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1.0.5 update *
1.0.5 update *
Hey people just asking my real account is nomnom2411 I play on faction server and I cannot join due to the 1.0.5 unpasteurised when I click on the server it say's outdated server so pls fix this team and also the pv glitches as well many other people suffer with this too if you accept and fix these conditions I give u my regards
From Nomnom2411
It's boring
I was just opening vote chest I got fallen hero kit so I saved it in pv 1 as I didn't hav a base but suddenly wen I again opened my pv 1 all my stuff my armour my fallen hero kit everything was gone plz help me
Thank you my I'd is umarthemartian
Hello im new to this server and i don't know how to use the combiner i got some sick books and i don't know how to put them on my sword would anybody like to tell me how?
Hey I got banned for no reason this morning and I'm wondering if I could be unbanned. Corby703 is my user I honestly don't hack
On jungle planet it lags a lot. Can you guys fix that.
Click bear is advertising he said he doesn't care at all if he gets banned
Plsss give me my rank its tier 5 i can send you the pic when i buyed it

Pls repair the server, none of the maps work! It has been at least 3 weeks
And i play on i memorized it :)
And so i cant login cus im on 1.0.3 and server is on 1.0.2 my ign is SlimeBoy5
Your payment has been successfully processed.

To receive your purchased goods please login to our Minecraft server. Once logged in you will have a maximum wait time of 5 minutes before automatically receiving your purchased items(s).

If you have any issues please contact a member of staff on the server. Please do not contact Mojang or Buycraft.

This is what it said after i conformied payment
Hay guys plz update to 1.0.3 on i just boght rank and and i need to join to reedeem it i have screen shots pfrooof
Admin please fix the lag,for me its teleport lag i dont know why if its because the server please fix soonly

And Admin im in demon server
Not all the maps are working. because you can not join him. why a you doimg this to all. repair it pls.
Can I get the information needed to contact a direct server admin on the dream planet? After a server rest my pv was completely empty, so I closed and rejoined and when I got back on I was missing my skeleton spawner I had just got that day. I would really appreciate it if this issue can be resolved, if not maybe just a pension of something equivalent to it. I just don't want to me out of a skeleton spawner at the most. Thanks


Sorry they do not return virtual items next time please have video evidence and send it to muq!
Lionel7 my account got banned for no reason when the server got hacked so i want my account back so i can play plss read this and unban Lionel7
Please it would be great if I can be a worker, I would love to see all the cool stuff going to be added! Best server ever!
how do I use the magical carpet does not go I bought it to 15000 pls staff

Aka magic carpet
should not be the magical carpet
Hey staff can you reply to this my cactus won't grow so I can't start a farm to make money plz someone respond or just help me I play on dream pleb and demon plz help I. Want a farm please
Hello admins of cosmic pe 1 aka plebplanet, for some reason I cannot join the server anymore and if I was banned I have reasons why I could have thought to have been a hacker
Reason #1: my flying in spawn stayed with me I the warzone so I tried taking it away and eventually gave up.
Reason #2: my wifi is very unstable so gears stays with me after I take them off.
Reason #3:if a guy with a username sord of like jusef he maybe mad at me for killing him and taking his envoy gear
That is all my reasons and if is not enough I understand, but please tell me if I am banned or is my wifi acting up again username Derperaa01. Thank you
I was playing a game of skywars with my friend and out of no where I lagged and got disconnected and every time I try to rejoin it sais unable to connect to world. Also your server crashes and restarts way to often. And you need some Adkins and no one is gonna pay 999$ can u let me join again? And can u give me free admin and op and permission for all commands? I'm nota GREIFER OR A HACKER and if I catch one I will ban them. I believe in well put together servers. And I have join plenty of leet server where I'm given op the owners log off I build stuff and when they log on the next day there amazed with how much I've done! Plz my account is king_of_awesome1
Can you staff please turn the server un white-listed please I really want to play on cosmicpe.

White list is when staff is only allowed on to the server you do not want it to be whitelisted if you want to play.
Hey can y'all wipe my inventory on fac1. Account AbbyBeats pls. I'm having to use my alt account abbylovesya. And I would really like my main account.

Also I staff for servers. My kik is abbylovspurple. I have many references if your hiring.

Why is it whitelisted?? I spent so much time on this game. I had 567k and I had gold armor, and every single booster. Why is it white-listed?
Why is the server whitlisted

Ikrrr I had 567k and now it shows it's whitelisted
Muqsit . YOU SUCK ME DICK . YOUR IDIOT SERVER CRASH ME EVERY SECOND !! I tell you at the forum , but your idiot staff don't tell me back . Resolve then or I will report you server . AT DREAM.COSMICPE.ME
spawn9072 is hacking im just trying to help
I have lost 200k in the Game i will back my Money this Server is cool but Ehen i dont back my Money i quit it -.-
1) I love the server!
-i put 30 blaze spawners in a chest and they immediately dissapeared
-i walked through a door in my base to go to my room and my bramd dang new prestons sword (diamond) just disappeared from my hand!
-i took off my armor pieces to put new ones on amd when i put it in the chest it all (the whole set) dissapeared
-i out my (also) brand new obsidian destroyer pickaxe in the chest and it disappeared
The staff online at the time told me they wouldnt return my items and they obviously didnt believe me. That makes me disappointed in this server. I request my items be promptly returned or the 100k for my prestons sword and enough money to rebuy all 30 blaze spawners and my obi destroyer 2 book with 100% enchantment rate on it. Thats all i ask because those items were hard, and expinsive to negotiate and buy.

Other than much crashing, and blocking out random words in chat like crap, and how it's practically impossible to get money and everything so expinsive, the server is great.

Please fix all these glitches/problems.
I try to connect and it says that my password is incorrect and it's because of Saviva. He told me that my account was broken and said that you will fix it. How can I change my password on the server?
Please update! I love this game and now I can't join the game :(
Please fix the skywars server. Every time I log in, I immediately fall into the void and I die. The lobby is completely GONE. There are no maps to join. There's ab absolutely NOTHING to do.
Can you please fix the chest glitch? Every time you touch a chest in your inventory it disappears forever. Please fix it! I've lost to prize chests to this glitch
there is a little bug where it wont let me craft a pickaxe please fix this thanks
Can u please ban this facs name herosanX all of there facs member use bedrock pls ban all of them they trap me using bedrock
I would like to have a request for banning someone XxprocjxX is hacking he is flying at warzone without the fly glitch pls ban him
Thank u for reading this and i hope he will be ban
Plz add this update I'm really bored in not playing ur server it's really amazing and now that I can't play it I'm really not sure that it's never gonna be updated
plz update server
Please update the server!

Please at least tell us when to expect the update. PLZZZZZ!!!!!
Plz update to 16.0.5 version cuz I can't join but I love this server. My twin bro and I foundbit on preston playz series and we would love to try it on mcpe. (^○^)
Um the ios update is realise now at app store update the server now heres what i'll say after new update is there 'GOOD BY GEAR GOOD BYE HOMES HELLO NEW UPDATE'xD ☺☺☺

I agree I'm waiting so long or this and I've been watching so many yt vids that say this server is the best. PLZZZZZ!!!! Update it.
Why can't I join the server every time I try to join it says "The Server Is Full" in pls fix it is I love this server but I can't join
:( is it because for some reason it says the mac players is on when I look at it in servers
Hey owner I have been playing on the server for the past 3 or 2 months I think now its time. I would like to apply for trial mod :why? I want to become a staff menber and watch the server grow all staffs are players too my username is. meanjumbo55 if you have picked me that will be aswsome! To have me as a menber!
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