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I got banned T^T I wanna go back now pls me and my friends will not disobey the rules anymore pls give me and my friends one more chance pls T^T I have some other friends there don't know that we got banned pls we will behave promise T^T

T^T please T^T

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Please update the server! I'd really like to get in the server but its not updated enough, I also have some friends who play here and can't join because of this issue. Thank you!
How do you log in
Hi on your sevrver my name is BabzFootballerX1

I donated 5$ for c mod and I'm having trouble getting in contact with the owner and I haven't got my c mod yet

Please help me out I payed with PayPal

Hoq do you donate and get the rank beside your name?

What happend?