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I really like to play on this server, but I always fail to connect since the last holiday. It says 'The server is white-listed' 'Outdated client' 'Unable to connect to this world' 'disconnected from the server' or it only shows me a loading screen. Am I the only player with this problem?

You are the only one experienceing these problems the whitelist is off and was temperary as the minecraft update broke some things and they needed fixed. if it says outdated client then update your minecraft. If it says unable to connect try again otherwise check to make sure you are on internet.

I already tried all these things, but I think it's something with xbox-live or with my minecraft-version because sometimes I can't join any server or only 2-3 servers when I see there are still players online.

Okay. Make sure you are signed into xbox live. This is now required in order to join ANY muiltyplayer game as of 1.2 So on the main screen hit sign in on the bottom right corner and make a xbox account or sign into one if you have one already.
Y does it say that the server is White -listed

Cuz it is, well not anymore I guess...
Also the password reset is glitching

Well sry about that leet is a bit... Odd
And can I copy and paste the link to my video

It sad 404 not found

Yes and if you have 250 susbs or more you can get yt rank
Can I do a YouTube video on your server
Can anyone reset my leet password my username is Austin

You need to go to website and reset your password their they shoukd send you a email to reset your password
I payed 5 dollars for VIP and it's been 3 days, when will I get it ( Already Sent A ScreenShot to AFriendlyButt ) plz help

Alot of staff have been busy lately but i will notify those in the staff chat for you

I bought a eff 5 and unbreaking 5 diaond pick for 300k from Daanoob7 and the lagg lost my money and my pick can I plz get my money or the pick back
Can I get youtuber rank My youtube is YR gaming the URL is in my account look up yr gaming prisonminer to find me
I boughtc rank and it wont work and then i voted for the server i wont get the rewards can u ples let me know when this will be fixed cos i need to do my yt series also how do i get yt rank

My gt is KingOfDevils67

You will need to notify a staff member in game from the rank you bought for youtube rank you need 60 subs and make a video on the server after you do thst than you can tell a staff and they will review your video for youtube rank. When you vote you get the reward automaticly so it is best to eatheir use another device or use muiltitasking in order to be on the server at the same time as you submit your vote.
Owner can I please apply for staff on ur server I would like to be a helper on ur server my gamer tag is


Please reply or msg me on the server
I bought J rank and i cant even go to j mine, i bought j mine twice already
Hello, there is a person , username : OMGitsLOLPANTS, who just left the game, but he was swearing using the F word and such, i wish mods or admins come and check the logs of the game, thank you.

- EpicWyd
maybe their should be a link to my vid in the description so ppl can see the server... just a thought
Get a update please
I'm not able to log on since the vision is too low so please get an update
Thank-you Wacky_Wedesday940

The server is at 1.0.4 where I'm at 1.0.5
Please update

It has happened again I'm 1.0.7 but the server is 1.0.6 please update
HELP!! My username is _Swagishu_ and today when I left the server and joined back, it said I was banned?! PLEASE HELP I GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON


Um no you were fly hacking at parkour XD
and you were online when I banned you XDXDXDXD
best wishes
One more thing.. be Banned me for this
Im TheTurtleDude... To Alex- LagOps3 took my Trainee Rank away for "lying" and getti three strikes. I had a Nick, but he said he didnt like Nicks. Si i said i'd reset mine, and he said i couldn't. So I reset my Nick and told him I could. He kicked me for "Lying". I came back on, and said i didn't lie. Kicked again for "lying". I came back on once more, to ask him how i lied, and he took my Rank of Trainee away for "three strikes". Then he Bullied me- "Shutup" "I dont Care" etc. Lunagaming20 was online when this happened just in case you need whitenesses. This is my complaint.. please fix this.

Um turtle I don't know if you understand this or not but... Your not banned... and you wanted youtube rank instead of trainee soooo I gave it to you...
I'd love for you not to spread hate and lies onto this website tho :D
Have a good day


Um no you were fly hacking at parkour XD
and you were online when I banned you XDXDXDXD
best wishes

Original message was sent to the wrong person by accident :p

Nvm that...

That one ☝️ was sent to the wrong person in fact
If you update the server will we keep our items?
Lag Alex and Ssundee can you please update the server to 1.0.4 because I can't play now. The is Prikyog
Alex bruh3000 here and every time i try to join the server it says "could not connect outdated client" i havent been on the server yet and i just really want to see the server bc your past servers were AMAZING so can you plz fix this. My version of minecraft is 1.0.0

Does bruh3000 sound familiar
ive been playing on the server for about 5 days now, but today i tried to get onto the server but it said "could not connect: Outdated Client!" on the loading screen. i was saddened to see this because i really enjoyed playing on this server. hopefully a staff member sees this and takes notice so i can enjoy the server again.

pls take notice of this staff members , thank you ,

~ meghogs7

Sorry for the inconvenience but the server is now running the latest version
Hope see you soon

glad to see that, thanks so much !

was just about to get on again and it says the same thing. i really can't understand why though bc there are other players online. i even tried deleting the server and adding it again. hopefully this will all be resolved soon, thanks

still here lol pls try and fix it :))

The same thing is happening to me
This is the best prison server I've ever seen and the staff is amazing :D

Well you are staff now