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Hey linuzo,
Ive some question about My MEGA.
I went on the server and noticed Gmc is gone will it be back ?

Please message us on discord for support or Twitter. This is not an active support line. Thanks

allo i am TELEDIMENSIONS . Herobrine is my skin

pliz put me administrateur i am verry fan your serveur
This server is amazing! I play on the creative plot one almost everyday and it is my most favorite server of all time! Thanks for putting filters on the chat, I don't like servers without them. I like how everyone can fly and have fun. I would give it a 11/10 rating. Definitely would recommend to anyone and everyone!
I hate how you changed the server. The new one is very confusing. I am NinjagoisSwag and I am upset at what happened. My fac disappered. Everything ruined. My plot ,everything! What have you done?! -NinjagoisSwag/Red_Ninja_Red, owner of mcpe dopeman

That just shows how active you are, these changes took place well over 2 months ago. Thanks for trolling the comments we appreciate it! :)
The skywarz is making my game crash
Best creative server ever and all the kzpd's are very helpful and nice
We are all stuck in this spawn hole and we need someone to help us get out of the hole in spawn
Someone is hacking here its aphumau and lucariousklaw
Good Server 8.5/10 not boring. I play on this server always. Great server Linuzo! (y)

i cant log in i made a password and registered but when i type my password in it does nothing then i get kicked for taking to long to login in please help
Could you please take away the creative rank, it's not fair that we have to be in survival, while people are in creative killing us.
Great, fun and really creative. I have been looking for a Faction server for so long, and this one is everything I have dreamed up.
Voting, Team Mates, Money, Commands. Overall I think this server is great, and if you see my username (kipcat) on the server remember I am a satisfied player.

I meant to say dreamed of, not dreamed up, sorry.
Linster my kzpd restart and last night someone was hacking and I ban them 4 times and ban-ip once they used Vpn and I didn't want bother u and his name is Herobrinekills3 everyone keeps saying he fly hacks and he used Vpn before he /tell me
I'm sorry to say this but really.... 25 USD for creative mode, I just wanted to build in my plot. Also no players help and admins, overall this server is horrible.
Linzo everyone in the Mega's are mean except Atlantis100 to me because I have no ranks can you help me it's SuperGirly

I will do anything
Wonderful players and great fun! Was immediately chased by someone with the MEGA rank who was in Creative mode throwing Poison potions at me upon entering the factions server, but hey! It's all part of the fun, especially when they wait till you've got half a heart left then they strike you with lightning!

Overall, 0/10 would (not) recommend.

It's klobo4
How do you login on the game
I need to know how to register when u login plz help

Do /register and then it will tell you the rest.
would u consider partnering with my server..... my kik is nickjabin123

my skype mr nickj5

my email
would u consider partnering with my server..... my kik is nickjabin123

my skype mr nickj5

my email
There is a hacker on your sever so can you take care of a guy with the word"boss" in his name thank you is you understand that hackers are never ok on severs

Thanks for the report... In the future please report on website we don't use the comments here often and your report will be heard much faster there.
A few minutes ago I tryed connecting to the server and it said I got banned. I found out that my little cousin had said some foul language on it and he had got me banned! I really love your server and I'm really angry at my cousin. Is there a way I could be unbanned?

Thank you,

Just change your name but if you were the one with foul language SHAME ON YOU

ya,ya,ya We all know the truth, everyone who gets banned claims that it wasn't them.
Lin when are u updating the server?
I got banned for telling a staff member that she was a jerk on her first day even though she completely deserved it. then she said I was mean even after she told me to "stick my sword up my butt"

great staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you please tell me who that was... I do not allow that kind of behavior and I would like to deal with that. Please email linuzo [a] if you have further questions..