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Please help I can't see anything every tim I enter the jungle planet my nap is beast455
IP: PORT: 60098
Please join! NAME OF SERVER: Kawaii Heart!

Dont advertise, its just not right, not here
Plz help I can't see custom enchants my name is beast455

Change to classic gui to see custom enchants
Hello I was banned for duping and I didn't dupe I got a stack of 8bil notes from a dp that gordlplayz did and I got banned plus urban me gt SharkOverlordv2 server: ice planet
PLZ help me Am stuck in duel for 14 days now. My name is HeZoMaC server name dream planet
Please help i am stuck in duel mode on alien plant. My gamertag is TheQueenBee3278
I am stuck in jungle planet in /duel. My ign is soccerproskill8
I am stuck in /duel on the pleb planet and the alien planet please help ASAP I am tier 5 so hurry please
I've been having lots of trouble logging on to the server..not sure if its me or the server
I need help my name is JJ_nah on pleb planet and im currently stuck in a duel plz help

Monday May 8th the hacks were real in spirit and dream servers

There was difficulty on all planets people signing into staff accounts
I play on the alien planet server my faction is the enderwarriors faction im looking for people to join it my username is BrianI im normally on around 6-7 or anytime near that.

I'll join my ign is TBNR l_WolfHunter se u there

HI IM THANGTQ12 IM STUCK INA CRASH LOOP AND I KNOW DO STUPID SOME PEOPLE ARE FOR WAITING 3 DAYS TO FIX THIS PROMBLEN FOR ME WHEN I GO IN CHAT AND GET OUT OF CHAT IT CHRASHES MY GAME WTF IS HAPPING PLEASE FIXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MAKE SURE IF ENYONE HAS THIS PROBLEM PLEASE TRY TO FIX QUICKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fun server but atm more things got important so im selling an acc in demon/ice server. Msg me on my email to make deals and get details.
My email is
I have forgot my password for cosmic pvp My name is SicilianPvP can anyone help me
On CosmicPe Factions Ice world My friends and I all got banned without reason. The admin XtreemXplosion banned my friends LegoJim24 and slayerofcops for "hacking" LegoJim24 plays on PC, so he swings faster and Xtreem claimed that as "spam clicker". My user is Parzival078. My friends are LegoJim24 and slayerofcops. Please un-Ban us, also Xtreem is an awful admin who has banned many people without reason. Please contact me at with any questions.

I was banned for arguing with him over LegoJim's Ban.
I can't login or change my password, please help, my name is T_Boss.
My account got hacked, is there anyway I
I can get it back? Please help! My IGN is TuanPhamGaming, I have tier 5 rank. I need my account back, I worked so hard for the rank. So please help me. Reply asap.

Have u got replied yet
Plz patched the redstone glitch so we can make TNT cannon.If it's patched so only I will get happy :)
I am always glitching can't get away from start

Also forgot to mention this it was on sky wars
Helpppp whoever created this server there's lots of hackers on and I lost 4gsets u seriously need to fix the server or I and 17 of my friends will get boarder really like this server and if this laggy and glitchy then we won't play we love that you hav costum enchants plz fix everything and if you can can you giv me my 4gsets hackers we're flying around in war zone and then hit me with a knock back 1000 on there sword seconds later I'm like 10000 blocks from war zone pls fix everything and my username is superstar505 if you can giv my gsets back
Pls update to 1.0.5 ON FACTIONS 1 PLS :) I am desperate to join back into the action also may I become a trial mod pls of cosmic ow I love to see the servers grow and vanish hackers if so pls let me know thanks my username in. Nomnom2411
1.0.5 update *
1.0.5 update *
Hey people just asking my real account is nomnom2411 I play on faction server and I cannot join due to the 1.0.5 unpasteurised when I click on the server it say's outdated server so pls fix this team and also the pv glitches as well many other people suffer with this too if you accept and fix these conditions I give u my regards
From Nomnom2411
It's boring
I was just opening vote chest I got fallen hero kit so I saved it in pv 1 as I didn't hav a base but suddenly wen I again opened my pv 1 all my stuff my armour my fallen hero kit everything was gone plz help me
Thank you my I'd is umarthemartian
Hello im new to this server and i don't know how to use the combiner i got some sick books and i don't know how to put them on my sword would anybody like to tell me how?

First do /combiner then tap the sword or axe or armour then tap the book and tap Enchant and yiu need luck cuz in the book there is precents Low precents isbad cuz the sword or anything might break
Hey I got banned for no reason this morning and I'm wondering if I could be unbanned. Corby703 is my user I honestly don't hack
On jungle planet it lags a lot. Can you guys fix that.
Click bear is advertising he said he doesn't care at all if he gets banned
Plsss give me my rank its tier 5 i can send you the pic when i buyed it

Pls repair the server, none of the maps work! It has been at least 3 weeks
And i play on i memorized it :)
And so i cant login cus im on 1.0.3 and server is on 1.0.2 my ign is SlimeBoy5
Your payment has been successfully processed.

To receive your purchased goods please login to our Minecraft server. Once logged in you will have a maximum wait time of 5 minutes before automatically receiving your purchased items(s).

If you have any issues please contact a member of staff on the server. Please do not contact Mojang or Buycraft.

This is what it said after i conformied payment
Hay guys plz update to 1.0.3 on i just boght rank and and i need to join to reedeem it i have screen shots pfrooof
Admin please fix the lag,for me its teleport lag i dont know why if its because the server please fix soonly

And Admin im in demon server
Not all the maps are working. because you can not join him. why a you doimg this to all. repair it pls.
Can I get the information needed to contact a direct server admin on the dream planet? After a server rest my pv was completely empty, so I closed and rejoined and when I got back on I was missing my skeleton spawner I had just got that day. I would really appreciate it if this issue can be resolved, if not maybe just a pension of something equivalent to it. I just don't want to me out of a skeleton spawner at the most. Thanks


Sorry they do not return virtual items next time please have video evidence and send it to muq!
Lionel7 my account got banned for no reason when the server got hacked so i want my account back so i can play plss read this and unban Lionel7
Please it would be great if I can be a worker, I would love to see all the cool stuff going to be added! Best server ever!
how do I use the magical carpet does not go I bought it to 15000 pls staff

Aka magic carpet
should not be the magical carpet
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