Address ragnex.com:25772
Hostname Ragnex
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 8 / 9
Location United States of America
Version 1.16.20
Website http://www.ragnex.com
Registered by xKurt21
Registered since May 17th, 2020 12:20 PM EST
Last update October 14th, 2020 02:15 PM EST
Tag(s) Economy Lobby Minigames Parkour PvP Skyblock Survival VoteReward

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Vote(s) 949
Rank 67
Score 1497
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Website: http://www.ragnex.com
Discord: http://discord.ragnex.com
Vote: http://vote.ragnex.com
- Skyblock -
PvP Mine


➣ Our Games
Skyblock - Be in the Top Island Leaderboards in Ragnex and it will change your Chat Format and Name Tag! Show to the players that you deserve to be in the Leaderboards! Build your own shop on your Island! Gather some players to go to your island and make them buy your items in your Shop! Gather some members to help you out! We have Free kits like Farmer, Miner, and etc. and so much more! Join us now!
Arena - This is not a keep inventory game. So make sure that you've got everything and you have enough strength to fight with your opponent.
PvP Mine - Basically, this is the place where you can get different types of ores, and different types of woods. You can sell them or use them in your base, shop, armors, tools, and much more! It is up to you. But, the PVP is enabled, so please be safe!

➣ Voter Badge
Here comes the great prize for free. In this feature, you can have an exclusive badge in your chat and nametag format if you Vote to the Ragnex server!
Your Voter Badge and your permissions are valid for 12 hours. Huge rewards like all of the walking particles except for lava. You'll have access to the Legend Shop so you can sell more expensive and buy cheaper. There are so many rewards like /repair commands, /tpa commands /say /me /px, and much more. Join Ragnex Now!
Money Rewards for Voter Badge
Warrior: $10,000
Elite: $15,000
Master: $20,000
Epic: $25,000
Legend: $30,000
Mythic: $50,000
Vip: $100,000
Vote now: http://vote.ragnex.com

➣ Ranks
Earn ranks using your *in-game money! Decreases buy price, increases sell price depends on your rank, and also with benefits. Heres the list of Ranks in-order:
- Warrior
- Elite
- Master
- Epic
- Legend
- Mythic
Earning money will be a lot easier depending on your rank! http://www.ragnex.com

This is the highest rank in Ragnex Server. Is this in-game money too? Yep, it is in-game money, we sell it for $50M in-game money But, we also sell it for in-real-life money too, we sell it for $5.00 in-real-life money. It has all of the walking particles /px, /fly command, /repair, /tpa commands, /me, /say, sell wand, and so much more. http://www.ragnex.com

➣ Youtuber
If you are a YouTuber then this is for you. This is not exactly a rank, it's just like an addon in your Rank and in your chat too so you can flex it. But, it also has advantages like commands, walking particles, and much more. You can claim it if you record this server of course. http://www.ragnex.com
[YT] - 300 Subscribers
[YT+] - 1000 Subscribers
[Partner] - 5000 Subscribers and it depends on the views

➣ Same Inventory/Data
These 3 Games are in the same data. It helps you to buy what you want, such as rank, crates, etc. your money is united. So you can save money and buy everything you want. We sell Pets, Walking Particles, Ranks and much more. So what are you waiting for?

➣ Jetpack
Buy this for just $10,000 in-game money and with your boots, you can now fly up high!

➣ Parkour
Here You can Get Free Lobby Tags!

➣ Casino
Drop Party every 25 Minutes! Guess the number, Tic Tac Toe, and more!

➣ Crates
➣ Vault Chest - Locker
➣ Active/Friendly Staffs
➣ Shop depending on Your Rank
➣ Player Head
➣ Coordinates
➣ Walking Particles
➣ Homes
➣ Spawners
➣ Calculator
➣ Pets
➣ Auction House
➣ Kits
➣ Vote Rewards
➣ Economy
➣ Ore Generator
➣ Custom Enchants
➣ Max Enchants

Contact us if you got any questions/suggestions

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