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can u tell meh on discord when da new update is out bc its annoying i cant join da hsrp server btw my discord ish iiIssie_Bxtchii
can u update ur server pls bc its saying login timeout and it wont let meh in da server
I put in the address and port but its saying locating server and its been like that for 5 days? Help!
haii how do i get cmode
Hi, Im Ally Bean03, from Mcpe. I can't login my password and I've tried it once and it let me through,now it doesn't work, i can't login my username
Owner can u please add sizes like the other servers so people can like use the sizes for role play cause it would help a lot please replie
Hey JNTZ, it is shadow. A couple months ago I bough cmode rank and you gave it to me. Since this new updates only allows me to use my xbox account, it will not let me use my shadow453 account,but my old account warriorgirl453. Is it possible that I can have my cmode rank on my warriorgirl453 account since it will not let me use shadow453?!
JNTZ its me again, i lost the rights to build on the beach and its not finished, can you give me it again pls?
JNTZ im the guy who helped to build the beach, remember? I hope you do, anyways, with this new updade most of the people cant join the server, can you bring the old version again?
haii could u put date da server pls bc der is a new update but i cant join
pls can u come on and bann deez ppl pls dey wont stop spamming
this spammer wont shut up he is tryin to annoy everyone
there is a big big spamm
haii can u unban Dih_Ish_Lit pls bc she got banned by lacey for doiing a joke
haii der is a spamm in da server
DaggsBeastYee is spamming a lot!
Big spam atm!
Please fix the spam! Thank you.
haii der is a big big big spamm in ur server rn
do you guys know derpyfish
big big big spamm
Great game but I wish we can earn coins to by stuff from the shop but it’s a good game tho keep doing a great job
How do u join the server does it need a port or whatever ^^"
Nice server!!
haii der is a big big spamm going on
haii can u make the server amount a bit bigger pls bc i cant get on da server
haii JNTZ can u ban dis boi pls bc he keeps on spamming only bc he is bored his name is SupItz_Zeke
der is a spammer on da server

Thanks for the warnings
there is a spam and he wont stop
they r still spamming
haii _Xx_Riley_xX_ and iiPaintedPastel started to spamm
hai JNTZ there is another spam his name is spamspamXD123
can u bann WolfyRules21 bc he started to spam
his username is XxItz_DanielxX
haii JNTZ can u come on da server pls and ban two ppl pls bc they r spamming and they wont stop thnx XD
Hey JNTZ, I was wondering if you know what os up with the glitches. Also I love the server, almost been paying for a year. Keep up the good work with the server, everyone is enjoying it. -shadow
If blue_wolf_0903 sees this, please comment when I can meet you on the server
I donated a week ago on DxddyJuliette and nothing has happened yet
Every time I try to login in it says unknown error occurred. Please try again. Please fix this!
Someone help! I can't login to the server and it's my favorite one! Is it hacked or is there just something wrong?
Its saying. I cant login in even tho i am a regular player
If anyone knows Boi_Itz_Ezra please tell me amd message me on insta @lilly_batt amd when will the server be back up so i can see him
Can you turn the server online pls because the server is fun
JNTZ, why is the server still offline? I don't want to seem rude but this is my favorite server so whatever is wrong, please try to fix it

Sa,e apparently the warps close it or they are finally updating the server its self
JNTZ please update the server
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