Minecraft PE Server #37373

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #37373
Registered by LordJoshie
Registered on February 28th, 2016 12:06 PM EST
Deleted on November 19th, 2017 06:30 AM EST

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Comments (113)

to lordjosh

plz can you update it because i got the update version and now it doesnt let me freaking join plz update this it will be a honour

from mehidul islam
Hi Lord Joshie, sorry for bugging you so much. I was just wondering, I am interested in buying VIP or VIP+ for a good friend and myself on this server. When I went to the website where to buy it I realized that you need PayPal account to buy it, however, I do not own one. Is there anyway that I could pay with a gift card? I tried creating a PayPal account but it never seemed to work. Thank you for this wonderful server you created, Im_Dead_Inside63
Hey Josh I don't know if you remember me but it's Jamison. Anyways the reason I'm sending you this message is because I can't get into your server and I don't know why so whenever you're able to read this it would be greatly appreciated if you can tell me why I can't get into your server thanks and have a good night.
I dont think i have ever played this server before but i try to play and it just says "You are banned. Reason: Banned by an operator." please help.
Fucking help me what the fuck am i doing wrong

So I figured it out. I think...the last time you played you might have been in plot world and when you are in plot world and go off the server, you will have to wait until it restarts to go on the server again. If this doesn't work try go on with a computer or other device. Also make sure whatever version PureCraft is on, you are on. Also if purecrafts version updated, get the version the server is on. Try playing purecraft on different devices and in different places as well. Go to the last spot you played on this server and go all around your house. Try everything possible. Also if you don't have discord, get it and put in PureCrafts discords code which I will try to tell you tomorrow but there u can also ask for help. I hope you can get on!
I am sorry if it doesnt work i have to report this server i am soo sorry u have to do sommit or i will report this server
Hi Lord Joshie! I'm really sorry to bother you again, but someone named "Abdullah10" took 10k from me. He said he would give it back to me and asked for a loan from me, I did /seemoney to see if he had enough to pay me back already and he did, so I believed it and gave him the money. Then he said he got his first scam and left. Please help me! Thank you!

How are u playinggggh

How are u playing
Hi Lord Josh, I tried to go onto the server today and it said "Locating Server" for a second and then went completely blank. No "Building Terrain" or, "Unable to connect to world" or, "Disconnected from server" nothing. Just completely blank. So I tried multiple times and let it be for a while and still nothing. If you could, please get back to me when you have a chance. Thank you, Im_Dead_Inside63

Help me

If you try to wait it out it may work. That's what keeps happening for me.
PLz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Hi itz me again plz tell what is wrong it keeps saying
unable to connect to world this was my favourite server of plz tell me what to do.

That keeps happening to me too!

The for trying to help but it still doesn't work
Doesn't let me join and i am in 1.0.7
Lord Josh it doesn't let me join it says it's not a server plz tell me what i am doing wrong i used to play ages back and i check the details and it is the same plz text me and tell what I am doing wrong
Yo,dis server is a peace of sh!t ...3 players online haha 😂😂😂__|__
Sorry, it worked..

It doesn't work for me what did you do to fix it plz tell me

I waited a while and closed my windows. I also turned my wifi on and off. Finally after I waited a while it worked.

Plz help me it still doesnt work i always played this server but now it doesnt work plz help me and tell me your minecraft name and when it is fixed i will give you 1000 money on the server but plz help me plzz

Ps. I did what you told me to do but it doesnt still work
Hi, I really enjoy playing PureCraftPE but recently when I tried to get in it said "Disconnected from server" or, "Unable to connect to world" and over and over again. I've tried a lot and nothing seems to be working...can someone please help? By the way, I'm on v1.0.7.
YOU RUINED ME. The new update completely destroyed my clan, so I decided to get a new one. I needed more money, so I went to the mine, BUT NOW I CANT MINE DIAMONDS OR GOLD. Then after that, when I tried to buy my clan, I went to clan world, it lagged HORRIBLY, and it killed me. I lost all of my items except for a dirt block and a piece of cobble stone. LITERALLY. U RUINED MY MCPE SERVER LIFE. THIS USED TO BE MY FAVORITE SERVER, THE PERFECT SERVER. ONE I PLAYED ON WITH MY FRIENDS. BUT YOU RUINED IT.

LOL, I appreciate you're passion towards my server...however, I didn't ruin anything.

it's your choice of clan members that seems to be the problem.

my server is/has been under development since day 1, same as the software that it's hosted off of.

the developers of the software made the initial changes, which when a game version update comes out, I have to update with the software accordingly, and I can't always know what drastic changes/effects it'll have on the server.

With that all being said, there are a number of players who left the server because they couldn't comprehend the changes themselves, and there are players who still play because they are smarter and a bit more advanced when it comes to understanding the changes that have been made.

I suggest you have more patience and give it time, my server is still under development and changes are always being made, which in turn changes the dynamic of game play on the server and the types of players it attracts/repels.

Thanks for your comment, and for playing my server... sorry your success came to a halt when you weren't able to keep up your clan status.

Dear Lord Joshua this is very important

I tried to get on the server but it said "Disconnected from server" or, "Unable to connect to world" and over and over again. I've tried a lot and nothing seems to be working...can someone please help? By the way, I'm on v1.0.7.

Hi Lord Josh, I tried to go onto the server today and it said "Locating Server" for a second and then went completely blank. No "Building Terrain" or, "Unable to connect to world" or, "Disconnected from server" nothing. Just completely blank. So I tried multiple times and let it be for a while and still nothing. If you could, please get back to me when you have a chance. Thank you
the core of it is plenty fun, but the staff is really useless? scamming not punished, players basically ignored in favor of chatting with each other. fine otherwise
Hi I love your server so much but I really want to be a staff can you tell me how

Why did I get banned?????

IGN's your IP address was logged in on my server with.


... Why don't you tell me why you seem pretty interested with Hacking, and why you needed to be logged in on my server with 3 accounts, all quite similar?

You're banned due to suspicion of malicious activity.
Lord J I am soooo thankful u made this server if u didn't I would die of boredom. So thank you ty ty ty. Pls see meh registration I really want to help out on this server. Btw u are so funny
Lordj can u make the sever at 1.3.0 because i doesnt work on my windows 10 minecraft
Can some MOD help me o player call sofia123 logo all my chest ok my plot. PLZ i rely News help! 😥

Lock* on*
Dear Lord J,

I really love Purecraft. It is one of my favorite servers. I do a lot on the server and I love the family that has come from this server. I follow all the rules. I work hard. I owned a plot by the name of Meatius. I had a chest full of goods. I suppose if I didn't lock it, my friend, parkour_unicorn2 (helper on the plot) could have gotten the stuff for me. One day, I was walking to the mines to sell some diamonds. All of a sudden, I was banned for no reason. I wasn't hacking, I don't use mods, and I follow all the rules. I know about the "different port ban thing" and I can assure you, I was on the correct port. I have told many of my friends such as Kiirssteep and Arianareese16 about this and they have told me to tell you, but you are hardly ever on when I am on. I know you don't exactly enjoy the "please unban me, I am innocent!" thing, and I understand that. The only thing I want to ask you is if you could unban me, Meatius, from your successful, wonderful server because I actually am innocent. I'm really sorry to bother you. I know you probably hate comments that contain that sentence. I just want to get my money, plot and chest full of good stuff back, because I'm pretty sure I had enchanted armor in there. It would be a shame to see all that stuff gone, and I'm sure if situations were reversed, you would want the same from me.



Sorry to bother again, but I would love if you could give me feedback as soon as possible because I love this server and I want my good stuff back. Sorry.

If he's gonna unban you, you know your gonna start out fresh right? he may have detected u hacking or some sort....he wouldn't ban innocents..
I have a problem rn and it's annoying me....on my main account akevin55gaming, it's stuck on building terrain. I tried all methods, restarting device and even trying it multiple times but still stuck ont he page. Could u check if I was banned or muted or something? I would really love it if u give me feedback asap becuz this server is one of my favorites. Also one thing, if you think I hacked, please tell me how I hacked. Thanks -Kevin55gaming

Never mind, this was fixed. Whenever someone logs out of plots, they have to wait till server restarts. This is probably because of the corrupted chunks in plots. You may have to fix this issue, thanks.
Pls ban now she's annoying as fuck
Hacker is taking us pls ban she's acientya
Ban now pls
Joshie I need to talk to you in private I was one of the first people on your server you might remember me as the Rasta chicken

Sorry, I am just noticing this now (really late)
Whats up ? are you still active ? I'm here to help.

dear lord plz help me i bought vip for $33 and i havent received it and i did check with my paypal account and they confirmed that i had purched it plz help

signed KatieKandyGamer
I cant login it says type login the password when i type it it then says acculatty u dont nees to type login then when i type my password alone nothing happens plz help me if theres a way to contact u(lordj or enderbabe) like skype or whatsapp or kik let me know cuz i love purecraft pe and i want to play but i cant
I cannot log in.

Me too
Yo LordJ, My Gamertag is MCPekkaGaming and I was wondering if I can be a part of staff. Any rank is ok i just wanna help the server out. I've been seeing some x-ray hackers, dupes, etc...I vowed to not abuse my powers as staff and will obey all rules.
Thanks for your time L.J.

last time you have robot the server,when I come back, the stuff on me we're all gone, plz,Lordj, can you turn those back to me ?
Update it plez i really wanna play this is the most depressing day ever no pure craft all day nuuuuu lordj plz update -th3

Yes! Please update the server! Ive been looking forward to play everyday but it hasn't updated yet!! Please update it soon!! I'd appreciate it! Thanks!!!!!
Hay lords can u update the server I try to login and then it says the server is outdated. And can u unban crazychicken533

Or tell me why my other account is banned
Plz admin or the onwer
Ban the guy name NINJAPANDAZ8622
he lock my chest and now i cant open it
Plz open it for me
WDear lord joshie I was recently banned PLZ help I'm innocent I did nothing wrong PLZ lord joshie unban me my account is XGamingsansX please unban me =(
Hi, my account twentyonepilots wont login. Whenever i try to login i spawn in front of the clan world and when i try to type my password it wont work, even if i do /login . Please fix this!
I Have Recently Made A purchase of $15 for 500k on server kart.com and I haven't got it yet can you please sort it out and give me money thank you very much all done is much appreciated

Yes m8 I know. I was about to go on and give you that, as I just got home and was informed of the situation. and to my surprise some clown was ddos'n my server. but it's over now and I'd be happy to give you what you've paid for. including a $10,000 compensation.

Thanks for your contribution towards the existence of PCPE.

LordJ i was just wondering if u can back read some messages? It's just im annoyed with this player T cause he's telling me that i raided my own base when i didnt. I just took all my stuff and move the base cause i didnt want them to take it again. And now hems posting it to a kik group trying to make stories to embarrass me. I know i'm mature enought to just leave it alone but it annoyung how T and crazyman talks shit about me when i didnt even said they raided my new base, i was talking about the old base that they did. And now he's making me look bad to everyone. Hope u give me a piece of advice... Thanks.

This is some petty bullshit. Ignore him. If you aren't breaking a rule, ignore what idiots say.
Who here likes pie because I am craving some pumpkin pie right now 😜
hi its me again lordj i have asked u if i could be an admin but u haven't responded and u havent been on the server lately can u pls respond yes or no for me to be an admin my username is "kawaiitomgirl"

it's an obvious NO.

ok thx anyway, sorry for bothering u :)

Hey lordjoshie can you read my comment?

I tried to get on the server but is said "Disconnected from server" or, "Unable to connect to world" and over and over again. I've tried a lot and nothing seems to be working...can someone please help? By the way, I'm on v1.0.7.
Hey lordj it was me who got banned I was just playing in the clan works and logged out and tried to get back in and when I just about got in it told me YOU ARE BANNED. So I was wondering why I got banned for no reason.If you could tell me why that would be great. BTW your sever is amazing.👌
My friend Crazychicken533 is wondering why he got banned? He said he didn't do anything and he got mad cause he didn't know what he did? I need to comment for him cause his internet is being slow. Please let us know why he got banned? Thank you so much. I really feel bad for him and he is a really awesome player.
please someone tell me why i get banned by espadagirl? i dont know shes a mod and she hit me first in clan world thats why i fight her she cant beat me so she banned me?thats just so unfair now what will she tell i used hacks? be fair to other player im not using any hacks or what im playing fair hope the server owner read this...
I wanna know i got banned? I was just playing earlier and i got banned, like for no reason. I didn't even have enemies. I have good friends and now i got banned. Please tell me what i did? I didn't know what i did to deserve this. I love your server so much and this makes me so sad :( please unbanned me :(

Via console, I can see the port number that players connect to.

it SHOULD be 19132.

But, when you use a modified client, or an illegal copy of MineCraft, it connects to a different port.

For example.

it should be playersIPAddress:19132
but I get playersIPAddress:NOTTHERIGHTPORT.
Sooo....I ban.


Perhaps fix your device so it connects properly, and so won't target you as a modified client user.

Regardless, I will unban you.

Make sure you're NEVER using mods on my sercer.

But i never use mods. I use 19132 port, and im just using my iphone to play minecraft. I originally bought my game from itunes store. I don't know why that happened but for real i never disobey your rules cause i love your server thaf much. I hope you can help me with the issue? I dont know what to do, it's my 3rd day playing today and everything was going well. I did check everything like ports and ip and i typed it correctly. I wish you would unbanned me already :(

You are unbanned......

also, if it's your 3rd day, and ur rank 5 or higher, ur likely cheating ;)

No i didnt. My friends gives me money so i can rank up. I never thought of cheating too! It's just i play the whole entire day. Mostly like 12 hours a day. I swear i didn't cheat. Someone gave me money so i ranked up. I keeo mining too and selling and save. That's all i've been doing. Thank you so much for unbanning me. So happy to be back, i havent checked but i am going to now.
Hey LordJ i was just wondering if i can become a mod/admin or can you help me make a server if i could become a mod that would be great not being rude or constent to ask you

Sincerly kawaiitomgirl


Pls it would be my dream come true I wouldn't use it for anything bad
Lord Josie this player kidwolf_br is really being a jerk and stilling my hard earned rewards for no reason and I did i nothing to him, The thing is want u to do is ban him for a week or so, because he has become a to the server
Please help lord Joshie when I do /c home I spawn in stone when other users they do that same command they spawn in the actual place and yesterday the only reason people were pvping was because they couldn't lose their stuff I died and my armor wouldn't disappear in fact I dropped my Armor but still was wearing that and that kept happening to everyone else so technically everyone duplicated their armor including me so if you could please fix the /c home glitch and possibly the lose the Armor glitch I would appreciate it but my main concern is the /c home problem otherwise great server and thank you for putting your time into such a great server for the entertainment and fun of others -Predator46
Lord Joshie. i am sorry to use the spawn eggs. I promise i wont ever use it again. If i find out that i have eggs, i would leave the server and give the eggs for u before hand. So yeah, I wish that you, Lord Joshie will somehow unban me,
, because i miss a lot of friends that i made in ur server. so please unban me sooner or later

lool :P fine. I'm pretty sure I did. Have u recently tried joining?

Yeah i tried. It says im banned. Maybe its becuase u ip bann me can u unip ban fam?
Hello...its me again, Kev.
Lord joshie, I do not understand why I am banned. if u can explain for what caused me to be banned that would be great. I know im an idiot but please- Tell me why I am banned. Thank you for everything, Lord joshie.


I banned you... temporarily, to see whether it's worth it to you to, stay and follow the rules, or leave and go where there aren't as many. You've been around long enough to know about the use of spawn eggs... I don't condone em. but yet I get reports of ya'll getting an AWFUL LOT of kill streaks & no show of anyone being killed.

Well the reports of me getting killstreaks, is most of them in fam? The people in fam blamed me for convincing queen to delete in fac. mos of fam members are mad at me.But however, i dont use spawn eggs. Do u have a picture proof of the killstreaks cuz I dont have any eggs anymore.
What kind of faction is this? No raiding? I'm super confused


YES- Raiding is allowed.

NO- I do NOT like when people grief.

Google the differences.

XD Josh, who does like when people grief? XD
Lord Joshie, can you please update the server? It would be highly appreciated if you do so. Because I cannot join the server since it is outdated with 0.14.2. I now have minecraft 0.14.3. Thank you for reading this and again, it would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED if the server allows 0.14.2 AND 0.14.3. Finally, Ur server is the best!


yezz bro, I am ontop of all updates for my platform.
As soon as they release an update, I'll apply it so the 14.3 players can join.


Thanks for reading my comment! I cant wait till its updated! Thank you, Lord Joshie!

LordJoshie froggeh8 keeps loging out then logging in and voting then repeat. he is abusing the voting system.

That's not abuse... it's her on many devices getting many votes. you should try the same thing buddy.
she's making the server move up in the ranks.

I think that someone knows my password becuase I lost 15000$. could u please help me changemy password. my username is thekiller34.
Lord I dont mean to bug but someone stole six stack of diamonds from my locked chest in my bought land and destroyed some of my blocks. their was some talk about a hacker at that exact time. I wouldappreciate it if u could give me some of those diamonds back. thanks for ur time.
I love purecraft and its the onlyserver I play but I was muted for making joke that wasnt agianst the rules please unmute me. my username is thekiller34.

nahh.... ur annoying. lol. stop asking so many questions. also... when u logout/back in it'll unmute u. just... I muted u again so u can stop bothering me :)

thanks for playing !

ok. thanks for unmuteing me. ill try to stop asking questions so much. thanks again. GREAT SERVER!!!!!!
Lord Joshie why are the prices in the shop for ores decreased? I really need money but the iron and gold from mines doesnt give alot anymore from selling cuz iron is 75$ for 5 pieces of iron so it is harder for me to just spend my money on building epic houses in NoPvP. If you can change it than I will be super happy thanks.

If all you wanna do is build, go to the creative server. if you vote for the main, u can go to creative server on port 12321 & type /vote. it'll give u $5,000 & you can buy a plot & build in creative.
This is the best server so far but there are some glitches with warps like when i warped near bedrock i lost all my diamonds (3 Stacks) and it took me 500k to get 3 more stacks it was the most saddest day ever :(

Hey. I'm sorry to hear that you lost many diamonds. it's risky playing near bedrock. I'll come help you out. :) replace a lil bit of lost goods.
Hands-down the best server out there for Minecraft pocket edition! If you want a server that has all the features you like to play in Minecraft, a server you can always count on to be up and running, a server with little to no lagg EVER!

I can not wait for what the future holds for PureCraft !

Plz unban!Me and my freind PiplupMan were playing on the server and we kept doing /wild looking for name tags and looking for bases and all of sudden we found this okay base raid!Then all of sudden faction members came on and killed us we set home and got as much stuff as we could and after raided them we got banned for GREIFING!They blocked everything and tried too trap us THEY GREIFED THEM SELF AND WE GOT BANNED FOR IT!ISNT RAIDING WHAT FACTION SERVER S ARE MADE OF

all except for the stupid signs you placed everywhere including cuss words-o-plenty.

sorry, I don't tolerate that behavior.

you wanna cuss, go cuss your mom.
One of the best servers I've come across that wasn't completly dumb or was greifed beyond fixing I'm looking forward to the future because the server has potential to be great
Best PE server. I really like the way it is ran and setup. I look forward to seeing the progress grow with the server and players.