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hi cerise its me mahiru... if u read dis.. thats mean I quit join the server.. cuz the server is laggy and its hard to join.. since its 1.2.0 version but... I will join it and meet you when I had a chance... I miss the server, specialy you cerise.. I miss you :( hope you can read dis and I miss everyone on the server.
So ive been able to get back on the server but now when ever i load the server it says disconnected when ever it on the loading screen also ive seen people morph into wolfs or like the wither how do you do that?
whats the discord to this server?
Hey, you might not no me...maybe but I'm not allowed on the server I adore this server too much I can't forget about it. I have amazing friends on there but it keeps saying Login Timeout or disconnected from server any help would be nice!

Meant to say know not no...xD
And yeah I am still able to go on the server at the moment it's Just for when they ask me to login again (sorry I am Just worried that I'll not be able to go onto this amazing server anymore and Yes it's a realy great server I Just adore it) (see first comment)
I have a question is there a way to use another name on minecraft that isn't your gamertag (and I don't mean nicknames I mean names to log in on servers and stuff because I forgot my password and then I can't login on the same name again and No leet cc reset doesn't work for me somehow)
Thx and sorry for asking this quetion...
Keep up the good work Mods, Admins, Owners, and people I forgot, KEEP IT UP! ~LunaPhoenix
My name is itskris407 or Isabel and I have been playing this server everyday and I told my friends about it and the owners are very nice

I have Some problems with the leet cc rest... I don't have to change My password yet but still it saus that my email adres isn't in the system and I don't know How that is possible because I filled in the right adres I am sure...

If anyone can help pls I'd be so thankfull My user name on the leet servers is 'internetwolf13'
Hello again. Hopefully a staff member actually reads this so it gets passed off to the Discord chat. I hope things are well, though people say you've been acting rather childish and putting slack on rules such as staff itself killing other players for the fun of it. That is just what I heard but I do not have any proof. I hope that is not the case. Miss you Rin and Calvin! Hope I can talk to you again soon.
It wont let me on 😕. Gametag is ItsNatcherx
It was Natcherx before but, some help or ideas
My face when it gets white listed again : -_-*

Same here -_-

Me when it opens again : YUSSSS
Will this server ever be open again without closing every week?

I am not trying to be rude btw... sorry if I am...
White listed again :(((
Please open up soon
Good luck
Please expand the bandwidth and change welcome message as it’s not white listed anymore and people can’t get on :,(
hi, is it possible to add me to the white list? I have been playing for a couple days, and today it said it was white listed. My user name is Lia2442,

Hi Lia, There is only a whitelist for admins and owners etc so they can help with the server-the server will be back open soon I’d expect. ~Aeri
Is it possible to add more player slots soon???
Just asking but Why are only 5 people allowed to get onto the server...? It's kinda weird and the server's full all the time.

Hey inter! It's probably because they're "fixing" server problems or haven't payed for this month yet.

I don’t care about it being down because I know that they are trying to fix the problems, so I think they should take as much time as they need to make this server better.


I know you! Ahh hi

Omg draven
I played with you that one time I was that wolf who went in the vamp lair I wanna role play with you still plz get on
Why is the server down again!? Please tell us why it keeps going down so we at least understand! It gets really annoying! ~Aeri
And it's down, right in the middle of an rp. Yay! -LunaPhoenix
WHY. Why does the server keep going down?? Please get it back up! ~Aeri
Awww man... it closed again (sorry for placing to many comments but I love the server)
The server reopend! I am so happy! (Sorry if my English is terrible)
Anyway...when is the server gonna come back? I miss it quite a bit because I love this server and would hate for it to go offline! Please tell us when it will come back!
Hi I am stargirl and I've been on the server for three or four days and then the server had it so that there was a white list, I'm not on the white list though, And I really enjoy the server and the role play, could you if you get the chance add Stargirl718

Hey Stargirl-Im not a member of staff but nobody except the staff can get on the server at the moment; I think it's being worked on. People who go theresuch as myself cant get on the server either, but, it should be back up soon. :3 ~Aeri
It takes too long to reopen🍭, anyway I found an alternative roleplay server🍩, it looks really cool thou but its not finished yet🍕 and the owner said shes recruiting for staff🐒 so u can apply heres the link
port: 46252
reopen????? please?????????????????????? iv been waiting all day
Can we get an admin? There's a spammer
Closed again 🙁
What's going on with the server?
Hi this is HannahAnafelows I donated 2000 credits for MVP next you are able to check. Thanks

It was about three days ago btw
Holy shit calm down, The server will be fine in the end. Hopefully it will..
Wish you luck in repairing your server! Last night me and a group of others went on my plot (my user was miilo but now it’s miilomiilo btw) and built a small school and parkour and gave free food and safe warps out to people! I’m sorry this happened to you. The last OP that was on was an ~argh and he left after we asked him for help. He seemed suspicious but I don’t know it’s not my place to decide ! I hope your okay and we will always stay with y’all!

do you know of any servers that can be used until this one is back up?
Wtf is happening to this server i just wana enjoy mc

they closed it off because of a hacker . theres damage done but it should be back up shortly
An issue in which occured too because no one was able to notify staff right away. I have no part in this if you were to believe that I am one to blame,I ly know of this cause I have my supporters and others who notify me, as well as watching the server with my own sources even with me not being on the server. My tone is bland, don't think this is an "I told you so" message. That's plain childish but you had what was for you eventually, again, I have no part in this.

i agree the staff wasnt able to be notified but you have to relize they have to go on with their day to day lives same as you would. they couldnt have known that would have happened . but it does happen. the damage can and will be fixed easily in time for now nobody is able to get on. the blame is on nobody until we all find out who actually did it.

At least fingers won't be pointed at me. For now that is. I might have seen it coming though that does not mean I was apart of this. Luckily, yes, the issue will be fixed. Although I'm banned for the issue of "Reporting to much that makes me bossy" I still vote on here. Hopefully someone does something about that.
the damages to the server by the hacker can easily be fixed by rolling back the server instead of having to rebuild everything. rolling it back will only take a few minutes.

okay thanks

btw the server is great!
One of My friends Who didn't update minecraft got onto the server and it's true the server had been hacked. The server is just a lot of chaos right now...
server has been hacked, owner or co-owner please join and help.
I've heard that no one can join because of that new update... it might be a glitch or something but I hope that they'll fix that soon... I miss being able to rp and I miss my rp friends
I only see 0 persons! this is creepy af! but there is only one person in the server is called milo. THIS IS CREEPY! 😨

Hey it’s me milo :) for one I would like to point I was only online after the hacking with a group of people one was called ash and they stayed on after I left. I built parkour and a small school at my plot to entertain the people and me and ash and another girl london_gaming or gamer helped people by giving them food. Please do not lie or I will report you.
What the fuck appended to the server? someone destroyed the server world! FIX THIS!
Like 3 months ago I voted 13 times and never got VIP and also please fix the lag,and also it kicks me for flying even when I don't have the privilege to fly XD

I tried making a new account but I am still unable to enter... pls if someone can help me I'd be very happy... I love rp on kawaiihigh but I realy can't enter... 😭🐺

internet, you need a email account (please enter and email account and password)
see if this works ^-^

Thx 😀 but where exactly should I enter that account? 😅
I am somehow unable to go onto the server (My name' Internetwolfje) and I can't enter after I made an xbox account... I am not sure if you could help
I Haven't Gotten Payed At All. I Have No Money Whatsoever. I Also Voted 3 Times And I Don't Have A Locker Yet! Plz Help.
Can you please tell your admin's that standing on the stairs is not flying and I wasn't flying nor was I planning to. It's really getting annoying and I already quit the server because of it. I came on the server to have fun, not to get annoyed.
They keep kicking me for flying when it's lagging on me, please stop username - WatermelonMist

I honestly think this admin hates me. I am doing nothing now just standing (Not on the stairs) and they keep kicking me

I keep getting kicked too for flying and i was only crouched/sneeking while looking at the ranks i the gamer tag is natebarclay2100..can you make it so i can play the server plz..i just started the game and went mining and then i sold my stuff then look at the ranks and then boom i got kicked for no reason and i didnt even finish looking at the me someone so i can play plz i really want to play..

UPDATE : They did it again! I was trying to talk to someone and I lagged so it lagged me back and forth, kicked. Starting to hate this server, please let me roleplay in peace.

I feel the same way, I already quit in under 30 minutes because of it
I dont know is a kicked out or banned from the server, its not full but it wont let me in, I did nothing! And whatever account i go on its the same thing. Im natcherx , please help me with an answer! (Im really confused 😕)
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