Minecraft PE Server #57166

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #57166
Registered by Vaivez66
Registered on December 2nd, 2016 03:28 AM EST
Deleted on June 2nd, 2017 03:22 PM EST

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Comments (117)

Please fix it /opt ai on ...Just a notification
hi gamerboy i am really sorry my cousin was using my ipad and he scammed you and i have been wanting to chat to you but you were offline and i promiser that will not happen again.Ihave a very good reputation on all the servers.i cant give you your 3million but i can give you 3pltinium keys..I am sorry and i beated my cousin really hard just for scamming you even though i dont know you.hopefully you are reading this and you will forgive me..
Why is the serevr offline? I can't go into it.
My username is MariaALT88 and I was rank D with a plot and 18k and when I came back to play I was rank A again with no plot and money. I don't know if you can fix this someway

A lot of us are experiencing the same thing. I think it reset cos there was a hacker.
Can u update server I can't join plz update
I can't get on to the server it keeps telling me its outdated what does that mean and can you fix it someway
Someone help plz its says invalid ip address when i join the server. I was playing the server 30 mins ago and got disconnected now i cant join

In game name BeastBoy606

Tell me your password and I could sort out your account for you for free
Please Update To 1.06 This is my favourite server and no other servers I Like :(
Please Update The Game To 1.0.6, Because The Server Is Outdated... It's My Favorite Server.. I Am Waiting, Thanks
Why the server is offline from 6H... Please Start the server, because it's my favorite and nothin else to do.. Waitin Forever 😆
When is the server back on I been waiting 4hours so far and I cant wait any longer so make tge server online asap

Server is down. gonna be back up soon? Pls answer, Thanks.
Owners and Staff off Elmuna I have found a hacker/cheater she has a Unbreaking 1000 and Fortune 10 diamond pickaxe... I'm not asking for much but please ban her (StephanieMC) and this was not apart off the comment but can I be like a rank with ban/kick permission so I can catch these hackers/cheaters and give them a warning or ban so we can be free off these people that like to destroy out gameplay so please respond and I'll be flatter to be Staff but I don't want to be I just need these hackers/cheaters to stay off this server and to help others so if you ban her I will be greatful and if u give me ban/kick permission I would be flatted or if u give me Staff I will be greatful and try to keep these people off the server and help others in need... thx for reading if you are :)

Oh and my account is (DevelGaming)
I owner I bought the rank king for my other account Coolguy013 and I never got it plz give it to me I payed alot for it so plz give me the rank I swear I love this server so plz give me my rank
Couple I have the YouTuber rank I have 150 subs and can get a lot of people on here

I am applying for staff because I am starting a haxker catching series on my youtube channel
Hey owner there is no admin now so I was wondering if I could be part on staff I will not cheat and do not give stuff out I will only ban the hacker and I will make more people come to the server I promise I will help out alot
Vaivez tolong jual clay dan perbarui shop
Please add clay in shop
Hey I'll like to report that SharadPlaysYT the admin is a hacker on a second account
Pls can someone tell me how to configure PureChat to show the rank of a player I use RankUp plugin and I don't know how to configure Pure Chat for RankUp,please help
Try to keep Server up please
Why is it offline again i havent played for 2 days
OMG Why is it still offline did that try something and then f/(k up the server or something it's been 10 hours
And its down again😟 fix it pls
How do I donate?

Don't worry I found out

When am I getting unbanned I've been banned for 2weeks now and all I did was Pvp logg

Did it say how long u were banned for if not then you are banned forever
Hey I am xXSt3giXx and i am banned :( because I had hacked... I know that is unfair and Not good i habe already deleted my hack clients... I Spenden A Lot Of Time In This Server Cause I Love This Server... And I Will Say Can U Pls end-ban me? I swear I will never hack again :'( i just will have my Account back :( pls i Do all things to end-ban me and no I am Not 11 i am 16
Hey so theres this one person whos always talking sh** to me and he is a knight rank his calling me stuff thats are racist and hurting the lgbt community but im not lgbt and his calling me g** so his name is ShinyEV i hope you can read this and do something about it thanks :) have a good day
Hey um I don't know how to apply for op, so I thought I would just ask. While I don't think I will get it, I thought I would ask. If I did get op/admin I would:
-Always refill the mines
-Not abuse my powers, Etc, I wouldn't ban people unless I asked on here first
-be responsible
-Not give out free things unless they were things I've mined.
-and more
Just thought I ask

If you would like to contact me, please do at my gmail, edegraaff14@gmail.com
Unban me SharadPlaysYt said im banned for no readon for 1 day ban him hes the worst admin Unabn me my name tag is Mohsmed7569 Thanks In advanced

xD boi u definitly werent speed hacking infront of sharad
Does enebody read these

Can you unbann me plz I didint do enething and everyone PvP logs
You need a new admin he kicked me because I PvP logged and he gets banned items from Creative and can ya make a PvPmine and the admin is SharadPlaysYT
Hello could anyone answer but when will the sever be up and running I need to know love this sever been staying on the site for three hours waiting to see online if you could just let me know thank you
Ok how long in till this sever is running again as I really want to play as I love your sever and think what your doing is beyond minecraft pe and what a lovely game mode as well very popular and I hope the sever will be back up again soon also I know I'm not the highest rank on the sever but I love to apply for admin /mod as I'm such a hard worker and I can help out a lot mine reset and also catching hacker also I could promote the sever as I'm going to be making and doing a YouTube video featuring your sever hope you take me into account you can trust me my email is elsemitchell@yahoo.com and also my player username is Mitchellplayzzmc

Hopefully you consider my apply best of wishes Mitchell
I Forgot My Password.I need help to know how to reset it i think my friend changed it.
I lost all my stuff I think it might have been the server restart, idk why it happened but I was rank W, now I'm rank K, and I lost my diamond pickaxe with Effiency 5, Fortune 3, and Unbreaking 3, please give me my stuff back my username/GT is GoodyGamerFanPG

-Sincerely a player GoodyGamerFanPG

Also I made this account to comment on this
Ay Vaviez
Could you hurry up with the reset please

Thanks - WontonVic

And people begging for staff isn't gonna help you get it
Hello I just started playing on AMLUNA MC and was wondering if there is a YouTube rank. If there is can you please tell me and how to get it I would really appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment I do appreciate it.
Sorry owner email is sawyersjaden0@gmail.com
Owner if you add me as helper I will reset the mines and ban the hackers plz can I be part of staff because sence corey is not part of staff Sharad is never on and no can reset the mines plz add me as part of staff my email is jadensawyers0@gmail.com username name is Coolguy013

Hello I want to ask if I could be in the staff because I see so many people that are not following some rules and I am not great at writing persuasive stuff but please may I be part of the staff I promise I won't abuse the rank and will situate a fight with out kicking or banning I hope you see p.s I think Corey got hacked

Btw thank you if you even consider me for staff-Richard2211
I found a player called blazingblood and he kept advertising his own server in chat and kept being rude by swearing!i just want to see if advertising is aloud or not. If it is not can someone please do something about it because it is annoying players (including me).By the way my gamertag on Elmuna Mc is IssiePlayzMC

I hope you could do something about it Owner
Owner is you add me as staff I will banned hacker and cheaters so plz accept my application if you do contact me at jadensawyers3@gmail.com
Dear owner
I really like this server it's the best server there ever is I have one question can I be part of staff beacuase sometimes no staff is on I am always on and I like to help plz and I will reset the mines. Corey and Sharad are sometimes never on but I am always so I would like to be part on staff I will help out alot I promise plz contact me my email is jadensawyers3@gmail.com plz contact me I will help out alot I cross my heart and swar to God I will help out so plz add me apart of staff my username is Coolguy013
Dear Vaivez66,
I would like to be staff for a few reasons, I would like to help people out by resetting mines(Not that I don't help people out already). Also, why did you make it so I can't pay people from other ranks, I makes it really hard to donate with someone who doesn't know how to make chestshops.
(IGN: DoomedDragon987)


I would also ban hackers/glitchers/cheaters and stop scamming (though I'm atleast hoping to stop it anyways)
Hello Vaivez,

I was wondering where I can apply for staff, or if that is even allowed. I know some servers have moderator/staff applications, while others only stick to known close friends. I checked the buycraft website and couldn't find an apply link anywhere. Did I miss it? Whatever the answer may be, please reply back when possible. I would love to be in contact with you in the future. Thank you so much!

Ty vaivez for the admin/moderator, really appretiate it home........
Contact me on slack
Hey guys can you give me a link to Elmuna's forums on Twitter, it's @andrewphan73
in game my name is TheSlimeKing004 i would like to apply for staff What i would do if i were staff is i would prevent hackers and ban them if necessary, Also i would make Sure people follow the rules,And since i am on the server all the time and make sure to keep all the mines stocked up.

If you accept my application please get back to me at my email
: Jjordanjh004@outlook.com
Thank You

Hi, in not from the surver but i think its a good Idea to treat sharad for u because sharad is hacker himself so i hope you Will be ADMIN!

I would like to apply for admin REASON because I can reset mines when people need them also I will ban hackers USERNAME sandmake
plz un ban me plz i did nothing some stupid hacker in rank a gave me bedrock i didnt know that bedrock would make me lead to ban pl unban me PLZ!!!!!!! D'''''''':
Hey Owner, Can u unban me? I was false banner for elytra. SCSmcpe
Hey, can others buy a premium rank for you? If yes, my friend bought king rank for me but nothing happend. Plz tell me if there were any problems.

Also my ign is DoomedDragon987

hey dude
How do I make my own type of prison server what app did u use or website? And does it cost money pls keep in touch ign thanks for your help and if u don't want to say it on the comments message me on Kik liverpoolfc2018 or liverpoolfc2018
If I was admin I would help everybody out and reset the mines. I've been on this server for a while I'm in rank Y and I think I deserve to be admin bc I don't scam -Corey IGN (Corey)
Excellent server. And plz resolve hacking issues. Sometimes the Shop gets hacked and sometimes the Mines. Many people hack and this is not the case in some better servers. So it's good and ya we need a new/more admins. Sharad is ignorant, abusive, and hacks himself(I think) so I am not telling to remove him as he is nice guy but we need more admins. (Atleast 1 more)
Hello, I would like to know how to apply for Admin? I have been on the server for a fair while and want to know how to apply cause i would love to help the server. So could anyone help me?

Also please make a Elmuna Mc App

Ohh please.. u and admin?? SCAMMER!!!
GreatConqueror1 here

Yeah I could help u if u can help me :)
I love this server! Amazing, and I totally suggest you trying it out. It has a vast amount of ranks, A - Z, plots, PvP, and more!

I do have one suggest, I'd prefer the mines to Auto-Reset, because the Admin has to be on to reset mines. What if she was offline for a well? I bet all the mines would be empty by then. It could Auto-Reset maybe, every 15-20 minutes, and that would be amazing.

Thank You,

Hey AftrShck,

Thank you for the awesome comment! Regarding to your suggestion, we have provided AutoReset to the mines. The interval for each mine is different from others, so it might take longer for the mine Z to reset rather than the mine A. Let us know if you have any problems or any suggestions, we highly suggest you to send them directly into our email for quick responses from us. Thank you for your support.



Can you unbann me I got banned for PvP logging but I only do it because lots of people so it and can ya make a PvPmine
Server rocks just update the lag and bug fixes and hurry up on the updates!!
Lowkey server sucks you can't even mine in A

Now you can, the trees are gone :D
How do you sell stuff without a plot
For some resean when I play on the server everyone diasapears and so does my hotbar.
It makes it hard to play.
why is the server offline? Is there updates, was there a crash, just please tell me what happened that made this server go offline

-NJmeepMC aka NJmeep
ReihanFM pls unban me pls
Hello my name is Chelenator8 and i was banned for false hacking

So what happen was some player texted your admin SharadPlaysYT on kik saying that i was hacking so he believed it and banned me and i tried texting him and he blocked me on kik and i'm still banned and i was wondering if u can fix this cause i really like this server and just made it to Z Mine.Please fix this owner and i hope i can play on this prison server again and soon


just make another account

-NJmeepMC aka NJmeep
There is a player named Noobie999 who spams 150k PLZZZZZZ I think you should ban him. Everyone is telling him to stop begging and spamming but he doesn't. I think that to make this server better you should ban Noobie999 for good.

NJmeepMC aka NJmeep

I reckon they should get a beeter span plugin so if someone says something they have to wait 6-7 seconds pls add that then everyone won't be able to spam so it wi make the server way better :)
Why am i banned,It says I have too much acc?I only have 3 and 2 of them r just trolls.Pls accept me back.I am sorry for creating too much accs.I didn't know we were not allowed to create different accs.I am very sorry.Pls unban me or help. Ign: eden1234

Get rekd
Delete my comments plz! And thx
Plz Update Quick I'm Getting Bored Od Not Playing On This Awesome the best and the only elmuna cf server plz update asap!!! THANKS AND BYE ! From: ELMO
Server offline due to update??? Best if it was! Looking forward to the update asap. Thanks owner!
Wtf if admin hacks he dont ger band if admin tells a player to hack the player get band wtf unban me nickname is KawazFlame and shard band me and hackd as well so if i be band he be band as well
Can you unban me my name is KawazFlame
Owner the admin shard is abusing his op and baning me and he is hacking him self
Guys, cmon, I am so excited to continue playing this server!! Update it please
Guys, we'll update the server to 1.0.0 as soon as possible. We've got to double check everything and make sure everything works just fine. Please be patient. Your patience would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.



Pls help.When i joined the server it wouldn't let me and it said "too much accs created".im sry I didn't know we weren't allowed to create multiple accs.Pls unban me.This is my favorite prison server.It is the best
Guys, I love the servers but I cant play because I updated it, so could you please update the server to the version 1.0.0?? Thanks
Upgrade the server to v1.0.0 please
I played for a week and now i luv it.
Please do it as fast as possible, thanks owner!

He is aloud to he is the admin
Hey can you please update to 1.0.0 so I can play, I really love dis server. It would mean a lot if you update it so me and other people with the update can play. And thank you for dis awesome server.❤️