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Please let me be admin I be seeing so much abuse from people then people be talking about others in a bad way talking about them committing sucidel which they were talking about my friend. I'm also 16 years old and I need this admin job to stop this abuse.Also you will need more admins and they never check.thats why I'm here asking.
Please reply to me at email

Thank You
Your website to buy a rank doesn’t work. Please fix this.

I got banned T^T I wanna go back now pls me and my friends will not disobey the rules anymore pls give me and my friends one more chance pls T^T I have some other friends there don't know that we got banned pls we will behave promise T^T

T^T please T^T

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Please update the server! I'd really like to get in the server but its not updated enough, I also have some friends who play here and can't join because of this issue. Thank you!
How do you log in
Hi on your sevrver my name is BabzFootballerX1

I donated 5$ for c mod and I'm having trouble getting in contact with the owner and I haven't got my c mod yet

Please help me out I payed with PayPal

Hoq do you donate and get the rank beside your name?

What happend?