Minecraft PE Server #55535

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #55535
Registered by Muqsit
Registered on October 28th, 2016 04:55 PM EST
Deleted on October 12th, 2017 05:30 PM EST

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Rank Server Players Uptime Tags
CosmicPE | Custom Enchantments  Envoy  Bounties |
Online 1.2.6 United States of America play.cosmicpe.me:19132
6 / 200 99% Creative Economy Factions Lobby Minigames PvP Roleplay Skywars
CosmicPE Minigames >> Murder Mystery
Online 1.2.0 United States of America minigames.cosmicpe.me:19132
0 / 200 99% Auth Lobby Minigames PvP

Comments (32)

still stuck -.-
HELP! I'm stuck in /duel, can someone reset my account or /kill me???? itr wont let me escape and wont let me take damage so therefore I am stuck forever until it is fixed. ;-; :( my username is lexikitty1
Can you please turn all of your servers back on because it's really fun and I love playing factions in the cosmicpe servers.
Hi My username is XNikeGurlHannahX but when im voting here and im finish voting....... My promblem is when i Already Finish My Vote here and when i do /vote it wont give me my reward,,,,, =( pls fix it
Hello my username is DntGoBaconMyHrt and I can't play due to the server restarts that happen rapidly every 7 seconds please fix this because I worked so hard on my profile
Hi my ingame username is noughtmodz I have been having problems with the auction house as when I do /ah it will come up but the whole thing will be blank and this has became a big problem for me as I use the ah a lot please try and fix this thank you
Cosmic needs people to look through these comments...
Why the hell is the IP now invalid it has always work until this morning when I went on and now it's invalid! Despite when I look on the server list it's the exact same. Someone help... PLEASE
To look through the comment? I AGREE

This is as a reply to MikeMLG
People, Listen, this is my favourite server I have ever played on and I am really good at it. Now whenever I click back to come off the chat it throws me out the game and whenever I open a chest it throws me out the game. I would hate to have to stop playing this server. But I wouldn't have to if there is no solution to this problem.

Next thing, why does Demon Planet say I'm unable to connect half the time at the moment a lot of people have been complaining about it not just me... please sort that out.

Lastly I bought a rank and I had and email back saying that the gift card I used was valid and 6 days on I still don't have my rank. But I don't think I'll be able to use the maximum of this rank with the first glitch mentioned. Please help me... someone.... especially with the glitch meaning I can't play cause I can't come off the chat menu after typing in my password.

Thanks... Kenny
Help there is a hacker the server is ruined please help
Hi there I urgently need an admin, my account crashes when I type my password in the account I am currently using is MikeMlg but the account I have problems with is MikeMlg5
Developer,please fix the server again it always disconnect me from the server
Hello this server is a great factions server due to its custom enchants and Private vaults. Downsides to this server Privare vaults do just empty and many glitches in this server. Also many hackers but hackers are extremely common on popular servers

If your private vault does empty all you need to do is restart the game completely...

1. Double tap your home button
2. When you see the tab for minecraft swipe up
3. Tap home once again
4. Go back to minecraft and go on Demon

If this doesn't fix your problem then you will have to wait up to a day. This has happened to me multiple times before and this always fixes it for me

Hope I helped :)
Every time I attempt to join the server it says the building terrain and then says done, after it immediately says "Server Closed"! This is only happening to my IGN which is ThatOneKvng. Please help
I can join the server my account is Bananieboy en if I join me Minecraft crash an I join white a other ikbenbanaan and my minecraft crash to and I can join other account but I want my account back
Can you Owners and Co-Owners please update the servers to the new 1.0 update for Minecraft Pocket Edition? I can't get on because it's for 0.16.0 other wise I really Love the server.
i hate when everyone gets banned for noreson Its unfair if someone hackering or not hacking it just admin abuse its just sad just wipe the whole server make people has a secon chance cause its unfair as the server if you owner or co-owner just re train your mod trail mod admins
Well i was unfairly banned from a Mod Called Negen Pretty sure Cause i was on windows 10 He got Lag he said he saw me jump 10 blocks high
and using aimbot even i dont have a bow i got all the godly gear from A dropParty i started to pvp I think Someone reported me for kill them As you know i have a mouse which cause am on windows 10 Negen May be seeing lag cause the server has lot of lag So

I hope i get unbanned

Dear Dracer360

From dracer360
Username: FollowMyGames =>I need Help!!!! Please I love this server but (Lagg so much) and have some glitch and bug,..my problem is..today I lost my g sword from a server glitch.. Im are take out from pv my unique g sword but when I taked that out server haved rollback... when I joined in server my g sword gone I checked in pv and inventory but my g sword is gone forever..this is my problem I need help Owner pls give me a other g sword name of sword is **DESTROYER**
So, I love all the cosmic Pe servers but pleb planet I can't leave the chat menu cause if I do I crash. On demon planet whenever I join I crash immediately. On dream planet I can play for like 30 seconds then I crash. I don't know why. My best guess would be because this server has so much costum stuff but if that's not it then it's connection issues hopefully it will help with the new update...
:( ps if the staff did anything to me that makes me this happen my IGN is KingMalice3
Um not to bother the staff but the /pv 1 doesn't work and I need it to store my op items.
Also can you guys turn the server back on my user is GodGokuGamin21.
Love the server but, someone in god mode raided my base with by tping to me without a tpa request and I lost all of the god gear and god swords I had and I had about 2 sets can you guys help me? Any other way the server is the best and I was wondering if I could be a staff.
My account, TheyCallMeR4nch, got banned by R4 about 20 minutes ago. He said it's because my name had R4 in it, and I thought he was joking when he told me to change my name. When he told my this was his "last warning" before he bans me, I said i was going to go change it and to please not ban me. Everyone in the chat was calling him an abuser because I wasn't being impolite or doing anything worthy of being banned. The only thing I did was ask him why he wanted me to change my name. I will make sure to change my name if you let me back on my favorite server! Sorry R4 :(
Why dod you IP BAN me i didnt put those spawners there i swear UNBAN ME IM BLOODMASTER111
best server ever right now, well done Muqsit my IGN: Gatoman11

just add better stuff in envoys plz

and I want to be staff but......