me to join? please, i want join

September 24th, 2016 06:37 PM EST

i have the last update

October 8th, 2016 11:34 AM EST

Ok so if it says outdated server it means wait until tolo updates the server. If it doesn't work sorry :(

September 9th, 2016 01:58 PM EST

Xxfirecrazyxx is hacking with sprint hack and i think aimbot too

September 1st, 2016 11:33 AM EST

What is server name

September 1st, 2016 11:40 AM EST

It keeps saying invalid name

September 5th, 2016 09:02 PM EST

Go on opinions and type in a unique name. Steve or a name with a space in wont work.

September 23rd, 2016 04:35 PM EST

I can't join the server right now and idk why, that says could not connect: outdated server, i want to join the server, i really really want, please tell me what i need to do to connect the server please ill thank u so much

August 31st, 2016 06:04 AM EST

Guy's please contact me here http://www.mcpemm.net/ I very rarely check the comments on this website. So if you have a problem, need help or info or just want to ask a question. Join the forum and contact me there πŸ˜‰

August 30th, 2016 06:30 PM EST

Tolo am i i staff i applied but i got nothing from you ;/ and also hi doc

August 31st, 2016 06:03 AM EST

Hi i don't discuss staff recruitments here. please use the server forum.

August 30th, 2016 06:14 PM EST

OPderp shut up you only say that because YOU are banned so just shut UP

August 30th, 2016 06:59 PM EST

This comment has been moderated.

August 30th, 2016 06:13 PM EST

Guys master miners is not a scam if you buy vip they will not hack you they have a staff friendly server i recamond this to everyone it is so FUN

August 30th, 2016 03:22 PM EST

To anyone reading this, Master Miners is a scam. The staff doesn't even listen to you and only takes one side of the story. Even if you didn't do anything, they won't care and ban you for no apparent reason. DON'T PLAY ON THIS SERVER!!!

August 31st, 2016 06:00 AM EST

Im guessing your the player hairline. Who i gave a 2nd chance to. Im very careful on who i ban. i don't like banning people it decreases the popularity of the server witch i don't want. i received many complaints and screen shots of you bullying and breaking the server rules. so i was left with no choice. i had to ban you for the other player's and for the servers sake.

August 16th, 2016 02:26 AM EST

Guy's please contact me here http://www.mcpemm.net/ I very rarely check the comments on this website. So if you have a problem, need help or info or just want to ask a question. Join the forum and contact me there πŸ˜‰

August 16th, 2016 02:24 AM EST

I can reset your password if you can show me proof its you're account.

August 16th, 2016 02:24 AM EST

I can reset your password if you can show me proof its you're account.

August 13th, 2016 07:39 AM EST

Tolo is there a way for me to get a new password I forgot my old password for this acc

August 13th, 2016 07:38 AM EST

Tolo is there a way for me to get a new password I forgot my old password for this acc

August 1st, 2016 11:36 AM EST

How do I claim my helper rank I'm pikachu899

August 1st, 2016 04:33 AM EST

Guy's please contact me here http://www.mcpemm.net/ I very rarely check the comments on this website. So if you have a problem, need help or info or just want to ask a question. Join the forum and contact me there πŸ˜‰

July 31st, 2016 07:41 PM EST

How do I login I am new at this

August 1st, 2016 04:31 AM EST

please follow what I sed to xxTonytBagsxx

July 31st, 2016 06:13 PM EST

I got banne for using x-Ray!???? I didn't use it I'm banned until 2019 and now I'm sad:(

August 1st, 2016 04:32 AM EST

your unbanned. as no proof was given to me.

July 29th, 2016 06:12 AM EST

I'm trying to join I made a account and it won't let me /my name {mypassword} then I tried putting my email I made for it instead still Nothing

August 1st, 2016 04:30 AM EST

to log on for the 1st time you have to create a account. a email isn't needed. go to options and change your name to something unique that no one else is using. then log on and enter a password to register. and that's it.

July 17th, 2016 04:52 AM EST

i have a question could you guys reset my player data i cant join because a item in my inventory that i got from raiding it is an enchanted arrow that crashes my minecraft please could you guys reset my player data my minecraft name is jasondw03

July 1st, 2016 08:12 AM EST

Guy's please contact me here http://www.mcpemm.net/ I very rarely check the comments on this website. So if you have a problem, need help or info or just want to ask a question. Join the forum and contact me there πŸ˜‰

June 29th, 2016 11:10 PM EST

Hi pls bannd BRANDON_HACK _YT he hack my minecraft i dont know how did he get the hack and i have an vedio to show you

June 28th, 2016 04:22 AM EST

I would like to know if you would like more staff because I am willing to be one .
I would not abuse my power.
I would help people in need like people that just join the server.
I will be very active And ban or kick for spam or anthing not allowed.

And many other things And im also going to post this on the forum

Thank u I hope you can contact my account back saying yes or no
Or you can msg me if I am online on the server. My name: Swagging05

July 31st, 2016 07:42 PM EST

I have a question

June 23rd, 2016 03:52 PM EST

Tolo i been trying to contac you tru kik but you never aswer i ask to one of the staff mebern they told ne you delited kik. Wanted to talk about the staff stuff

June 20th, 2016 09:29 PM EST

Hello tolo
i started playing on this server for a few days and i cant stop playing :P
and i was wondering how to claim land in the survival world.

June 22nd, 2016 03:27 AM EST

hi. come join the server forum. you can find out anything you want ther. www.mcpemm.net

June 22nd, 2016 03:28 AM EST


June 16th, 2016 01:11 PM EST

UGHHHHHHH i cant use mc xD R.I.P Doc

June 15th, 2016 10:07 AM EST

toloooooooooooo when will it be updated to 15.0?

June 13th, 2016 06:09 AM EST

Hello Tolo! I have recently discovered this server and I am addicted to it! I have a few questions I hope you can answer...

1. Is the server frequently Online and Offline?

2.What are you to the server? (Ex: Co-Owner, Owner, ect)

3. I recently have had a problem connecting and I was wondering if it was because I'm in Montana in the U.S.A

Anyways thanks for the fun while it lasted!


June 14th, 2016 10:13 AM EST

hi and welcome 😊 the server was having some problems and that's why it was off and on. but the problems have been sorted now. if your having problems with the server not loading. please try connecting with the server ip
and I'm the Co owner of the server 😊

October 8th, 2016 11:38 AM EST

Tolo I am the biggest fan of your server... btw when I sent the staff thing I didn't have kik. my friend just put random numbers for the slot and I put my info down, but in the end I forgot to change my kik. btw what happends if I don't hake kik

June 13th, 2016 12:13 AM EST

Hey Tolo, I started playin this server at about September and I absolutely love it! But when I finally got full diamond gear and swords, I started pvping I found out that the VIP+ could do /enchant or something and get protection 11 and other enchantments. Is that too overpowered or is it because it cost a lot of money so it is ok. Because I got killed so many times and I don't even think I did any damage to them at all. So that's why I quit this server. If you could give me a good reason why VIP+ could do that, then I might start playing that again. Thx!!

June 14th, 2016 10:20 AM EST

hi sorry you left. the only advantage a vip+ could have is being able to use the enchant command to enchant he's/ hers armour. but none vip+ players can also enchant using the enchantment table. and they is different effects you can buy with in game money. like strength, resistance, double heart's and life regain. if you pvp against a player with all these effects and with enchanted armour. then your definitely going to lose everytime. on less you match what he has. or if your like seriously good at pvp lol. they is other ways you can pvp so it's fare on both sides. try the 1vs1 sign or speak to a player before pvping so you can set your rules.

June 12th, 2016 03:22 PM EST

The server is open 😊

June 12th, 2016 12:25 AM EST

Dear Tolo,

i have been playing McPeMasterMiners for a long time now and i now have Minecraft Windows 10 Edition i connected to the server went to craft a pickaxe and it was crafted but a few seconds after that the pickaxe went back to each of its origional items please tell me why i cannot craft on the computer version of MasterMiners.

June 12th, 2016 10:56 AM EST

I also play on Windows 10 Edition and i have this problem on all servers
not sure why, but at the moment i have a problem with the chat not working when i break blocks or pvp. Do you get that 2?

June 12th, 2016 10:57 AM EST

It happens with enchantment tables and anvils as well but i guess its something that needs 2 be fixed xD

June 12th, 2016 11:36 AM EST

hey docy. sorry but I can't help you with this. it's a problem with the minecraft pe windows edition. so only the ones that created the game can fix it. I can only suggest you switch to Android or Ios.

June 12th, 2016 11:50 AM EST

xD ik

June 11th, 2016 08:56 AM EST

Hi Tolo,

Is the server Offline or are my IP-Baned? I'm not shure I was on it at 10ish

June 10th, 2016 06:21 PM EST

it was off for like 2 days and went back on and now i think it is off please help Tolo

is it just my tablet or is the server offline

June 10th, 2016 06:18 PM EST

why is it taking a long time to join?????????? is the server offline

June 8th, 2016 11:43 AM EST

The server is showing Offline but it's actually Online. having some problems with this site. but the vote reward is working fine πŸ˜‰

June 11th, 2016 12:32 PM EST

I can't get on server πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I'm really upset

June 8th, 2016 05:18 AM EST

hi guys the server is open 😊

June 7th, 2016 01:40 PM EST


June 7th, 2016 10:24 AM EST

hi guys sorry for the long wait. the server is still being fixed and won't be open untill the lagg is gone. no one likes a laggy server and the lagg is one of the main reasons alot of players quit. so it's a priority to be fixed. hopefully it won't be down for much longer.

June 7th, 2016 10:53 AM EST

Hi Tolo its Lucy (or TheAwesomeWeirdo),

I am very sorry for posting bad reviews about this server as it is quite good.One question I would like to ask is that how do I become another rank? Any rank would do, Helper, Friend, BFF, Swegger, SwagPerson, Pro, Demon or even FireCharger would do, I at least play about 3 hours a day and I am an awesome builder I hope you can reply soon and yeah thanks for reading bye! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜œπŸ˜Š

-Lucy YOUR Bff

June 7th, 2016 12:32 PM EST

Hopefully the server may be open tomorrow or the other day... this server may be ranking down if keep on offline like this... Try ur best to make the server not laggy plus soon as possible... to make server back in track...

- Bossofswag
- A.k.a. Swagboz

June 7th, 2016 04:15 PM EST

How long until it comes back up because I miss being on my faveroite server

June 8th, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Hi Tolo it's TheAwesomeWeirdo,

Sorry to disturb you once again, but I just wanted to say thanks, not only being the most AWESOME owner in minecraft, but a really great friend.I wanted to ask you if I could have a YOUTUBER rank. This is only because my brother (William/redtoadyellow/WTGames) is a youtuber. If you want I could get him to join the server, his youtuber channel is WT Games, it's the top one, he has over 50 subs and I could get him to do a video on the server for free! Hope I haven't disturbed you to much, thanks for reading bye!


June 7th, 2016 09:36 AM EST

Hi Tolo,

How do you apply 4 Helper Rank I play atleast 2-6hrs per day plz make me helper

June 7th, 2016 12:39 PM EST

I don't think he will give it to ya... Maybe u should buy a rank from the website on /buy... U can't get free ranks for some reason.. Sometimes u need to earn it...

Ending with a "..."

- BossofSwag
- A.k.a Swagboz

June 7th, 2016 09:31 AM EST

Hai Tolo,

Just wondering when server will be back on
:) cuz it's the best server ever ;)

June 7th, 2016 07:10 AM EST

Remember... UK time is 6 hours more than USA time... Time: 7:10 A.M. USA, UK: 1:10 P.M. Right now...

June 7th, 2016 06:57 AM EST

Server is ok but more dysfunctional because of lag... I'll give out 3/5 stars because, the server had many lags and the slots of the server is too small rather to make more servers per world.... Like avenge tech... The server used to be number 4, but it is now 11th or below... Since the staff trying to fix the lag and now its offline for since this morning and midnight... The /vote have pretty good stuff, 10k, bedrock, exp bottles, iron armor, a diamond sword, bow and 20 arrows, finally two books that can be used as potions... The potion plugin is a good plugin without using bottles... The economy is better than avenge tech which it is easy to sell many things u mine... But avenge tech is least likely to sell stuff... All the positive things and negative things why I rate this 3/5 stars which is not too bad over the server.

June 7th, 2016 06:59 AM EST

Plus my username on mcpemm.net is: Swagboz...
Use /tell or /msg on the server if u have questions, if I'm online, and u online... Can use without /tell or /msg....

June 7th, 2016 07:03 AM EST

Or reply to me if u have questions about the server and maybe I will help you answer with my opinions or something else... Talk to me whenever...

June 7th, 2016 10:55 AM EST

Dear BossOfSwag

😫I agree!!!!!

June 7th, 2016 06:20 AM EST

Hi my name on this server is: TheAwesomeWeirdo. Firstly on this server it was very negative as I joined and there was LOADS of lag and secondly when I was building on my plot (I paid for it and everything) someone joined and blew it up. The only good thing about this server is the factions, and that's not even that good! Alright there are others who disagree with me but this is MY comment and I can say what I like. The hackers on this server are TERRIBLE they take all my stuff and everything. I agree with everyone who posts bad reviews and good ones but this is my COMMENT and I rate this server: 6/10 as its good but not GREAT.Thanks for listening and check my YouTube channel: WT Games with my brother!


June 7th, 2016 10:21 AM EST

sorry you feel that way. we are working on fixing the lag. hopefully it will be sorted soon.

June 7th, 2016 10:49 AM EST

Ok thanks for getting back so quickly to me. The reason I am replying back to you is because why is the server offline all of the time? Please reply in advance and I will get back to you soon. Thanks and bye!✊

June 6th, 2016 10:36 PM EST

This comment has been moderated.

June 7th, 2016 02:49 AM EST

Let's begin with. YOUR NOT EVEN IP BANNED. but make any threats again and you will be. The reason you can't connect is becos the server is down. and it will continue to be down for a further 4 hours. due to transferring the server from one host to another.

June 6th, 2016 06:20 AM EST

I don't even know if the $10000 is removed from the vote reward, it still say it $10000 in chat, but I didn't get any money from voting, please fix it!

June 7th, 2016 03:44 AM EST

hi. iv tested the vote reward several times and received the money and everything else.

June 5th, 2016 12:10 PM EST

Tolo I'm a bit annoyed that you have been ignoring me and now I'm band for no reason 😫😫😫😫😫😫 please fix it

June 5th, 2016 01:16 PM EST

he told me to email him at mcpemms@gmail.com he replied within the day. email is better.

June 7th, 2016 03:43 AM EST

your not Banned. for a faster reply contact me on kik or by email.

October 8th, 2016 11:35 AM EST

XD aren't you staff now? :0

June 5th, 2016 11:34 AM EST

Thank you I don't why I got banned lizard

June 5th, 2016 02:05 AM EST

Hi Tolo I have tried to kick you, every time I go on server nothing happens and when I do get on I crash is there something wrong with my acc have I been banned and if so for what

June 5th, 2016 10:45 AM EST

same I'm getting the same problem. it's only the name you crash with though so it's is more likely to be a ban. My account is LordHezakia if Tolo sees this

October 5th, 2016 08:07 PM EST

its likily you picked up a crashing arrow it makes you crash until tolo clears your invetory

June 4th, 2016 07:43 PM EST

why is the server off

June 4th, 2016 10:05 AM EST

What does it mean by login plz help me

June 4th, 2016 11:09 AM EST


June 4th, 2016 12:12 PM EST

if you have registered, do /login (password)
if not, do /register (password)

June 4th, 2016 12:25 PM EST

Ok thxs

June 4th, 2016 12:29 PM EST

Its not working

June 4th, 2016 01:35 PM EST

why not? what going wrong?

June 4th, 2016 03:39 PM EST

it means someone has already registered that account. try changing your name to something unique that no one else has used. then type a password 2 times to register it.

June 3rd, 2016 11:38 AM EST

Hi again,

Can I apply for the helper job I know pretty much everything I don't scan I'm trustworthy I really really would want to be part of your team And if u did pls make my account name Or3oL1k3r7

June 3rd, 2016 11:30 AM EST

Hi Tolo,

Right let me get something straight ok so I've bought Vip it took money out off mine
So yeah that's no1 now no2 I paid 4.5mil to FoxyFox and he scammed me pls tell FoxyFox18 to give my money back because he kept swearing to me and telling me I'm an idiot so pls make him pay my money or ban him or make me Vip pls

Thx For ur help
OR3OL1K3R7. Please get in touch as soon as u can that will be great

June 4th, 2016 03:46 PM EST

hi sorry this happend to you but they is no rule on a player scamming a player. your just unlucky and need to be more careful who you trust. That's part of what survival world is.

June 2nd, 2016 12:53 AM EST

this server is my favourite, the enchanted diamond armour is so easy to get, even after you lose it! all you need to to is go on one mining trip!

But I have a problem. I was playing bow madness with someone when I won! but I noticed some potions amongst the items that were dropped. so I picked them up & they were potions of strength. but at that moment there is a reboot or something that disconnects me.I have to go get dinner & when I come back, my game either fails to connect, or crashes when it does connect! I don't know why this is maybe it's the strength potions, but please do what you can to fix it, in case I got banned or something. I know that you may not be responsible or able to fix it though, so don't worry if you can't.

June 2nd, 2016 03:24 AM EST

Also when I changed my name my character got into the server fine but I didn't get to log into my original account so I lost all my items. I now know it is my account that did something and it wasn't just a glitch because if it was completely a glitch it would happen to all of the accounts/names I try to login as. Please see why my account (which is LordHezakia) is having trouble maybe it got banned.

June 4th, 2016 03:44 PM EST

hi. of you can tell me your exact in game name then I can fix this. for a faster reply. please email at mcpemms@gmail.com

June 1st, 2016 04:53 AM EST

I love the server. But I was wondering, when do the mines re-fill? Thx and please work on the lag.

June 1st, 2016 04:57 AM EST

I know it is filled daily, but what time, when I get there everything is already gone:(

June 4th, 2016 03:42 PM EST

hi. the mine is usually reset at 12 pm or 8 pm. UK time.

May 31st, 2016 11:07 AM EST

Hey Tolo I just wanted to let u know if anyone WHO DOSENT scam can buy Vip for max at 5mil plz respond BTW your server is epic

May 29th, 2016 07:20 PM EST

Your server are great but can you add 5 more space for player that will be apreaayated

May 29th, 2016 03:22 PM EST

Tolo I really really want to be a helper I am a good friend of bouncy we made an awesome town I am top donator this month I help others I'm always supportive and keeping server together if people swear I will tell them not to if you read this
It is written by minecraft name is Rory

May 28th, 2016 02:59 PM EST

Toll please help I keep on applying to be a staff member and keep on completing the application andd it won't give me staff member..!!!😬

May 20th, 2016 01:55 PM EST

Tolo plz update the server to 14.3

May 20th, 2016 05:13 AM EST

Please update!

May 19th, 2016 10:46 PM EST

Tolo can you plz update the server I can't get in

May 14th, 2016 07:44 AM EST

hi tolo affan was fly hacking he did not have vip plz wach him to make sure he was not hacking

May 15th, 2016 06:12 AM EST

hi Affan is a vip. Maybe he's rank glitched πŸ˜•

May 13th, 2016 05:07 AM EST

Hi tolo im building great houses on the server do visit it -22;-25,and i realy love your server,its my favorite. and by the way there are some emty plots that has owners but no builds,and i also saw somthing like s*xing statues orsome d*ck statues plss do remove it,plss increas the amount of plot that a player can have.thanks for reading i realy apreciate youre server.

May 15th, 2016 06:10 AM EST

hi il check out ur houses 😊 now. and il unclaim any plots that are claimed and not built on and reset any inappropriate builds.

May 12th, 2016 10:04 PM EST

i need help someone hack my friends acc he is ricky1117 this is what happens ricky quits with his vip acc and he gave his vip acc to mcpedark_playz have purchase vip he gave tha rickys acc to me and i slept and when i try to login my pass do not work pls i need help

May 7th, 2016 10:53 PM EST

How the hell do i log in??

May 10th, 2016 02:14 AM EST

use a unique name that no one else has used. then enter a password 2 times to register the account.

May 6th, 2016 07:58 AM EST

we are aware of the lagg shakes at survival world spawn. And we are working on making a new one to solve the problem. should be ready soon. and it's looking 100% beter 😊

May 23rd, 2016 12:50 PM EST

will the original survive world be reset i dont want to lose my great work with a lot of stuff in my chests and i dont want to start over i will lose all my diamond blocks and stuff pls no :( pls reply btw i love the server but i dont wanna lose everything.

May 4th, 2016 08:31 AM EST

In Surival world, how many blocks between sky limit and bedrock?

May 6th, 2016 07:56 AM EST


April 29th, 2016 10:22 PM EST

Please fix the server I came in once in the sever and it was so glitchy also everybody said it was glitchy too so I know it wasn't my wifi also every other sever works exept my favorite one! In the server there's only 9 people because it's so glitchy and I can't come in also I just voted so I wanted to come in to see what I got but I cant because it won't let me in 😭😭 PLEASE FIX IT!!!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

April 30th, 2016 02:56 AM EST

hi. sins the update 14.2 theys been a couple of problems. ther being fixed.😊

April 28th, 2016 06:45 PM EST

the server has now been updated.

April 29th, 2016 11:20 PM EST

Why is there only 8 people on the server

April 28th, 2016 02:33 AM EST

Hi Tolo Im new to this server but cannot conect to it. I think it is because I have the 0.14.2 update. Can you update your server because it looks great!?

April 28th, 2016 03:28 AM EST

I know, but overall its a very good server you should join my faction when it updates yeah. But can it get 14.2 please i really want to play the server if you ever see cr7lover on thats me

April 27th, 2016 09:45 AM EST

Hi Good day Tolo

Can you please Teleport my hero to spawn
Because i cant login, i cant type my password
Im stuck in a nether portal the purple one, everytime i click the messagebox it dissapear and my hero is feeling dizzy
Please help Tolo

IGN: Benjen

April 27th, 2016 09:53 AM EST

Its ok now tolo Thank you

April 22nd, 2016 09:09 PM EST

This comment has been moderated.

April 23rd, 2016 03:23 AM EST

I love it when jealous players try to stop others from joining. 1st off. everything you sed is full of **** I'm actually known to be one of the best server owner's out ther. as being mature, responsible, careering and respectful to all players. and I'm always helping others with ther server. MasterMiners offers a creative world for all players. not just vip players. not many other servers do this. and it also offers free ranks for all players. not only donated ranks. so why don't you keep your immature comments to your self. thank you.

April 19th, 2016 06:15 AM EST

for a faster reply. please contact me on kik username Tolo000

April 27th, 2016 08:26 AM EST

Hi tolo there a problem in server can't move or walk please you fix it back soon best regards ankabout

April 17th, 2016 12:12 PM EST

Why is the staff not responding here neither in the game?

Theres a lot of problems the players are facing.

To many glitch and reports of items disappearance ( like in my case)

April 19th, 2016 06:15 AM EST

we're trying to find the root of the problem to fix it. once found. then it can be fixed.

April 17th, 2016 11:46 AM EST

Tolo please bring back my items
My items just disappeared in my inventory
I didnt die. I was just on the spawn area then when i relog its all gone
My fully enchanted diamond set were gone and my sword

Please bring me back my items

And fix these problems

IGN: Benjen

May 4th, 2016 08:35 AM EST

Every Saturday midnight, all players invertery including armour, xps will be reset for reduce lag issue.

April 17th, 2016 12:22 AM EST

Ive had the server since it first came out and its been very sick but the prices for the shop should be a bit lower and the mine should be reset every fortnight, but the problem ive been having today is i click on the server but its just staying on the locating server for like 10 minutes
Im serioulsy thinking about reporting to the head of the minecraft servers, also my friend bought something and never got it

April 19th, 2016 06:13 AM EST

hi depending what country your in the domain might not always work for you. try connecting with the ip instead and the mine is being reset daily.

April 16th, 2016 10:36 PM EST

Why i cant login to the game?

April 19th, 2016 06:13 AM EST

please try using the ip

June 5th, 2016 02:08 PM EST

I tryed both ips none work can you please let me know if theres some one login as taner0tt

April 16th, 2016 05:55 PM EST

I love this server im planning on getting vip queen soon please let me know

April 19th, 2016 06:09 AM EST

I'm sure I seen you on yesterday?

April 16th, 2016 05:52 PM EST

Hello tolo, i was womdering if i was banned because i cannot connect my user name is thisisactuality.

April 16th, 2016 10:14 AM EST

To Creators:

Please Fix the Enchanting table bug/Glitch. When we enchant a thing or two sometimes after 5sec it goes back to normal but my lvl doesnt. Then the item will go back to the enchanting table and without knowing the table will throw the item and sometimes we cant pick it up until it disappears.

PS. can you please add enchanting books and fishing rod?

From IGN: Benjen

April 19th, 2016 06:08 AM EST

ok will look into it.

April 14th, 2016 09:34 AM EST

Pls dude tolo I just reply u for a unban appeal I've been playing this server for a long time but my brother just came in and started hacking I'm sry about that BUT IF U CAN'T UNBAN ME U WILL LOSE UR VOTER AND ALSO A GOOD PLAYER THERE ARE TOO MANY SERVER BUT I CHOSE THIS SERVER I WANT TO GET UNBANNED BTW MY BROTHER MCPE NAME WAS ZATHURABOY

April 14th, 2016 10:08 AM EST

ok il unban you. just make sure your brother doesn't use mods again.

April 10th, 2016 11:32 AM EST

I'm new on the server and love it can you please update it to 14.1 though I can't get on it any more

April 12th, 2016 12:16 PM EST

hi I'm glad you enjoy it. the server has been updated.
versions 0.14.0 and 0.14.1 can now join.

April 14th, 2016 09:28 AM EST

Tolo pls can u ip unban me my brother was speed hacking there and I didn't knew it I'm a huge fan of this server and I also vote for it I'm sry for all this and my brothers mcpe name was zathuraboy pls I assure u it won't happen again

April 4th, 2016 02:41 PM EST

TOLO plz check out ChubbyCheeks. If u /w chubbychecks when he is online it says player not found. And two of my friends and I where full iron diamond swords and he had only a chest plate legs and boots. He would not die and 2 shot all of us. Also he did not have a god apple or anything on there where no buffs swirl things. Plz check him out if u need to find him I'll tp to where he usual is. I'm JoshGames123123 on mine master thx

April 12th, 2016 12:18 PM EST

they is a glitch in the game that sometimes makes players not take damage. the player has to relog to fix the glitch. if he doesn't relog. ask one of the staff to kick him.

April 1st, 2016 10:44 PM EST

and pls dont say the server sucks

April 1st, 2016 12:59 AM EST


April 1st, 2016 02:47 AM EST

no one ever gets Banned for no reason. tell me your in game name and il find out why you was banned.

April 1st, 2016 10:43 PM EST

i agree that nowone ever gets banned for no reason

April 6th, 2016 09:01 AM EST

Tolo i have doanated 6 pounds could you make me vip now pls if no i willl give more

March 20th, 2016 12:26 PM EST

Mcpemm.net ip Does not work for me help pls

March 21st, 2016 06:30 PM EST

delete the server then start again. and make sure after typing "mcpemm.net" they is no space after the "net" part. alot of people have made this mistake.

March 20th, 2016 06:34 AM EST

The server is a mess look at it

March 20th, 2016 06:47 AM EST

the server has been moved to mcpemm.net

March 19th, 2016 01:46 PM EST

Tolo If you have a Proof that I used hacks Please tell me-Ozan

March 19th, 2016 01:29 PM EST

Tolo Why banned me? I wasnt hacking or used and mods maybe you saw a bug?-Ozan

March 17th, 2016 05:31 PM EST

the server is changing ip this Saturday to mcpemm.net and the slots will be increased to 100.

March 13th, 2016 07:34 PM EST

If can't join try this as a server mcpemm.com leave port the way it is

March 12th, 2016 11:27 AM EST

Me to

March 12th, 2016 10:03 AM EST

When can I join

March 11th, 2016 09:32 PM EST

OMG why is this server always offline its so annoying

March 11th, 2016 07:22 PM EST


March 9th, 2016 03:55 PM EST

It's a awesome server but the armor and the chests are buggy and the anvils but it's a good server if you fix those 3 things.

March 7th, 2016 08:42 PM EST

Tolo when will vip+ come out

March 6th, 2016 11:44 PM EST

Masterminers is cool ser cool like #masterminerscool

February 27th, 2016 09:04 PM EST

Oh and Tolo I have 1 complaint. That the server is offline often. Why is that.

- NetherWrecker

March 2nd, 2016 03:17 AM EST

The server is in beta mode meaning it's under maintenance while players play to try to fix the problems.

March 5th, 2016 10:04 AM EST

Ok that makes sense

February 27th, 2016 08:50 PM EST

Oh and my account is NetherWrecker not samanthaau

February 27th, 2016 08:48 PM EST

I like this server very much but i suggest we Tolo That you make a rule that if VIPs vote they get 100k and everyone else gets 10k that might encourage more donations

March 2nd, 2016 03:18 AM EST

That's not possible. I can only set up 1 vote reward. Sorry.

March 7th, 2016 08:37 PM EST

It's ok. I still love this server!

February 27th, 2016 02:06 AM EST

Hello Tolo..I have suggestion.. Can you make this?a normal player can buy a land using /startp,/endp and /land buy plugins...many player on your server wanna it too...player build a base..got raid..buy a bedrock to make a vault(very small)..I'll vote everyday when this server have land buy...please take this suggestion


March 2nd, 2016 03:15 AM EST

Sorry but land is a benefit of being vip. Sorry but only vip will have this command.

February 26th, 2016 01:57 AM EST

Someone take my username HiddenPower thats my username than he changed the pass and donated to VIP

February 26th, 2016 01:54 AM EST

Admin u need to fix the free ranks its ugly when i see it Not like the past free ranks i hope its working

February 24th, 2016 11:27 AM EST

Admin you may put older version for mine plugins. The server is not having mine where all members are master miners.

February 25th, 2016 06:37 PM EST

I'm working on fixing the mine plugin. Will be back soon.

February 22nd, 2016 07:40 AM EST

My chest says 99+ with no blocks or anything in that slot

February 25th, 2016 06:37 PM EST

The vote reward was increased to 100k money for the lost of items due to the chest glitch.

February 27th, 2016 09:05 PM EST

I had no idea there even was a chest glitch

February 21st, 2016 10:53 AM EST

Tolo mine not resets

February 22nd, 2016 02:14 PM EST


February 20th, 2016 01:23 PM EST

Tolo how do I become op forever

February 20th, 2016 11:59 PM EST

Creating your own server is the only way. No one on the server gets op but the owner.

February 11th, 2016 11:16 PM EST

I just donated under wrong username Tolo!!!! Please help me and answer kik!!! I donated under diamondstever124. Help!

February 7th, 2016 04:42 PM EST

Hey Tolo can u please give me either you or shaders kick because I really would like the opertunity to become a staff member so I can help the community out more.

February 10th, 2016 11:03 AM EST

Mine is Tolo000 and shades is Shader8.

February 5th, 2016 09:43 AM EST

Hey. Tolo i was wondering how i beckme a staff member as i really like helping people out on your server :)

February 5th, 2016 09:44 AM EST


February 6th, 2016 05:07 AM EST

Hi. You need to join kik and search for shader8 and ask him for a staff application.

February 4th, 2016 06:17 PM EST

Can I plz help with 13.2 update?

February 4th, 2016 03:06 PM EST

I hate it how when I type in /help, /p help how it doesn't show me all of the stuff I need to know. And I tried to see if any of the signs at spawn had info on it, and I got no help

February 5th, 2016 03:36 AM EST

That's becos they is to many commands to show on 1 page so u have to do.
/help 2
/help 3
/help 4
And so on.

January 26th, 2016 09:44 AM EST

TOLO what is your kick

January 26th, 2016 09:38 AM EST


January 26th, 2016 09:37 AM EST


January 25th, 2016 10:35 AM EST

How can i join??????

January 22nd, 2016 11:19 PM EST

TOLO dannyz was over a big hole and flew over and said tap for free stuff
I lost all my stuff plz tell him to stop

January 23rd, 2016 01:55 PM EST

Hi. Sorry but theys nothing I can do about that. There not breaking any rules. I suggest avoiding them.

January 22nd, 2016 10:18 PM EST


January 22nd, 2016 05:43 AM EST

Why did you disable /f claim. It lessen the fun

January 23rd, 2016 01:54 PM EST

Hi. F claim is very glitchy at the moment. So it's disable. Until we can find a fix.

January 22nd, 2016 02:02 AM EST

What is tolos kik

January 22nd, 2016 02:01 AM EST

This is a really great server, but over powered people will run the mine and if you try to kill them another player kills you, when the person that killed you wants to.kill the other guy also

January 23rd, 2016 01:58 PM EST

Yes I'm aware of this. But theys not much I can do to help. If I disabled pvp in that area. It would mean. No one could mine there at all. I suggest you find some one you trust so he/she can watch your back while you mine.

January 19th, 2016 10:20 AM EST

If the server is down. It's becos something has gone wrong. And that's why it ses down for maintenance. So please stop the spam about server being down. For a faster reply. Contact me on Kik.

January 18th, 2016 12:40 PM EST

WHEN ONLINE πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

January 18th, 2016 12:27 PM EST

When will it be online :/

January 18th, 2016 10:39 AM EST


January 17th, 2016 09:53 PM EST

If I joined, would I get stuck at the spawn like other servers?

January 21st, 2016 11:28 AM EST

When you join. You have to enter a password. Before you can move. Like all server's.

January 17th, 2016 12:39 PM EST

I will download kik if needed to become staff
Tell me on this chat page or in the server to download kik

January 17th, 2016 12:36 PM EST

Turn on server plz
MasterMiner plz can you make me staff im on everyday every hour every Miniute the staff you selected are never on and they never help they try to ignore people to leave help.
Plz accept my querie

Best Regard Minecraft Username:Bk9503
If you have seen this message please continue on from it
Thank you

January 17th, 2016 12:24 PM EST

Stop closing server

January 17th, 2016 05:54 AM EST

I am going to add you in my kick

January 17th, 2016 05:52 AM EST

Tolo can I get informer or helper I am on server a lot and I will always help people if they need it Plz let me if you accept my request can you tell someone to give it.

Also can you turn server on if you could that would be great

January 17th, 2016 03:49 AM EST

Tolo plz turn the server on 😦😦😦😦

January 16th, 2016 03:36 PM EST

Tolo the server keeps turning on and off
Fix this please

January 16th, 2016 12:56 PM EST

Tolo blackout the gladiator sweared at littledinolove he was using a hack as he can do /bk home if he writes any name like /no home he can get to their home please ban him :(

January 16th, 2016 06:38 AM EST

Y did i get 'kicked:No coming back' it won't let me join the server anymore

January 17th, 2016 04:16 AM EST

No!!!! Zk :( try join galactic network thats the one i go on when masterminers ks offline

January 16th, 2016 06:37 AM EST

Tolo it said kicked by admin no coming back why I can't join :(

January 15th, 2016 03:32 PM EST


January 14th, 2016 08:41 PM EST

Could you sell some spawn eggs like wolf and ocelot

January 10th, 2016 09:05 AM EST

When will it be online :(

January 10th, 2016 08:12 AM EST

Why cant i connect to the server?

January 10th, 2016 05:31 AM EST

Why is the server not on its irratating

January 9th, 2016 04:16 PM EST

How long will it be down for matienance

January 9th, 2016 04:06 AM EST

The server will be back online soon. And please don't use this as a social chat page.

January 9th, 2016 05:35 AM EST

Sorry tolo, and whens soon :)

January 8th, 2016 12:17 PM EST

Come online!!!!

January 8th, 2016 02:45 PM EST

Hi zk! :)

January 8th, 2016 03:31 PM EST

Hey xD

January 8th, 2016 11:34 AM EST

tolo i was wondering if i could become a helper or staff or informer? As im online all the time :)

January 8th, 2016 11:32 AM EST

When will it go back online? :(

January 1st, 2016 07:24 AM EST


Im a father trying to set up and log in the this server for my son. I keep getting kicked because im not logged in how do I log in ???? Confused.

January 3rd, 2016 04:11 PM EST

Hi. To log on. Please change the name on options. Steve is not available. And be sure to use a name no one else has chosen. Then just enter a password 2 times.

January 8th, 2016 11:33 AM EST

Type a password in more than 10 characters and then re enter it ( you have tk be quick ) hope this helped

December 31st, 2015 09:57 AM EST

Hi Tolo
My account is Bk9503 not bilalkkk

December 31st, 2015 09:56 AM EST

Hi Tolo
I have been wondering if I could become a staff im online everyday every hour, I'm helpful and I know nearley everything about this game,thanks plz reply if you need me to do stuff like download kik I'm fine with that.

From Bk9503

December 24th, 2015 07:07 AM EST

Dear tolo can u come on the server now plz because there is someone fly and speed hacking!
can u ban-ip him plz!
his name is Krisator!

From jamie[VIP]

December 23rd, 2015 05:57 PM EST

Dear tolo

I have been asking u for ages if I could have helper but now I've waited and I've helped a little more I was wondering if I could now have it!!??
Plz answer back!

Best regards Jamie

December 19th, 2015 01:10 PM EST

Please could u look at this quick and see why I have been banned because I really like this server

December 19th, 2015 07:57 AM EST

Hi I just tried to join the server but It kept saying I have been banned! I have not used anything that would have got me banned and I was on the server about 2 hours ago. Please can you check again and rethink the ban as I haven't done anything. Thanks .

December 13th, 2015 04:20 AM EST

Someone changed my password, and i cant access my account at all and i payed to be on there. Really upset at the integrity of some people on the server - even reset the email contact so i cannot reset the password!!! Please set the email back to original so i can log back in. My mum would like to be able to email someone directly to discuss!!

December 14th, 2015 03:29 AM EST

Your problem was resolved. Please in future contact Tolo on kik. And don't ever tell other players your password.

December 13th, 2015 04:14 AM EST

Nice server, horrible people

November 21st, 2015 04:53 PM EST

If u like u can email me at aunderwood007@aol.com

November 20th, 2015 08:28 AM EST

I love this sever and have been playing for a long time, however I updated my game to 0.13.0 yesterday and it now it says the sever is outdated, I can't play and I really am impressed with the sever, is there any possible way you can update the sever from 0.12.1 to 0.13.0 as the later edition is far better and has red stone (FINNALY) :)
Plz get back to me asap,


November 8th, 2015 10:23 PM EST

Hey its key again and I am vip I was wondering is I could become a helper or a higher staff member I am on most days plz contact me.

November 7th, 2015 02:12 AM EST

Tolo plz more slots ...sv is full

November 5th, 2015 02:46 PM EST

Very very good server. ...gg :)

October 25th, 2015 02:25 PM EST

Tolo I love the server, I just think the server needs more room on it!

October 19th, 2015 06:33 PM EST

tolo and master miners I need to sey sonthing sonone call xX_Supercool was hacking I was sing to the amid they sed that he was not hacking and I saw him fly wef out a fether and he is not a vip to us /fly.

October 22nd, 2015 10:12 AM EST

Ok il look into it. In future please contact me on kik at #masterminers. You will get a faster reply this way lol.

October 13th, 2015 04:01 PM EST

I hope that the update is relly good :)

October 12th, 2015 04:49 PM EST

Hey till I have a question for both you and masterminds but I was wandering if I could be part of the masterminers crew and your server is awesome um let me know I'm on almost everyday :)

October 12th, 2015 04:50 PM EST

Sorry auto correction

October 11th, 2015 02:59 AM EST

I was ip banned by Mika for invisible but she was in my base and I typed to drop off loot and I killed her as I had strength on she was claiming I was in is and banned my ip please unban my ip I know I am innocent

From key

October 22nd, 2015 10:13 AM EST

Your no longer banned.

September 26th, 2015 07:40 AM EST

Does anyone know when the server is goin to update plz tell me.

September 14th, 2015 10:02 AM EST

Theys no stable version available yet. So I can't update the server sorry. If your on android. You could always downgrade.

September 13th, 2015 06:44 PM EST


September 11th, 2015 02:48 PM EST

I can't connect because I already updated to 0.12.1, why haven't you guys updated the servers yet? Please update it so that we can play

September 26th, 2015 07:41 AM EST

Hi fab.

September 10th, 2015 04:14 PM EST

Every time I try to play it says "disconnected from server" what's happening???

September 9th, 2015 07:01 AM EST

I neeeeed help

September 10th, 2015 04:12 AM EST

The server hasn't been updated yet. As soon as they is a stable pocketmine 1.6 build. The server will be updated.

September 9th, 2015 06:47 AM EST

Why is the server not working?

September 2nd, 2015 11:51 AM EST

What's happing the server is white listed?

September 2nd, 2015 11:48 AM EST

Favourite server ever :) would donate anytime

Thx for the server

August 15th, 2015 12:09 PM EST

Admin Henri is repeatedly kicking me out for no valid reason, please try to stop this, it is interrupting my gameplay, and thank you for taking your time to read this .

July 15th, 2015 06:42 PM EST

Could you add me to the white list my minecraft pe name is flamce22 hope u add me and pls replay if u did :)

August 5th, 2015 05:27 PM EST

We have done it

August 6th, 2015 02:21 AM EST

The server is open for all. Join any time.

November 16th, 2015 01:15 AM EST

How do you connect