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Address play.zectorpe.ml:19132
Hostname Welcome to ZectorPE Network
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 9 / 10
Location United States of America
Version 1.14.0
Website http://zectorpe.tebex.io
Registered by James1100
Registered since December 18th, 2018 07:02 AM EST
Last update March 24th, 2020 07:53 PM EST
Tag(s) Economy Factions Lobby Parkour Prison Raiding Skyblock VoteReward

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Rank 93
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Welcome to ZectorPE OP Prisons S6!
This season has a lot of bug fixes, and a few new features to be looking out for.

Note - This server isn't released yet, We will update the description once it has released.
Here may be the following features that will be in this season!

New Custom Enchants - We’ve reworked on a lot of CE’s, added new CE’s, and removed some. Here are the following CE's you may expect in this season:.

OverLord - adds 1 extra heart per level
Panic - when low on hearts [3-1] gives an extra speed 2

Driller - has a chance of mining 3x3 when mining
KeyPlus - Chance to give you any key in the game while mining
Transfusion - Chance to upgrade ore to next level ex: iron to Gold/diamond
Feed - while mining slowly refills your hunger bar
XPMag - chance to give more exp every 10 blocks mined :blocks lessen after each level:
OreMag - ores give money.
Experienced - Increases the amount of Pickaxe EXP you get from mining.
Lazy - Decreases the amount of Pickaxe EXP needed per Pickaxe Level.
TokenPlus - Makes you find larger amounts of tokens.

LifeSteal - chance to steal other players hearts while pvping
Explosive - chance to explode your target dealing damage
Lightning - chance to strike lighting upon your target[higher the level higher the odds of lighting and damage]

Gears - gives speed [Gears 1 speed 1]
Bunny - Jump Boost [up a block per level]

Glowing - gives nightvision to user wearing

- There’s now more Vanilla enchantments! You can go to /enchant, to find more vanilla enchantments that suit your likings!
- Explosive CE had a recode
- Explosive CE now goes on a weapon instead of tools.
- Added /converter - You can now convert XP with sell boosters, money, tokens, and Pickaxe EXP.
- Added quests - You can now challenge yourself or others to do a quest! Such as mining, killing players, etc.
- Kits have been debuffed a great deal!
- Starter kit is no longer the best kit in the game.
- Starter kit has been renamed to Prisoner kit.

- Upgradeable items is finally here! You can use /enchant or /enchant type to upgrade your items. This was inspired on a java edition server, and we've now brought it to MCPE with similar changes!

- LuckyBlocks - Has some changes!

- Mine UI - This feature allows you to select what mine to go to. When you click a slapper, or use /mines, you can select and teleport to a unlocked mine. A full list of mines will display, saying either: Unlocked, or Locked. This was introduced in ZectorPE OP Prisons S4!

With voting, you can receive: Many great rewards, including: Voter rank, Vote kit, and so much more! Our network is currently in BETA, so report any bugs you see to our discord server which is here: http://discord.io/zectorpe

Did you know, we have vote parties now? - When the server's received 50 votes, a vote party will start, allowing you to receive random rewards from it. Start voting to receive this: http://zpevote.ml

The 3 top voters of the month will receive the following:

If you vote on OP Prisons, you get the following perks:
Full enchanted diamond set, 3 Vote points, voter ranks, items, 20 Lotto tickets (They'll be Magma cream), random from 10k - 100k money, and more!

Top voter Rewards for OP Prisons:
#1 Top Voter: Emerald rank & 15 Legendary keys.
#2 Top Voter: Diamond rank & 10 Legendary keys.
#3 Top voter: 90m in game money & 5 Legendary keys.

Voter ranks commands for OP Prisons
1stVote: None.
10Votes: /heal
25Votes: /heal, /feed, /size
50Votes: /feed, /heal, /size, No cooldown for /heal
75+Votes: /feed, /heal, /size, No cooldown for /heal, No cooldown for /feed, /nick, Bypass spam filter.
Vote daily to work your way up to being the top voter of the month.

PatarHD has also recorded on our network!


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