Euphoria Skyblock+Prison+CoolVanillaBedrocks+?

Euphoria Skyblock+Prison+CoolVanillaBedrocks+?
Hostname Euphoria Hub
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Players 50 / 140
Location United States of America
Version 1.14.0
Registered by Sallaf
Registered since February 28th, 2019 05:56 PM EST
Last update March 19th, 2020 08:11 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Prison Realms Skyblock Survival Vanilla VoteReward

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March 1, 2020

Congratulations to all of the Top Voters for February listed below. Thank you for your support, I do appreciate each of you. Please join our Discord and read pinned messages for free rank details. Server updates and changes are in #changelogs #announcements #server-info and/or pinned to each server channel.

There were major updates to Cyan Skyblock this past week which added more custom features. From Kelvin:
- Engineer
New NPC that allows players to craft Auto Miner that can mine blocks automatically every interval.
- Alchemist
Power up enchant books using Power Dust and Level up enchant book through alchemizing.
- AutoMiners
A new block that can be placed down to mine blocks automatically. Consume fuels and mine the block below the miner and place it into a chest. There is 5 level of auto miners and each level increase the fuel tank of the miner and has faster mining speed.
- Sell All Command
A new command that allows ranked players to sell all items in their inventory in one command.
- More new custom items
1) Ore generators: Spread ores to nearby stone/cobblestone. Higher level generator generate more ores and breaks after generating set amount of ores. Can be only placed on Redstone blocks.
2) Island Trophy: Gives island score points.
3) Sell Wand: Interact with a chest/inventory to sell the contents in the chest/inventory. Breaks after a set amount of uses.
4) Power Dust: Used to power up enchantment books for alchemizing. Can be found mining ores in the warzone
5) Miner Parts: Used to craft an AutoMiner. Can also be used to combine to get higher level miner parts

Bedrock 3.14:
The newest bedrock server has gained a steady player base and new features are being added as time allows. You can now buy some items via the gui shop and you can sell ores and other items via the same menu! You can now choose from many faction/prefixes via the menu as well. Special items have been added that you can trade mob heads and other items for. Save money, claim land for your base, roll solo or with friends...regardless you'll have a good time here!

February Top Voters:
Player------Rank Earned/Maintained

Hub (parkour for fun) 19132

Cyan Skyblock---> (many custom features, items, plugins, etc) 19154

Bedrock 3.14---> New Vanilla Bedrock server with land buy, home, tp, and other command options! 19142 (This server is becoming popular since it's vanilla with a shop,
sell shop, warps, and more!)

Euphoria Anarchy---> (Dev here is switching things up a bit, might be temporarily whitelisted) Just because you all need somewhere to freely blow stuff up and act like a fool 19143

Euphoria Prison/Creative---> (1 yr anniversary updates in progress!!) 19137

Euphoria Vanilla Bedrock 3---> (Public Realm like server) 19133

Euphoria original Vanilla Bedrock---> (Realm like server, whitelist only via Discord) 19134


50 Online Players

HammerHead299, SweetKillah808

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