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After the horrible update (which I found a way to get the old update back) I can't get it and it keeps saying "disconnected from server" every time I try and get in, can you please fix this issue because I'm OBSESSED to this server. Thanks!


You must be on version 1.2

No I'm actually not, I'm still on 1.1 because of something I tried with reverting the update and it won't work either.

I can't get on because of the 1.2 update pls help!

Majora what have I missed? I got banned for standing up to the curroption

You were banned for spamming...

I can't either, it's really annoying, and if you want to downgrade to the older version please tell me because I know how.


Liaam can you downgrade the server

I said that my spamming was protesting against your staff and how curroupt they are

So what? Spamming is against the rules whatever. Get lost and don't comment again.

Fine then enjoy your curroupt server

So is greifing do you expect us to follow the rules when the owner himself greifes?
Y'all realize at member Midori can't ban right? Saying she "attempted" to ban someone is like saying a sponsor "attempted" to use /tpohere as a form of harassment.
Honestly, y'all should just chill out and stop taking everything so personal. A majority of the problems on this server can be attributed to a small offense which is played up when people get their emotions too involved.

Liaam, I'm not standing up for Midori or anything, I am just saying that these people (regardless of gender) are getting their panties in a wad over things that could just be shrugged off as "Oh Well" moments.
Liaam I have just updated my minecraft to 1.2 and I cannot join the server pls help me !!!!!

I'm pretty sure he can't do anything about it as of right now, calm down. I'm sure the server will be updated soon, so instead of acting like this is the end of the world, why don't you try another server? And then do as you wish once yandere high is working again. Again, just calm the fuck down ;-;
Do not join this server it is beyond corrupt and even the owner himself was caught greifing this server is to corrupt to even have any fun so I got myself banned protesting

Mmhm, coldhard you spammed. Stop pulling the innocent card and accept what you did wrong, instead of lying to cover up the truth. You were rightfully ban, you may see it in a different way but everyone on the server saw it as spamming. And saying "even the owner greifed on the server" its his fucking server, he does what he wants wether you like it or not. Lying won't do you any good, especially when you are making Liaam seem like the bad guy for banning you. He has every right to ban you, or grief his own server and that's something you need to understand. Just accept what you did wrong and move on, it will do you some good.

I meant Miidori, not Liaam, my mistake

I honestly don't get people like you, you obey the power and follow them like sheep, what I did was standing up for the courruption which you know the server is courrupt yoo.
Clearly sheep cannot see the bigger picture so I ask you to please understand the bigger picture if Liaam wants to have a good running server the corruption needs to be eradicated I've already suggested this and I'm tired of this courruption
I'm not the only one who is tired of this courruption so I do ask that you understand
Liaam, someone called "JeromykyleGg" is griefing. My friends and I are very upset, so please ban them...

Apparently, that was Miidori... I honestly don't know what to say. My friend Kasuto was working on a project with a bunch of friends. Grace helped too... Liaam, her behavior is disgusting...

Yes midori's behavior is discussing I can't believe she has a higher rank then sponsor

Liaam, not only that, but she harassed me saying she "loved me" repeatedly, even though I am a straight Female. She then attempted to ban my friend by the name of Damon Salvatore because he explained that he is Bisexual. Once again, this is a girl with the rank of Member and "School Council" (as of 9/17/17) by the name of Miidori. Please just hear us out whenever is convenient.
~Shaya Ashinimi.
A dude named Zain123

Dlc's own snitch eh
Now a person called Agent999666999 is spamming
Liaam.. The guy called JustinCraften is spamming
Liaam.. There is another person named JustinCraften that is spamming
There is a guy called OldTimesThen spamming chat
Liaam a guy named Bob_The_AI Is spamming the server that
Liaaaaaaam! There's someone spamming and what he/she spams is advertisement of a SERVER!
Hey Liaam, I'mma ask you to look at my earlier comment, it sorta got lost XD. Anyway, I was reading through these last few comments. Yes I know sometimes corruption is a thing. Foxy asked me to ban cold but didn't realize I couldn't XD. But she was also joking. And she told me after words.

Speaking of the staff, I would like to apply, could we set up some steps so I can do so, thank you!
liaam also people are using there friends with high ranks to add things to there bases that people without high ranks cant get i think its unfair cause there using there high rank friends to there advantage.

Yes I agree fozy had her friend grace combined to plots to fozy's plot allowing her to build past the plots borders while only at a sponsor rank

Why? Are you jealous? Why don't get a high ranked friend instead of reporting it here that it's unfair?

Because they al have developed a thing against people who hate fozy
Hey liaam,

I was just wondering if you could fix the doctors rank at hospital
or put one one the rank board

if you could that would be so helpful

Liaam why is the server offline?
Why is the server off?
Attention liaam your server's staff is extremely corrupt it has been helping certain players ban other players because of petty and annoying reasons (ex: I was calling out a player then an administrator or staff on banned me due to calling out that player) and this is proof that you need to rethink the way you hand out staff positions, and I'm tired of having to watch myself when I voice my opinion to said player who has freinds in really high places that she can use at her fingertips.

Me and several other people agree with this fact, "Your server's staff is curroupt beyond point of fixing it" and we believe that it would be a good idea for you to choose your staff more wisely because any hacker or troller can try out for a helper position and make your server awful.

Don't get me wrong your server is amazing but the staff is far to corrupt for us to really voice most of our opinions because of players as high as sponsor being able to call her freind that is in deputy to ban someone who is calling said player out just isn't right and is beyond curroupt, therefore we do wish you would fix this problem and the two people I've been talking about are FozyTheDemonFox and gracelil.

This isn't the first time this has happened as far as I know so if you would please fix this that would be amazing


I kind of agree. There are some staff members that use their powers irresponsible, but some don't. I am friends with gracelil, so I may be able to talk to her for you.

Dear terumi,

That won't work, fozy's higher up friends don't betray her sadly

I agree too, I don't know a solution. Grace is my cousin and Deputy of playdlc. She has to realise the difference between friendships and moderating the server. She can't let these things get in the way of a good staff. Plus, the Staff Trial is hard, very hard. If you get one question wrong, you aren't gonna pass. We probably need to sort something out.

I agree liaam I did once own a server and I only hired people I was good friends with in real life and I know have had staff experience and good experience

Maybe the new tats could be the owner moderating the server on another acc while the newer staff does the moderating and if they abuse the power then you can rejoin with your owner acc etc.


Liaam could you make a senpialiaamsnoticemehthanksgoodday
Oh and thank you so very much for signing my build, you currently made my day. This server just makes me so happy, and the fact that you actually get online regularly ( well I've seen you online a few times ) is just one of the main reasons I like to call this server my "home". I feel like this is a server without rules ( with an exception of spamming and such) makes me feel like I don't have to have a priority to not cuss. And the fact that we have a freedom of speech is just one of the many good things about this server. You fix problems in a relatively short amount of time is just awesome!

I meant to put rank but ye know

Yeah,same. I don't wanna mess with Fozy cuz Grace got her ass. Not fair tbh. Totally.

I only befriended Grace bc of dat...and other stuff.

To be honest I don't really watch myself around fozy at all because I know I can always report it if she gets grace to ban me for harassment or annoying fozy
Hey Liaam, I've been having this problem lately and other people have too. When you place down some slabs, they either turn into a full block, or they disappear. As a builder, this glitch is very annoying and makes me wanna chuck my phone across the room. Is this problem caused by the lag, leet, or device?

Yes, I have found this bug as well. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. It's very annoying for me also!

Isn't tha part of the new update?

I think it's a bug caused by the update.
Hey Liaam, I was wondering. How would I get my username up on the seats in hell?

Also, I adore your server! It's so much fun, I love the hell portion.

Another question: will he'll be expanded? I practically live there, lol. I love the way it was designed. How would I get a room there?

My questions are probably dumb, lol. Sorry if they're questions you've already answered!

Sincerely, HellsDisaster

I know what Liaam will reply. It's like this: This isn't a private server so no names on anything.
Hey man(Liaam). I know probably one of the last things you want to deal with right now is spammers. But I've got a list of a few if u want them. I tpohered them to warp inv for a while to stop the spamming(my version of /kill), but eventually they caught on but it helped with chat traffic for a little bit.

Another thing, I noticed an option for staff tryouts/audition/interview. Is there an additional charge on top of what I paid for member? Also, when could I set up a time to talk with u about that, (I sorta might crack under pressure building wise if I'm not inspired)
Hi Liaam! I loveeeee the Hogwarts section and have spent hours there. Literally by myself. I think I have an obsession....Anyways! The server keeps crashing and people bug me all the time while I try and have fun on your amazing server. All I'm saying is that you should make and .McWorld map of Hogwarts. It's one of the most desired maps for iOS and there isn't an map created for it. It would help lots of people out! Thanks! •u•

Thank you for your comment!
Unfortunately, here at DLC we do not plan to release our maps as .mcworlds, nor will we. This is in order keep our server exclusive and unique. The server does crash, and yes, it is annoying - we are working on a fix. For now, continue you to play at our server - invite your friends, and have fun!

Thanks so much for replying! Though sad, I totally get where your coming from. Thanks for the feedback!

Liam I have been playing your server for a while now like about a month or two and I have found two particular players to be a problem (FozyTheDemonFox, TntGaminPro) foxy has some very high up freinds such as gracelil she has constantly been using her power as deputy to help out this annoying player to add two plots together copy and paste her creations and many many more but today I got banned for calling fozy out by an admin on (kyuu, gracelil, and two more I can't remember) this is indeed proving my theory that this server is corrupt and by removing this corruption it would make the server a lot better

-sincerely coldhard
Liaam, can you please ban snowballs? I have told many players that they cause server lag, but their tiny brains don't understand the word "stop". I have a list of player names if you want to talk to them privately.

I agree snowballs do cause the server to lag, but atleast they aren't throwing splash potions
Excuse me Liaam, but on your second server, the Wild West/Vacation one, there is a Hacker, terrorizing the server his/her name is MLGlogan/MLGa (Something, sorry I seem to have forgotten) anyways, they are griefing houses, terrorizing players, and it's just awful, if you could help, that would mean a lot as I LOVE your server!

Stay Cool!


Hello Liam. Somehow yesterday. I died and my rank was reset to Member (maybe cos of free member) anyways.. can you reset that plz


Yes of course. I did make it clear that current Members should not touch the sign.

Sorry...must have not paid attention
Can you add a command where you can block people from your plot.
Hey Liaam, sorry for posting two comments in a row, but RappidShooter and BlinkDee82 are throwing snowballs (Which causes a lot of lag.)
The server keeps crashing...
The server it's crashing ne lagging.
The server hasn't been checked for a full hour and it keeps crashing and lagging. Is something wrong?
Hey Liaam. The server is EXTREMELY laggy. Is it because of the hacker, or the amount of player slots?
Hello, I come to your server quite often and I really enjoy it. I've made very good friends on that server but on the other hand I'm very confused. I was talking to a friend of mine and all of the sudden I froze and lagged out but when I tried to reenter it says that I'm banned. I honestly don't know what I did wrong and if I did happen to anger someone or irritate them, I'm deeply sorry. Although, I loved your style in the server, it made my day. Thank you.

Hey Liaam, I don't know if this is a common problem, or it may be me just reading this wrong, but I can only claim 2 plots. Am I wrong in remembering I(as a Member) can claim 12? Again, I could just be getting confused with different information. But if not, please instruct me on how I can fix this. Or I'd I can't, you can. Thanks man.
Why is the server down? Is there a hacker or something?


If you think I am stupid, or you think you are clever, you are wrong. You have chosen the wrong server to mess with. We are always one step ahead.

We already captured your IP and traced your location.

How's life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

You have 120 seconds to stop your DoS, before we hand over your exact location to the police. You will be charged with Cyber Hacking a company worth over $500.

120 seconds kid.

Choose wisely.

Well, a few things. I knew this would happen. Every server is the wrong one to fuck with (not being sarcastic). Plus the attack that happened when you left that comment (12:20) was not mine. Anyways, How do you get a direct address from an IP?! I know damn well how you got my state and city but my address? I would pay to know that!

Oh and if I come off as scared, I'm not lol. Tbh, I knew you would have my IP so yeah. Just making the point that I am not scared.
Every time I try to go onto the server, it keeps saying "Invalid IP address!" I put in the address again to make sure, but it still didn't work.

Remember to have the correct port. If you still have the problem, Put this number in where the IP is supposed to go.
Whats wrong with the server?
Liaam, Is the sponsor are limited bc when im playing a few ahours the sponsor its gone...

It lasts 2 hours :) (I'm thinking of boosting its length to 4 hours)

Ok! Thx for replying me!

Unban me M8
Never mind its back on :)
Liaam how come the server is offline :(
But what was it moving😶
Yay, it was moving XD
Good God!!!!!! I look down the comments and all I see is whining!!!!!!! I wasn't here when the bug went off but guys!!! Liaam has fixed it before and don't you think he could have fixed it quicker if he didn't have to answer to you?! Also, simple squabbles are what you are supposed to look to your admins for. Not try to directly contact Liaam. One last thing. Criticism. Really. Liaam could just as easily take the server down, but no one respects that power? Sorry if I seem extremely triggered by this. Not sorry that I am, but sorry that you are hurt by it if you are. This is a voting website, and a roleplay server. Spend your time having fun instead of complaining how you can't do one thing. When a server bug comes up, just treat it as another roleplay or something. We have a great community of people. I know you can figure something out.

- Caleby6226, just another person on this legit server

*claps* Very Moving :)
How to build My own house ?
Liaam someone called killer keeps spamming chat
Liaam. A girl call addiiiii keeps saying that me and GenesKidAlexa were online dating and she keeps telling us to die and she won't stop following us
Hey Liaam Could you please make a warp for a five nights at freddys 2 roleplay I would really appreciate it and it could have more people donate and play your server because five nights at freddys is really big

And I'd be happy to build the pizzeria I love build so please reply asap

Build it yourself on /warp plots :)

Good Luck.
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